Statement regarding announcement that feds require vaccination for air, rail and marine travellers, federal employees


Today’s announcement from the increasingly aggressive Trudeau regime regarding vaccine passports and travel is deeply concerning to the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms.  The full implications of widespread vaccine mandates not yet known, but this much is certain: they will divide society. Those persons who cannot or choose not to be vaccinated for Covid-19, as is their fundamental right, will be segregated and denied a normal existence.

They will be vilified in the media and by government, ostracized by society and ultimately persecuted. Those who defend them will be censored, silenced, and punished.

This is what a totalitarian society looks like: restriction of information (Bill C-36 for example), restrictions on the right to travel and cross regional boundaries, and segregation and persecution of dissenters.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is intended to ensure a “free and democratic society”.  This includes the right to choose to receive or not receive a new vaccine, the right to travel interprovincially and internationally, and the rights of citizens to criticize and voice concerns about coercive government measures.

The Justice Centre is carefully monitoring and reviewing these developments and will continue to defend the freedoms of Canadians through litigation. We are actively investigating and gathering appropriate fact situations for potential litigation.

Army National Guard Recruits For ‘Internment’ And ‘Resettlement’ Specialist, Military Documents Lay Out Procedure For ‘Civilian Internees’

The Army National Guard is actively recruiting for a job position called “Internment/Resettlement Specialist.” People as young as seventeen years old are eligible for the gig, which includes “Search/Restraint” as “Some of the Skills You’ll Learn,” according to an Army National Guard job posting with a job location listed as Washington, D.C. Meanwhile, military documents show that the military can detain civilians here in America, including U.S. citizens. A leaked U.S. Headquarters of the Army document entitled “INTERNMENT AND RESETTLEMENT OPERATIONS” describes an official category of detained person called “civilian internee.” A Department of Defense Directive published below discussed “civilian internees” and made it clear that military detainees can be U.S. citizens.

“In the Army National Guard, you will learn these valuable job skills while earning a regular paycheck and qualifying for tuition assistance. Job training for an Internment Resettlement Specialist requires 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training, where you’ll learn basic Soldiering skills, and seven weeks of Advanced Individual Training with on-the-job instruction. Part of this time is spent in the classroom and part of the time in the field,” states this Army National Guard job posting. Note the location for the job: Washington, D.C.

Recipe For A False Flag: Military Mass Casualty Drills Happening Now (Right After Bill Gates Warned Of Bioterrorism)

The US Army just conducted a three-day exercise in collaboration with the New York City Police and Fire Department. The exercise simulated a nuclear and biological event on the NYC subway system and Yankee Stadium.

Similar drills are scheduled for Philadelphia and Los Angeles in the coming months of September and October.

This raises concerns because the US Military has a track record for conducting experiments on the population using deadly pathogens without the population’s knowledge or consent.

Right now there is no proof that anything nefarious is taking place. But if history has taught us anything, it’s that government exercises and drills provide the perfect the cover to conduct covert and illegal operations. The same sort of cover a declared pandemic provides.

BREAKING: CDC creating secret national database of households with unvaccinated children… hear the recording… plan to medically KIDNAP all unvaxxed kids?

The corrupt CDC, which has outlined a plan to set up covid internment camps in every US city, is secretly building a database of US households that have unvaccinated children present. Disguised as a national immunization “survey,” the CDC is collaborating with NORC at the University of Chicago to place phone calls to households across America, asking whether any children aged six months to 17 years old are in the home, and querying about their vaccination status.

A recording of the CDC’s request has been obtained by Natural News and is included in the Situation Update podcast, below.

According to the website, once children are identified in the household, NORC works to, “obtain immunization records from the teen’s health providers,” and their ultimate goal is to vaccinate “all children in the U.S.” regardless of their financial status. NORC also states that it shares these data with the CDC, which then uses the reports in their own decisions, “to allocate resources for the Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program.”

