Dalla Lana School Of Public Tyranny’s latest minion Lawrence C. Loh locks down Canadian children

Stormhaven Media

Dr Lawrence C. Loh, the third Horseman of the Dalla Lana’s apocalyptic Great Reset riders is continuing the same unscientific rule by bureaucrat as his fellows David Fisman and Eileen De Villa. Our three authoritarian amigo’s of share much besides their Alma Mater and complete lack of respect for science. They have all been wrong in every prediction they made in the last year, they all advocate for policies either not backed by or outright contradicted by science.

No Asymptomatic Transmission

Effectiveness and Safety of Masks

Effectiveness of Lockdowns


Individual Immunity

Herd Immunity

Lawrence Loh is also, like Fisman and de Villa, faculty employed at the Dalla Lana School raking in about 180k a year salary while being paid in the neighborhood of 300k a year by Peel Public Health. Very nice Larry very nice.

But lets not judge Larry simply by the company he keeps lets see…

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