Eileen de Villa, Toronto’s globalist angel of death

Stormhaven Media

Eileen de Villa has lived a highly privileged life off the backs of others and in reality is simply an enforcer for the United Nations totalitarian 2030 agenda and the global elites fascist Great Reset. This woman needs to be removed from any position of authority and prosecuted to the full extent of our laws. Eileen de Villa attended the incredibly posh Havergal College for her primary and secondary schooling. Simply to register a child at Haveragal will put you back a cool $8 500 non refundable fee, 35 000 dollars a year should your bundle of Joy be selected to attend. Keep in mind while this child of immigrants blasts on about “White Privilege” she comes form a background most “white” kids only see in movies.

Eileen de Villas 35000 dollar a Year private school

She has a bachelor of science is Psychology and Women’s Studies which from…

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