Combined with the fact that the CDC has announced a nationwide “green zones” plan to isolate unvaccinated people in what are essentially heavily-guarded covid concentration camps — which the CDC claims will meet “minimum humanitarian standards” — it seems almost certain that the CDC will use the NORC-derived phone survey data to identify and target households with unvaccinated children, designating them “high-risk” due to their unvaccinated status, and medically kidnap both the children and the parents under their claimed “authority” under a covid national emergency.

We are about to witness the CDC and the vaccine jihadi medical establishment go “full Nazi” on the unvaccinated, complete with concentration camps and coerced injections with experimental medical interventions, which is precisely what numerous WWII-era doctors were executed for carrying out via the Nuremberg trials for crimes against humanity.

Will the CDC begin kidnapping unvaccinated children nationwide and forcing them into covid concentration camps?

This means the CDC appears to be ready to initiate the process of kidnapping children nationwide, separating children from parents by force. Anyone skeptical of this analysis only need read the CDC’s own document about its “green zone” isolation camps, in which the CDC admits its own actions of ripping families apart will have devastating mental health consequences: (emphasis ours)

…in addition to the risk of stigmatization and feeling of isolation, this shielding approach may have an important psychological impact and may lead to significant emotional distress, exacerbate existing mental illness or contribute to anxiety, depression, helplessness, grief, substance abuse, or thoughts of suicide among those who are separated or have been left behind.

Although it sounds like a chapter ripped right out of a dystopian sci-fi movie, the CDC now openly talks about its covid camps operating at the “camp / sector level,” enforcing, “No movement into or outside the green zone.”

The CDC launches its own Stanford Prison Experiment: Some of the prisoners in the covid death camps will be given authority over other prisoners

Even more, the CDC openly espouses a real-life “Stanford Prison Experiment” where some of the people who are medically kidnapped and forced into the covid camps are granted “security” status to serve as overlords for the other prisoners. From the CDC’s own document:

Dedicated staff need to be identified to monitor each green zone. Monitoring includes both adherence to protocols and potential adverse effects or outcomes due to isolation and stigma. It may be necessary to assign someone within the green zone, if feasible, to minimize movement in/out of green zones.

What the CDC is describing is a nightmare covid concentration camp scenario that they plan to replicate across the nation. And they aren’t even trying to hide their intentions anymore, as it’s all written in their own documents and published on their own website.

Today’s Situation Update provides more astonishing details on this nefarious child kidnapping and covid concentration camp scheme that will no doubt be used to shuttle the “fresh meat” of children into the human trafficking pipeline that already accounts for the disappearance of hundreds of thousands of children each year in the United States alone. The CDC is poised to “disappear” an unknown number of innocent children, most of whom have already been medically abused via mask mandates and social isolation enforcement. Now they’re about to be kidnapped, ritualistically tortured, organ harvested, trafficked, raped or otherwise abused by the demonic, anti-human cabal that’s running the CDC, the Democrat party and this entire covid-19 plandemic.

Listen to the full Situation Update here, via, for yet more shocking details (and the full audio recording from the CDC):

Also see this coverage of the CDC covid concentration camps:

The Los Angeles City Council has conspired to deprive people of their basic civil liberties —  their right to privacy, their right of body autonomy, their right to assemble, their right of informed consent.

On August 11, the council members voted unanimously on an ordinance that seeks to STARVE OUT the unvaccinated by denying them access to retail grocery stores. The council members want to PERSECUTE the people they are supposed to serve, blocking their family, friends and neighbors from bars, gyms, entertainment venues, restaurants and retail stores. The Los Angeles City Council has officially instated a medical dictatorship over the city, turning the City of Angels into a city run by demons.

Delusional council members seek to persecute the people they are supposed to serve

City Council President Nury Martinez and Councilman Mitch O’Farrell introduced the ordinance just a week ago, while promising to discriminate, segregate and persecute anyone who doesn’t comply. The only people allowed to traverse the “Entertainment Capital of the World” are those who shoot up with spike proteins and carry “slave papers” – also known as the vaccine record card. The L.A. ordinance “requires” people to show proof of COVID vaccination as a prerequisite to enter any indoor public space in the city. This act of segregation will also block up to 40 percent of the revenue that restaurants, bars and other small businesses once enjoyed, while driving droves of people out of the city as they seek freedom in a free state.

