World Economic Forum Admits to Hire “Volunteers” To Create PSYOP Accounts to post Coronavirus Propaganda On Twitter

those who followed me will noticed i have been exposing psyop accounts on Twitter posting pro-lockdown propaganda. these accounts recently registered from 1-3 months ago with little or no followers.

“So far, we’ve recruited 110,000 information volunteers, and we equip these information volunteers with the kind of knowledge about how misinformation spreads and ask them to serve as kind of ‘digital first-responders’ in those spaces where misinformation travels,” Fleming says.

Where’s the cure for the infodemic? Our World Vs Virus podcast | World Economic Forum (

LGBT Fascism: Starbucks fired Christian employee for refusal to wear LGBT ‘Pride’ T-shirt, lawsuit claims

A Christian woman in New Jersey has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Starbucks, claiming the coffee chain fired her after she refused to wear an LGBT “Pride” T-shirt because of her religious beliefs.

Betsy Fresse began her employment with Starbucks by working as a barista at a store in Hoboken. Her manager at the time was aware of her Christian faith and was accommodating, but she was later transferred to work at a Starbucks in Glen Ridge, according to NBC News.

She claims that in June 2019, she saw a box of Starbucks Pride T-shirts on the floor in the store manager’s office during a meeting, so she asked if she, too, would be asked to wear one, and the manager said she wouldn’t have to, according to the lawsuit filed on Nov. 19 in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey.

However, a district manager told her a month later that her employment had been terminated, according to the lawsuit filed on Nov. 19, the New York Post reported

“A notice of separation from Starbucks cited in the filing said Fresse was fired for violating the company’s ‘core values,’ and that she said her colleagues ‘need Jesus’ when she was given the T-shirt” but refused to wear it, the NY Post said. 

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Fresse’s lawsuit alleges she was unlawfully discriminated against. She’s seeking backpay, punitive damages and payment of her attorneys’ fees as well as a permanent injunction preventing Starbucks from “failing to accommodate the sincerely held religious beliefs” of employees.

Starbucks fired Christian worker for refusal to wear LGBT shirt – The Christian Post

Coronvirus Rebellions: ‘Fine Me’: Texas Trump Supporters Defy COVID-19 Curfew near the Alamo

A group of Trump supporters in Texas came out to the Alamo Friday night in defiance of a COVID-19 curfew put in place by the mayor of San Antonio. The group chanted “fine me!” to the city’s mayor, who put a 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew in place. The order bans any social activity including congregating “in any area outside of an individual’s household.”

San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg (D) issued an emergency order placing an outdoor curfew on residents of the city, NEWS4SA reported. The curfew began at 10 p.m. on November 26. The order bans all outdoor social activities from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. until Monday morning. The mayor threatened a $1,000 fine for violations. Each day counts as a separate violation, the order states. The order exempts outdoor activities for the purpose of engaging in or seeking the services of essential or nonessential businesses.

‘Fine Me’: Texas Trump Supporters Defy COVID-19 Curfew near the Alamo (

Tyrant New Mexico Gov. Grisham using pandemic as excuse to starve citizens by ordering food stores closed

 Americans, we have got to get a grip on what our elected ‘leaders’ — especially Democrats, but also some RINO Republicans — are doing with this COVID-19 pandemic.

Straight up, they are using it to see just how far we’ll let them go in their quest to become dictators…our rulers rather than officials we elect to represent us and uphold our laws and our Constitution.

A couple of recent cases make the point very well.

In New Mexico, for instance, the Democrat governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, just ordered a couple dozen food stores to close under the pretense of a small rise in COVID-19 cases (a virus which, by the way, is only fractionally lethal — and even then, by far, mostly in people with co-morbidities who are over the age of 75).

Life Site News has more

Grisham’s new rules stipulate that essential stores, including grocery stores, must operate on a reduced schedule, “have no more than 75 customers inside or exceed 25 percent of maximum occupancy at any time, whichever is smaller,” and must also close by 10 p.m.

How did this tyrant justify such an order? How does she claim to have the authority to withhold food (and medicine — several grocery stories have pharmacies) from her citizens?

“You can’t have a grocery store or another big box store that sells groceries if all of the employees or the vast majority of them have COVID,” she said. 

Well — why not? She is assuming that sick employees are going to work and help spread the disease.

Yes, yes, we’ve heard that a lot of people have the virus and don’t know it. Got it. But don’t we take calculated risks every day of our lives?

Isn’t it a risk to get into a car, or on a plane, or on a subway? And how much risk is involved in simply patronizing a business, any business, with or without the presence of a virus outbreak? Does crime stop because of COVID-19? Shootings? Physical attacks? 

And what about the flu — are we now going to allow these tyrants who mean to rule over us rather than govern with our permission to shut down food stores (and any business, for that matter) because of influenza?

Because you know that’s coming. If we allow these fools, these Stalinists, to limit our commerce, deprive us of food and medicine, and tell us when we can and cannot enjoy our freedoms and liberties that are supposedly guaranteed by our Constitution, then they will push for more and more control over our lives.

