Rebellion Rising: Kelowna City Hall vandalized with anti-lockdown messages on Remembrance Day

Kelowna’s city hall has been vandalized with anti-lockdown messages for the second time in the past month. This time, it was vandalized on Remembrance Day and had a message related to the holiday.

The main message read “Lest we forget our veterans sacrificed their lives fighting to preserve a free world for us. Now we have surrendered those freedoms.”

According toGlobal News, the graffiti also said, “honour those who died for our freedoms by demanding them back.”

On October 27th, city hall received a similar treatment with anti-lockdown messaging. One statement said, “No new normal COVID is a plandemic.” Another said, “I want breath fresh air and live fre[e] COVID has a 99.9% survi[v]al rate economic collapse does not.”

It is not known at exactly what time this new messaging was put on the walls of the building.

It is also unknown if the two incidents are related but the handwriting appears to be in a similar style.