UK: The secret of Muslim racism toward black people

Muhammad was a prolific slave trader and owner. This is common knowledge. Islam was built and spread on the backs of castrated black slaves, as per Muhammad’s example and instruction. Blacks truly did build the Arab world. If anyone ever owed anyone anything, Islam owes black people reparations that might possibly bankrupt their nations and states. “The Arabs have raided sub-Saharan Africa for thirteen centuries without interruption. Most of the men they deported have disappeared, due to their inhuman treatments. This painful page of the history of Black people does not seem to have been completely ended.” Black Lives Matter and the world at large focus on the trans-Atlantic slave trade whilst ignoring the Arab enslavement of black people, a movement which has gone on for much longer, was begun much earlier, and which continues to this day.

There is a contemporary Islamic racism towards blacks that continues in the UK, which the media outlets refuse to cover, and which the government and BLM choose to ignore. People bring their cultural practices with them to the UK, and they continue their cultural habits when they’re here. In Pakistan, racism towards the Sheedi community is normalised. The Sheedis there complain of “colourism, racism and prejudice from mainstream Pakistani society” on a daily basis. Historically, the Sheedis are slaves that have been brought to South Asia by Arab slave traders. They are the Pakistani equivalent of African Americans in the States, although in Pakistan these black men, women and children are stigmatised and held back at every social, educational and economic level, while blacks in the States are not. The Sheedis are considered ignorant, wild and criminal. Sheedis are forced to live in slums, and are frequently illiterate and impoverished. Education is the key to rising out of their poverty, but they report that even when they go to school, they are bullied and ridiculed by pupils and staff alike: “Most young people from our community are bullied and ridiculed in school, not just by their peers, but teachers as well, who tell them they are good for nothing.”

A few years ago, a Muslim boy of Pakistani origin in Bradford stabbed a black teacher in the classroom and then bragged about it on his Facebook page, where it got 69 likes. The Muslim boy didn’t take kindly to being corrected by a black man, and so he called him a “bastard n*gger” before stabbing him in the belly with a knife that he carried in his pocket. Racism towards blacks is something the boy would most likely have learned in his parents’ home in the heart of Bradford. With that kind of historical hatred and sense of superiority running through one’s veins, is it any wonder that a Muslim male would feel aggrieved that someone who historically and traditionally inhabits the role of inferior and slave in his natural Islamic environment should dare to instruct him on any matter?

As far back as 2005, an article in the Guardian pointed out the new face of British racism, which comes from Pakistani Muslims towards blacks, and it explains that this has never been expanded on or addressed. “For its part, the Home Office is accused of ignoring repeated warnings of conflict between black and Asian communities from its most senior strategist into race relations.” A new arrival to the UK from Pakistan, Makaveli, found himself fighting with a black man within hours of stepping foot on British soil because “it felt natural.” All his friends agree that black people are the lowest form of humanity. He continued “They come in our shops, but can’t stop stealing something. N*ggers can’t help it, they have a dirty gene. They are the lowest of the low.” For their part, blacks in the Birmingham area in which Makaveli settled complain that their oppressors are no longer the white man. Now they feel “subjugated by another race; the Asians.” A race war ensued after accusations were levelled that eighteen Pakistani men raped a 14-year-old black girl. The black community seem to have been very keenly aware, very early on, that Pakistani Muslim men have a reputation for grooming and raping young girls.

Within Islam itself, blacks are at the bottom of the hierarchy, with “Arabs perched at the top, South Asians second, everyone else third and black people right at the bottom of the tier.” The author continues “black people sometimes feel very uncomfortable in Muslim spaces. I’m surely not the only one who has many a time seen non-black Muslims using the n-word on social media, or heard stories of black brothers and sisters talking about how their marriage proposals keep getting rejected because the prospective in-laws are reluctant to allow their children to marry someone who is black.” It doesn’t get much more racist than that, and these words are from a black woman who grew up in a Muslim household. Marriage to another Muslim is preferred, but not if the Muslim in question is black.

Today, you’ll find the government, professional race-baiters, media and activist groups still ignoring this racism from Muslims towards blacks in much the same way they ignored, and continue to ignore, the rape of non-Muslim girls at the hands of Muslim men. It’s too difficult a conversation to have – racism within a group that is universally considered to be a race of its own, and a victim of racism. It makes liberal white people’s heads spin to contemplate it, and the brotherhood or sisterhood of BAME don’t want to wake up to the reality that such racism exists. Until they do, Muslim racism towards blacks will continue to be one of the biggest scourges and threats. Any real fight for racial equality cannot ignore this issue or leave it out of the conversation. It is a racism that extends to blacks and beyond.

UK: The secret of Muslim racism toward black people (