Canadian Coup D Etat, Trudeau’s Liberals are a fully owned subsidiary of the U.S. Democratic Party .

Stormhaven Media

      There is a confused old man now running the United States by imperial decree, 30 executive orders in his first 2 days in office over 3 dozen by now.  This man, Joe Biden, was installed in the most questionable election in modern democracy by Jennifer O’Malley Dillon. This is a name unknown to most Canadians but it should be, she also installed dear leader Justin in office. She was no alone US democratic operatives and their NGO /Private foundation allies have been corrupting Canadian politics for a decade. They’re already ramping up for a 2021 election with the appearance of  American style Public Action Committee’s like the newly minted Protecting Canada Project . Run by Ian Wayne an ex NDP hack who now makes his living of consulting the Federal Government. The other principle is Don Millar who helped put the corrupt Christie Clark in power in BC he…

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