That’s what tyrants do. (Related: TREASON: GA Gov. Kemp and CA Gov. Newsom bought off by communist China in covid supplies kickback and money laundering schemes – source.)

Life Site News went on to note that Grisham wasn’t even being honest in her reasoning: 

However, despite Grisham referring to “all” or “the vast majority” of employees being infected with COVID-19, her new laws order the closure of any business “following the occurrence of four (4) or more” positive cases of the virus “within a fourteen (14) day period.”

Meanwhile, KOB4 reported that because of this pathetically unconstitutional order, people in the southeastern portion of the state “said they’re worried a lack of options in rural communities will force people to travel out of state or stand in line at other stores and cause the virus to spread.”

In response, one of Grisham’s spokesmen — who won’t have any trouble finding food for himself or his family, you can bet — said, “The state is not forcing anyone to stand in a crowded line, as you suggest,” and that talk of long lines outside stores was simply “politically motivated,” and even a “Republican talking point.”

Really? Because the GOP of New Mexico said that the very effect of the order was causing people to have to stand in line, sometimes for hours, because of limits on capacity.

“Visit any grocery store in NM & then tell all those people in line that they are just ‘Republican talking points,’” the state Republican Party said in a tweet. “Shameful.

Here’s a better idea. Business and grocery store owners in New Mexico and around the country should simply begin ignoring these authoritarian pinheads and open if they want to. Dare police to arrest them. Get cases into court. Let the tyrants know they don’t have the authority to issue such discriminatory mandates.

Because the alternative — do nothing — is no longer an option.

Find out how many other patriots are resisting tyranny at

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AstraZeneca says “dosing error” resulted in boosted vaccine trial outcome, justifying claims of “90 percent effective”

 Arguably the worst performer in Big Pharma’s race to release a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccine is AstraZeneca, which somehow screwed up the dosage of its jab in human clinical trials, only to then claim that this “error” resulted in a better outcome.

Earlier in the week, we reported that AstraZeneca released two different results for its Covid-19 vaccine trial, one claiming 70 percent effectiveness and the other 90 percent. As it turns out, the higher percentage came from syringes that only contained half the amount of the vaccine.

The 70 percent figure for the full dose, by the way, was actually just 62 percent upon closer analysis. The 90 percent figure, meanwhile, came from an incorrect half dosage that was somehow administered to trial participants on accident, despite “rigorous” oversight.

Mene Pangalos, AstraZeneca’s head of non-oncology research and development, likened the mistake to a miracle, calling it “serendipitous” at a time when the company just so happened to need a little extra boost in the public relations department.

Pangalos told reporters that the error was a “stroke of good fortune” for AstraZeneca, as it magically boosted the efficacy results of its experimental Covid-19 vaccine by nearly 50 percent.

In other words, a mistake that never should have happened, seeing as how we are talking about experimental chemicals being injected into people’s bodies, miraculously bumped AstraZeneca’s trial results right up there with its competitors at Pfizer and Moderna, which have been hogging most of the spotlight.

“The reason we had the half-dose is serendipity,” Pangalos told Reuters with a straight face.

AstraZeneca claims serious adverse effects have only occurred in participants who received “placebo”

Back in late April when AstraZeneca had first partnered up with the University of Oxford to develop a vaccine, it was observed that those who received two full doses were developing fatigue-like symptoms.

Other participants were not experiencing these same symptoms, and upon analysis it was discovered – this is what we are being told, anyway – that the latter participants with milder symptoms had “accidentally” been given only half the allotted dose of the vaccine.

“So, we went back and checked … and we found out that they had underpredicted the dose of the vaccine by half,” Pangalos says.

Pangalos’ use of the word “underpredicted” in this context is a bit strange, as there is nothing to predict when administering what should have been a predetermined dose of the vaccine.

To act as though this was a simple mistake that conveniently produced an amazing outcome is nothing short of disconcerting. It just goes to show that AstraZeneca is highly untrustworthy, as are its vaccines.

Perhaps even more questionable is AstraZeneca’s claim that all serious adverse effects observed during the trial occurred exclusively in participants who received the “placebo” shot.

If we are to believe this shady company, then its experimental Covid-19 vaccine is really awesome, especially when given at only a half dose. It also never causes any harmful side effects, which only occur in people who do not receive the vaccine.

All of this is why SVB Leerink’s Geoffrey Porges called AstraZeneca’s data “hopelessly incomplete.” At best, this company is “embellishing” its results. At worst, it is completely making them up in an attempt to salvage its flailing reputation and maybe even rake in windfall profits.

“We can’t dose properly, but trust our chemistry in manufacturing this ‘vaccine’ is accurate,” joked one Zero Hedge commenter.

“I still don’t get how they know if it’s effective or not,” wrote another. “Say you take the vaccine … well, what if you just don’t catch Covid and it has nothing to do with the vaccine?”

If you are interested in reading more news about the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), you can do so at

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AstraZeneca says “dosing error” resulted in boosted vaccine trial outcome, justifying claims of “90 percent effective” –