Justice Centre statement about “Freedom Fighter Court Victory” video


The Justice Centre issues a statement on issues when we receive a great deal of email on a topic and/or general misunderstanding of an issue.

Mr. King’s case does not appear to be a win at this point, however we do wish him well on having his ticket thrown out.

Our legal team has reviewed the video circulating entitled: “Freedom Fighter Court VICTORY! Ends Masking, Shots, Quarantine in Alberta!” that aired on a Stew Peters broadcast, August 3, 2021, announcing: “Patrick King is a proud father of 2, Freedom Fighter and Patriot who took on the powerful government in Alberta, and WON!”

The Justice Centre has also reviewed some of the available associated legal documents regarding Court File Number 12110 00751 Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta, arising out of a ticket given to Patrick James King, a resident of Penhold, Alberta, issued to Mr. King for allegedly contravening an Order under S.73(1) of the Public Health Act, Provincial Court action number A87988036R. Excerpts of the only available transcript as of this date, can be found below.

The video appears to contain several inaccuracies.  It is unclear whether Mr. King fully understands the legal process he is involved in.  It appears that Mr. King was unsuccessful in his attempt to subpoena Alberta’s Chief Medical Health Officer. In the government’s filed Originating Application, July 16, 2021, the government notes Mr. King obtained a subpoena for the CMOH Dr. Deena Hinshaw to give evidence in the Provincial Court proceeding (the ticket case). The subpoena was issued by a Justice of the Peace under the Criminal Code, requesting the CMOH bring “all white papers describing the isolation of the COIVD-19 aka SARS-CoV-2 virus in human beings, directly from a sample taken from a diseased patient”, because “these white papers would have been integral in the crafting of the statutes made under the “Public Health Act” here in Alberta.”

The Government argued the subpoena was technically deficient and the Justice of the Peace had no jurisdiction to issue it. The Government further stated, Mr. King has “no evidence” showing that “the evidence sought from the CMOH is likely to be material” [legal term for meaning relevant and related] to the provincial court ticket received. “It is clear that Mr. King seeks evidence relating to the rationale for orders issued by the CMOH under the Act: he seeks evidence about the ‘Crafting of the statutes’,” stated the Government’s Affidavit. There do not appear to be any critical admissions by Dr. Hinshaw about the SARS-CoV-2 virus and this document has been prepared by the government’s legal team, not Dr. Hinshaw.

“The Provincial Court proceeding is about the December 5, 2020 enforcement of the law (when Mr. King was issued the ticket), not the rational for the law. The CMOH does not have, and Mr. King does not seek from the CMOH, any evidence about the ticket issued to Mr. King,” states the Government Affidavit. The Judge hearing the case informed the Accused, Mr. Patrick King, that he had not properly filed a Charter challenge against the law as required to fight the law itself, and thus could only address the ticket issued to him. The matter is still underway.

There is no indication that Mr. King’s case is connected to the relaxing of Covid restrictions in Alberta which fully opened on July 1, 2021. The Government of Alberta states they have opened the province due to achieving the government’s stated goal of 70% of Albertans receiving their first vaccine. Whether that is the reason, or there are other reasons, remains to be discovered in future court hearings.

The Justice Centre’s Charter challenge against lockdowns, first filed in December 2020, is still proceeding in Court.

The transcript excerpts, beginning page 60, line 14:

JUDGE: So Mr. King, that is the Crown’s case against you. They are done calling evidence. So now, this is your opportunity to decide whether you want to call any evidence yourself, whether that is yourself or other witnesses.

THE ACCUSED: I don’t have any evidence per se, other than the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

JUDGE: All right. I am going to stop you right there…. if you were going to make any arguments that your rights under the Charter have been breached, there is a requirement that you provide notice of that —


JUDGE: –and that you do it in advance of the trial —


JUDGE: –provided copies tot he Crown, provided copies to the Court. So that has not been done, so that is not something that can be argued at this point… But, there has not been a Charter notice filed in this case, and so there is not an opportunity at this point for a Charter argument.

THE ACCUSED: There is not an opportunity for a Charter argument?

JUDGE: Not if you have not filed a Charter notice and given the Crown notice, and served them properly with notice that you intend to make an argument under the Charter.

THE ACCUSED: The — then the only evidence I do have then is the evidence on the front of a Canadian passport. And that is the issuance of the passport speaking of the Minister of Foreign Affairs: (as read)

Allowing the bearer of this passport to travel freely without hindrance or without delay or hindrance to afford the bearer such assistance and protection as may be necessary.

JUDGE: All right. Again, sir, that particular clause, I don’t know how that relates to this particular case because this isn’t a case about your travel rights. And again, you have not raised any Charter argument or provided Charter notice…

Read the entire transcript.

