How the daughter of the most brutal slave empire in history gaslit America

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Authors note; As always follow the links and research on your own, believing random dudes on the internet is how we got here. Nothing in this should be taken as a reason to in any way hate any group. Racism is bad for you. My purpose here is to set the record straight and present the actual undisputed, but little known facts. Prejudice and Judgement are two different things.

“Whocontrolsthepastcontrolsthe future. Who controlsthe present controlsthepast.”

George Orwell

Recent years have seen the rise of Somali politicians in North America. The two most prominent examples being Ahmed Hussein, (Axmed Xuseen) Canadian Minister of Immigration during the first Trudeau government, and Ilhan Abdullahi Omar first term US congresswoman and famously leader of the progressive “squad”.

Both Xuseen and Ohmar have similar backstories. They were welcomed by Canada and the US respectively as refugees. Both…

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