“It’s our responsibility to protect the public, that includes protecting them from the unvaccinated,” said the delusional Nury Martinez in a statement. “The decision to not get vaccinated doesn’t just affect you. We have kids under the age of 12 who are not eligible for the vaccine yet, and someone’s decision to not get vaccinated affects them as well.”

Martinez doesn’t believe in basic medical ethics, like the ones enshrined in the Nuremberg Code. The consent of the individual is absolutely essential, but Martinez doesn’t believe in providing non-biased information to individuals, to allow them to make an informed decision for their own health and that of their family. Instead, Martinez believes in coercion and force, in using terror and abuse to force dangerous experiments onto people’s bodies. She’s obviously a controlling, anti-science bigot who uses other people’s children as props to coerce them to take vaccines that don’t even work. By the way, natural immunity is comprehensive and durable, something that almost every single child can readily achieve.

L.A. City Council going to war with people who WON’T relinquish their body to the government

Nury’s council partner, Mitch O’Farrell, said: “Instead of fighting science, we should be fighting the virus. The data is clear: vaccines are safe and effective.” O’Farrell believes that violence is science, and human rights abuses are part of the scientific process. He also believes that segregation and discrimination are the latest and greatest tools to “fight off the virus.” O’Farrell also said “choosing not to vaccinate” is “immoral.” Apparently, abusing people, denying them access to essentials, socially isolating families, and threatening people’s civil liberties is the “moral” route.

Many Los Angeles residents called into the council meeting to oppose the blatant human rights violations. “People should have medical freedoms to research and make their own health decisions. We as citizens have a right to privacy, especially with our health information,” said L.A. resident Elizabeth Elliott, who called into the meeting to give public comment. Elliott said it is “unethical to force” people to inject a vaccine into their body. Using government power to threaten the privacy and basic civil liberties of the people is more than an act of terror; it is a violent declaration of war.

Nury Martinez can be reached at (213) 473-7006

City Hall, 200 N. Spring Street, Room 470, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Mitch O’Farrell can be reached at (213) 473-7013

200 N. Spring Street, Room 480, Los Angeles, CA 90012

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DEATH CAMP DOCUMENT: Internment camps are already planned in every state, as CDC prepares for mass mental illness wave caused by “fear of infection”

That’s it, Covid camps have been announced for every US city. These will function first as the ghettos of the new vaccine Holocaust, where anyone who refuses the Covid spike protein nano-particle-bioweapon injections becomes a prisoner, force-medicated, possibly never to be seen again (Marxist concentration camps). The “Mental health” section of this CDC Covid DEATH CAMP document reveals they are causing mass hysteria and insane mental trauma. Here’s how the manual reads regarding “fear of infection” like it’s a syndrome that must be treated medically with vaccines and SSRIs:

Consideration: Ensure mental health and psychosocial support structures are in place to address increased stress and anxiety.

Explanation: Additional stress and worry are common during any epidemic and may be more pronounced with COVID-19 due to the novelty of the disease and increased fear of infection, increased childcare responsibilities due to school closures, and loss of livelihoods. Thus, in addition to the risk of stigmatization and feeling of isolation, this shielding approach may have an important psychological impact and may lead to significant emotional distress, exacerbate existing mental illness or contribute to anxiety, depression, helplessness, grief, substance abuse, or thoughts of suicide among those who are separated or have been left behind.

So because Covid-19 is supposedly “novel” (which it is not because Covid-19 has never been isolated) it’s adding stress through fear of infection and isolation (when your children are taken away to be abused by the government and sold or killed), and this may make existing mental illnesses so bad, everyone turns to drug abuse and/or suicide. This they claim will be cured by “Shielding Approach,” which is the new code word for concentration camps, and we do mean like Nazi concentration camps, with forced-medical experimentation, abuse and genocidal death “waves.”

