Anti-lockdown protests in Slovakia mark holiday commemorating fight for freedom

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia, November 18, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — People in the Eastern European nation of Slovakia yesterday celebrated a holiday commemorating their country’s struggles for freedom by protesting the coronavirus lockdowns.

Protestors took to the streets in several cities, including the capital of Bratislava, as well as Trnava, Košice, and Želina, for Slovakia’s annual “Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day.” Despite the coronavirus-linked state of emergency and ban on crowds, the demonstrators numbered in the thousands.

According to the online version of Slovakia’s Pravda newspaper, most demonstrators gathered near government buildings to express their anti-lockdown message. In Prime Minister Igor Matovič’s hometown of Trnava, police blocked off access to his street, allowing only residents to enter. Security services had been tipped off by social media that there would be protests in the area.

In Bratislava, crowds gathered at the main railway station, at Main Square, Freedom Square and Hodžovo Square. Pravda described the crowd at the railway station as composed of balaclava-wearing “football fans” or “ultras” who had been drinking. This crowd shouted slogans about the prime minister and carried banners reading, “Stop dictatorial government,” and, “Follow the laws, follow the Constitution.” They then took their protest outside civil offices in Freedom Square and Hodžovo Square.

In Freedom Square police placed metal barriers between the protestors and government buildings. The football fans threw firecrackers over the barriers and attempted to knock them down as police monitored the scene from horseback.

Afterwards this crowd joined hundreds of other protestors outside Grassalkovich Palace, the residence of the president, in Hodžovo Square. According to Pravda, the protestors sang the national anthem and shouted such sentiments as “Matovič is a virus” and “Freedom, freedom.”

Signs in the crowd compared the prime minister to Hitler and his government to fascism. Pravda also reported that some protestors wore yellow stars of David inscribed with the word “untested” on their coats.

The crowd was addressed by politicians including a former Prime Minister, Ján Čarnogursky.

In Košice, a protest of about a thousand people took place. Their demonstration began, Pravda reported, “with a call to fold their face masks.” One elderly protestor told the newspaper that the heavy-handedness of the government was worse than it was in the communist era.

“Even before 1989, there was no such totalitarianism as now,” she said. “I’m 76, and I’ve been through a lot. I came to protest because I don’t like this situation.”

The annual November 17 “Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day” marks both a student protest against the Nazi occupation in 1939 and protests in both Bratislava and the Czech city of Prague in 1989, the beginning of the Velvet Revolution against the communist government.

According to Politico, 95% of the population of Slovakia over the age of 9 has been tested for coronavirus. Over the October 31 – November 1 weekend, 3,625,322 Slovaks were tested, and 38, 359 of them—1.06% —tested positive.

Science? Pfizer, Moderna coronavirus vaccines have none

President Trump, the mainstream media, and everyone who believes that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) can only be “cured” with a vaccine are celebrating the news that experimental jabs from Pfizer and Moderna have supposedly panned out as safe and effective plandemic solutions. But do the glowing headlines really match the science?

The answer is no, and the reason why is that Pfizer and Moderna are engaging in little more than public relations stunts designed to enrich corporate executives using meaningless hype and hopium.

Thus far, not even a single abstract worth of actual science has been published to suggest that any COVID-19 vaccine is either safe or effective. And yet the media and the White House are basically claiming that the science is settled.

“These are press releases,” stated Children’s Health Defense (CHD) attorney Mary Holland during a recent livestream interview with VAXXED producer Polly Tomney.

“Science has not been published. These are ‘peeks’ into the sciences going on. And what we know, from what’s already happened with these executives at Pfizer and Moderna is when the stock goes up, they sell a big portion or all of their stock.”

In other words, we are witnessing a massive pump-and-dump stock scam masquerading as a public health initiative, and tens of millions of Americans are none the wiser as to what is taking place in the name of “science.”

None of Pfizer or Moderna’s “science” has been peer-reviewed, and it probably won’t be

Holland reveals how participants in the Pfizer and Moderna trials were given either a “placebo,” the contents of which remain unknown, or the experimental vaccine. Later, those who developed even just one symptom potentially associated with COVID-19 were tested.