UK government seeks contract for “excess body storage” in preparation for mass extermination event

The Westminster City Council is seeking “temporary body storage services” to prepare for mass extermination events over the next four years. These new facilities are being erected to store bodies in a dignified and respectful manner. Under code 45215000, the UK government is looking to secure contracts for construction work “for buildings relating to health and social services, for crematoriums and public conveniences.”

The UK government openly admits the storage areas are being erected “in the event of an excess deaths situation for the 32 London boroughs and the city of London.” The contract is set to last four years, as the government expects excess deaths in their five-year plan.

UK government planning for mass fatalities in the coming years

The UK government is building excess body storage facilities with “the over-arching aim” to provide “a single framework supplier that will be able to provide temporary body storage facilities to house deceased in the event of an excess deaths situation.” They write, “The deceased will be stored with dignity and respect, at locations to be determined based on local London needs at the time and will require some design elements to accommodate local site conditions and constraints, while being capable of rapid deployment, construction and commissioning to an agreed standard.”

There are plenty of indications that the UK government and others around the world are planning to starve and forbid medical treatment to people who do not comply with vaccine requirements. There is also plenty of indication that the vaccinated ones will be dying off even faster as spike proteins are programmed into their cellular chemistry, causing blood clots and forcing their immune systems to attack their own organs. Are these buildings being erected to house an influx of vaccinated citizens who were made more susceptible to new infections (through antibody dependent enhancement) compounding cardiovascular inflammation, and autoimmune attacks?

What’s next for deceptive, lawless governments that deprive people of their inherent rights?

If entire governments, mainstream media organizations and social media companies can all conspire to LIE about gain-of-function bioweapon experimentation; if they can obfuscate the public health response using fraudulent covid-19 PCR testing; if they can obliterate the scientific process and push deadly experiments onto the population through fraud and force, then what are they capable of getting away with, going forward?

If these powerful entities can terrorize people into oxygen deprivation and intubation; if these entities can scare people away from seeking life-saving treatments and medical care, while mis-attributing their causes of death, then what other evil acts will they commit to conceal their crimes against humanity? As lives are destroyed through lockdowns, isolation, mental illness, stress and hypertension, and deprivation of rights, these powerful entities proceed to force individuals into medical experimentation that has proven to injure and kill.

The UK government is currently seeking a contract for “excess body storage.” Like it or not, the people in charge of this worldwide hellscape are preparing for mass casualties, as global vaccine campaigns take out hundreds of thousands of people, attenuating human immune systems and putting pressure on viruses to mutate into more infectious and lethal forms.

Yes, those who are willing to kill, steal and destroy lives (while feigning empathy) will only go on to blame the “unvaccinated” for their mistakes, their human carnage, their culling. To cover up their tracks, they will unleash disinformation campaigns that seek to segregate and discriminate against the healthy, the free, the mentally well and the immune. These evil entities will ratchet up persecution against the faithful ones who believe their body is sovereign and belongs to God, not to government or the wicked rulers of the pharmaceutical world.

For more on worldwide genocide, check out Depopulation.News.

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UK Vax Passport Company “ENTRUST” is Owned by Nazi Joseph Goebbels’ Step-Grandchildren

I knew next-to-nothing about the Quandt family prior to watching this video [go watch!]. I knew the name was associated with BMW, but not much else. Thanks to Amazing Polly who put the video together, I learned quite a bit about them, including that they own major interest in the company that’s putting out the UK Vaccine Passports.

Isn’t it quite convenient that a company who created technology to segregate (in their eyes) undesirable members of society (unvaccinated) has deep family roots with the Nazis, who did the same thing in their own way?

Günther Quandt
Günther Quandt was a “German Industrialist” whose legacy includes BMW automobiles and Altana (chemicals), a spin-off of the VARTA manufacturing company he acquired shortly after World War I. During World War I, he and many members of his family supplied the German military with uniforms, which is where much of his start-up capital originated. He used that money to purchase Accumulatorenfabrik (AFA) AG, a battery manufacturer that became VARTA, a potash-mining company, multiple metal-working companies, and large shares in BMW and Daimler-Benz.

His first marriage resulted in two sons, Herbert and Helmut. His first wife died of the Spanish Flu in 1918, and Helmut died of appendicitis in 1927. He remarried to a woman named Magda Ritschel in 1921; they had a son named Harald. Gunther and Magda divorced in 1929; Magda remarried to Joseph Goebbels (with Adolf Hitler serving as Best Man) – and the wedding took place on some of Gunther Quandt’s property. This photo shows the wedding between Joseph and Magda, with a young Herbert at their side and Adolf Hitler close behind them.
Gunther joined the Nazi Party in 1933 shortly following Hitler’s rise to power. At one point just prior to this, Gunther was arrested under “false pretenses” and Goebbels himself put in a good word for him to ensure his quick release. There must not have been much, if any, animosity between the two men.