CDC’s “Shielding Approach” means Nazi-style concentration camps in every state of the USA for “Covid” treatment, including mRNA clot shots and lots of SSRIs

So you want to know what the “shielding approach” is? It’s the government’s way of telling you nicely that they are coming to capture the non-vaccinated and take us all away to “green zones” or “safe zones” or “camp/sectors” and you cannot make this stuff up, unless you’re a writer in Hollywood for Hunger Games or Divergent. We are all so fearful of the common cold that we are going to go mental. Plus, when you’re removed from your family and children are separated, to be owned by the state, then you really will feel “shielded.”

That’s right, the CDC has already determined they will be sending half of all Americans to the non-vax ghettos, like lepers, where they will be “reeducated” (forced to consume) propaganda and medicine for the China Flu, PCR (common cold/flu) tests, and monthly booster shots.

The shielding approach “aims to reduce the number of severe COVID-19 cases by limiting contact between individuals …” so every American can be simply determined by the CDC to be weak enough in some way that they must be relocated to the Green Zone (Auschwitz USA), with no charges filed, no crime committed, no lawyer call, no phone calls at all, and no contact with the outside world, for “fear” you might get someone else as sick as you could become, because you are weak. That’s called an internment camp. It’s already happening, for sure, in Tennessee.

Hitler considered the elderly as a burden on society and the economy, so he had them killed as soon as they arrived at the concentration camps

The Green Zone internment camps, the CDC has already concluded, are looking first at “older adults” as their “current evidence indicates” they are at higher risk for severe Covid. That’s why the CDC states in their camp directory under the “Shielding Approach” section that seniors go first in order to… “prioritize the use of the limited available resources and avoid implementing long-term containment measures among the general population.”

So they’re basically saying let these seniors die off to spare money and resources for the general population. Don’t keep the old folks for long-term. Avoid it. How? Through toxic nano-particle-bioweapon clot shots? Who’s next, the Jews, the Blacks and the unvaccinated?

The “theory” of the “green zones” and “safe zones” the CDC wants for America right now outlines how to implement the “approach” with “strict adherence to protocol.” They must prevent “inadvertent introduction of the virus into a green zone,” and this is in writing, folks, under the “shielding approach” to “displaced” concentration camps set up in America right now by the CDC.

The Health Ranger’s podcast covers this atrocity of internment (concentration) camps for the non-sheeple Americans who own land, guns, brains and refuse to die in the name of the China Flu and its fake, toxic medicine.

Tune your internet frequency to for updates on these vaccine-induced crimes against humanity, plus the inside scoop on the upcoming “Delta” and “booster-vaccine” Holocaust, part II. Remember, if someone you know is pro-vaccine right now, that also means they are anti-science, because if they would look at the science, they would clearly see that vaccines are not safe or effective, but rather dangerous and defective.

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Statement on new proposal to mandate proof of vaccination

The Canadian Constitution Foundation is deeply concerned by today’s announcement by Transport Minister Omar Alghabra. The announcement proposes to mandate proof of vaccination for all Canadian air, rail, and cruise ship passengers travelling domestically.

While the CCF strongly supports voluntary vaccinations, government mandated proof of vaccination for domestic travel crosses a bright line. Canadians should not have to demonstrate their vaccination status to travel to see their family members. The policy is unjustified in light of Canada’s rates of vaccination, one of the highest in the world. It creates the absurdity that Canadians will be subject to more stringent requirements to travel from Calgary to Vancouver than from Toronto to Paris.

Joanna Baron, Executive Director, commented: “The government’s motivation in announcing this policy days before the writ is set to drop is clearly to create a wedge issue in advance of the coming federal election. In doing so, they are running roughshod over Canadians’ constitutional rights, particularly the section 6 right to mobility and the section 7 right to security of the person.”

While the CCF would like to study the policy’s details when it is published, on its face it is an unjustified intrusion into liberty and should be unequivocally condemned.

Statement on new proposal to mandate proof of vaccination