Once all the test results came back, trial heads looked at the double-blind data and came to the conclusion that the experimental vaccines were a wild success, which is what the media reported.

But again, nobody has peer-reviewed either company’s press release, so the alleged results are all just hearsay.

“We know that this is hype,” Holland contends, noting that these press releases will now be used by Pfizer and Moderna to seek Emergency Use Authorization from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), meaning neither company will hold any liability for injuries or deaths that occur following vaccination.

“They have not put out science. This has not been peer-reviewed. They have not subjected this to real scrutiny.”

COVID-19 vaccines are a scam, and always will be

Truth be told, the whole thing is a giant sham, which most of our readers probably well know. The problem is that millions of others do not know, and yet need to know if there is any chance at stopping where this all is headed.

“The reality is these are experimental vaccines, especially Pfizer and Moderna’s, because they’re using the messenger RNA (mRNA) technologies,” Holland warns.

“No vaccine has ever been licensed or put in widespread use with this technology, which is faster and cheaper, but they’re inserting instructions into your cell to produce antibodies if it comes into contact with this particular virus.”

Please take the time to read this article as it explains how mRNA technology works and why it is a threat to the human genome.

Meanwhile, Trump is so focused on trying to take credit for the “success” of these experimental vaccines that he is missing the forest for the trees – or perhaps he is in on the scam?

The independent media is also doing a disservice by failing to investigate the claims being made by Pfizer and Moderna, instead parroting the unsubstantiated claim that the vaccines work and are “good news” for Trump’s legacy.

To keep up with the latest news about COVID-19, be sure to check out

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Scott Atlas About COVID-19 Shutdowns: ‘The Only Way This Stops Is If People Rise Up’

Scott Atlas, the only sane member of Trump’s coronavirus task force, has made an extraordinary statement in response to Field Marshal Whitmer’s decision to impose a brutal new lockdown on Michigan.

“The only way this stops is if people rise up,” Atlas said.

In other words, Atlas knows the solution to fake science and fascism is revolt. Things have gone too far. He’s tried rational argument. He’s tried to show that massive testing gives a distorted and fake picture of the truth — and the truth is, there is no danger from living out in the open and going to work and gathering in groups and reverting to the old normal.

’ve spent nine months proving that from every significant angle.

I hope to hell the few hundred thousand Trump supporters or more who gathered in Washington DC last week understand this fully.


Meanwhile, “national leaders” Trudeau and Macron are babbling about installing a new world order and a great reset. Capitalism is finished; we need a different system; inequality must be solved; some nations disappear and others emerge, Macron says. What? He’s challenging Biden for the global gobbledygook championship. I want to see the two of them live, in an intimate conversation. Brrzzzzip fnfrgy givfsgt…indeed…ghdfert hgnjto…

The major news networks keep saying Biden is president-elect. Translation: “If we were wrong about who won the election, if people find out we flipped the truth upside down, we’re finished. We’ll collapse. Who could we blame? Edison Research? The Associated Press? WE’RE the Associated Press. No more Scarsdale, no more Chappaqua, no more Beverly Hills. We’ll be pumping gas in Death Valley…”

Biden’s ‘reset’ will strip Americans of freedom, money:

France, Germany, and the UK are locking down again. The US press isn’t covering sizeable COVID protests in Europe. How about a new and vastly improved OCCUPY movement?

Take those crowds to 10 Downing Street and other headquarters of national leaders. Camp out. Surround the buildings. More and more outraged citizens will show up in the days and weeks ahead. Millions.

More women have to be out front in this movement. They create an entirely different problem for the authorities. For example, mothers have been leading the charge against the vaccinators who’ve been injecting autism into their children.

A report from an observer on the ground in India:

“Everyone is scared to death, except the poor, who either have no TV or do not watch the news if they have one. The story from the villages of India is still the same — No, no corona in my village. No, no one sick with anything else either. In Delhi however, you only have to have a blocked nose, to get yourself tested and be corona positive…”