In 1937 he was awarded the title of Wehrwirtschaftsführer by Hitler himself. This made Gunther a “Leader in the Defense Economy.” As the war began, Gunther’s companies supplied ammunition, rifles, artillery, and batteries via the use of slave labor sourced from concentration camps in at least three factories. In AFA’s factory (the predecessor to VARTA), there was an execution area set up. The “free” (slave) labor for his various industrial ventures is what earned the family a large base for the wealth they enjoy today. In other words, their family success was built upon slave labor. One of the prosecutors from the Nuremberg trials was on record as stating that if they had the evidence back in the 1940s, “Quandt would have been charged with the same offenses as (German industrialists) Flick, Krupp, and the directors of IG Farben.”

His wealth and stake in many companies transferred to his sons Herbert and Harald upon his death.

There’s quite a lot more to the Nazi connection. Here is an award-winning documentary regarding the family’s refusal to acknowledge their war crimes (German audio with English subtitles):

Herbert Quandt
Gunther’s older son, Herbert, assisted him with many of his World War II endeavors, including the extensive slave labor. Herbert was awarded a position on the board of AFA/VARTA in 1940 and was made the director of Pertrix GmbH (a British subsidiary).

During World War II, he was the “director of personnel” at his family’s factories. In other words, he was in charge of ensuring they had enough slave labor to keep up with production. He “personally oversaw an estimated death of 40 to 80 people each month through the use of slave labor with each slave staying alive approximately 6 months.”

When Gunther died in 1954, Herbert and Harald inherited about 200 businesses. In 1959, he increased his stake in BMW from 30% to 50% and financed the initial design and production of the BMW 700, which is said by many to be a turning point that “saved the company.” The money to do so, of course, came primarily from the pure profits he enjoyed due to the use of slave labor during the war.

In 1960 he married his secretary and third wife, Johanna Bruhn; they had two children, Stefan Quandt and Susanne (Quandt) Klatten. Stefan now holds 23.7% of BMW and Susanne owns 19.2%. Both have been on the Board of Directors at BMW since 1997, along with involvement in several other lucrative business ventures.

The Entrust Connection
The Quandt family purchased 43% of the company Data Card Corporation in August of 1987. One month later, they purchased almost the entire remaining portion of the company to give them a 97% ownership of Data Card Corporation.

In 2013, Data Card Corp bought Entrust Inc. for $500 million in cash. Entrust CEO Bill Conner says that “this is about the next generation for finance. Your phone becomes a virtual smartcard.” And enhanced tracking device.

Clients of Data Card & Entrust are listed as including the U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Department of Justice, The State of Illinois, the U.S. Coast Guard, NASA, U.S. & U.K. Postal Services, 3M, Lloyds TSB, JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, RBC, several other banks & credit unions, and many more.

And now they’re going to be in charge of tracking your “vaccination status” – and, more than likely, your location, how many people you’re with, etc. for “social distancing” purposes. Anything that is authoritarian, creepy, and Covid-related, they’ve got it covered.

My Take
I am vehemently against “Vaccine Passports” or any other sort of tracking related to Covid-19 or any other health activity – or any activity period. The corporations are doing the work for the government to enact policies without having to go through the proper legal channels. The government doesn’t have to pass a passport law if all the big businesses require such an asinine thing for entry in the first place.

Beyond that, the evidence is clearly showing that “the holy and mighty vaccinated” are getting sick at a rate equal to or greater than the “deplorable, dirty unvaccinated” and that the vaccines are “not effective against new Greek Letter Strains.” So if they’re not protecting anyone, why the continued push?

People put so much blind trust in the government and mainstream media that they’ll be lining up for the “Delta Variant Vaccine” and the “Lambda Variant Vaccine” and the “Delta Tau Chi Variant Vaccine.” It won’t matter how many new strains, how many times the vaccines don’t work, how many people die or have serious health consequences from the vaccines – they’ll still line up so they can get their free doughnuts and bags of weed.

And until more people wake up and take action against this insane worldwide dictatorship built around a sickness with a more than 99% chance of survival, they’ll just keep going… and going… and going… and going… with this nonsense. The motives for a controlled partnership between government and corporations (fascism) should be obvious, but many choose to ignore it in lieu of being on their virtue-signaling high-horse.

Thus it only makes sense that the heirs to powerful Nazis, whose wealth originates from slave labor and concentration camps, are in charge of the tracking device that they’re going to force upon the UK and beyond to separate people and declare some of them as less-than-human.