‘The Cure is Worse Than The Disease’ – What’s Really Going On in Places like India

Carter Heavy Industries

The West is currently being bombarded though their TV’s and device screens with very graphic imagery of seemingly endless funeral pyres in India that are – according to a breathless and excited corporate media – the burning of the deceased from COVID19. It’s worth noting that Hindu’s, among other religions, have always burned their deceased, and sadly, often en masse due to poverty, yet I see it’s being reported to the West as an emergency measure to deal with the overload of C19 victims.

I’m certainly not discounting that there are deaths as a direct result of C19, however, some 18 months into this plandemic, we all know the virus almost exclusively effects those who are in poor physical shape.

There certainly is a situation in India, and beds are short, however it’s worth noting that India had a massive Astra Zeneca vaccination campaign not long ago. Astra Zeneca’s vax…

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