No vaccine passports! Torontonians protest against vax passports for a second time at Bar Vendetta

Although Doug Ford has come out against vaccine passports, many restaurants and businesses have taken it upon themselves to institute a form of vaccine passports which would bar or subject unvaccinated citizens to less rights (in the form of being forced to sit outside). Bar Vendetta, owned by Jen Agg, is one of the few business owners in Toronto who has actively promoted this idea which has resulted in many freedom fighters to retaliate back at such discriminatory measures, leading them to protest at one of her restaurants. Dozens of peaceful protesters showed up to exercise their civil rights and ability to peacefully gather and protest, while many marched back and forth in front of patrons at the restaurant with the intent in getting Jen Agg to take back her statement and apologize for her discriminatory beliefs and measures. Perhaps this will send a message to other business owners that peoples basic rights are not to be trifled with?