City of Toronto union files official grievance over mandatory vaccination policy

The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 416, which represents around 5,000 workers, including paramedics and garbage collectors, has filed an official grievance with the city, stating its vaccine policy “is unreasonable and violates provisions of the collective agreement.”

A notice to workers also said if management approaches them about the policy to request union representation.
City spokesperson Brad Ross disagreed and said the policy and deadlines to avoid punitive action would remain unchanged. “We will let the grievance process play itself as it would normally, but the city’s policy as it stands right now, we are confident it is compliant with the collective agreement,” Ross told 680 NEWS.
Under the City of Toronto’s policy, all city employees must prove to management they’re fully vaccinated by the week of November 1. Failure to comply would result in an unpaid leave of absence for the employee. Failure to comply by a later December 13 deadline could then result in termination.

Ninety-four percent of city workers have already disclosed their vaccination status. Of those, 89 percent are fully vaccinated against COVID, with another five percent received their first dose.
In September, the CUPE Local 38, representing employees at the City of Calgary, did not expect the city to also threaten unvaccinated employees with termination. By October 18, all employees must receive two doses of a COVID vaccine. All employees without a valid exemption would be considered fully immunized by October 31.
“That was not any of the conversations that we’ve been having with the city literally for months,” said its president D’Arcy Lanovaz. “All of the conversations we had, they were heading in a different direction, and in 24 hours, it flipped.”

Federal Air Traffic Controllers conduct ‘mass sickout’ to protest Vaccine mandate…

Hundreds of flights today and yesterday have been postponed or canceled into and out of Florida. Legacy media is claiming the outages are due to bad weather, but word has leaked of a mass sickout at the FAA air traffic control center in Jacksonville in protest of federal Vaccine mandates.

Federal Air Traffic Controllers conduct ‘mass sickout’ to protest Vaccine mandate…

‘If any of these children are jabbed, we’ll see you in court’: Parents accuse school of GBH and threaten to sue if their teenagers are given Covid jabs without permission

Parents have served a ‘cease and desist’ legal notice on a school threatening to sue and potentially pursue GBH charges – if children are given Covid jabs without parental consent.

The 17 parents of children in years seven, eight and nine at Tretherras School, in Newquay, Cornwall, have signed the letter.

This autumn all children aged 12 to 15 years are being offered the first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, and government guidance says parents are ‘asked for consent’.

But if it is refused and the child is deemed ‘competent’ then ‘the parent cannot overrule the decision’ and the child can ‘legally give consent’.

But parents at the Cornish school have hit back with a legal letter to the head, year leaders, safeguarding team and governors.

The collective believe their kids should not be given the vaccine because clinical trails are ongoing and there is a ‘lack of long term data’.

The notice says they want the school to promise not to use Gillick Competency on kids under 16 – where a child is considered competent in making an informed personal decision without parental consent.

The parents want the school to confirm it won’t vaccinate kids without parental consent, and the date of any proposed jabs.

It threatens to sue if the school ‘fails to satisfy my concerns’, in the letter dated September 26.

The legal letter also said they will ‘bring a case of harassment and emotional harm’ against the school should ‘further harassment by school staff of our children regarding the wearing of masks’.

A parent who signed the letter, and has a 13-year-old boy at the school, said: ‘We decided as a group that our children don’t need the jab.

Black Misandry: Black Driver’s Stand Your Ground Case Highlights Racial Disparities In Georgia’s Criminal Justice System

Watching the pre-trial immunity hearing for William Marcus Wilson put into perspective the real crisis of Georgia’s legal system. Wilson, who is Black and was with his white girlfriend during the incident that led to the death of Haley Hutcheson, has been sitting in pre-trial detention for over 400 days.

Initially denied bond, Wilson’s legal counsel filed a motion to reconsider bond in December 2020. And yet, the judge still has taken no action on that motion nearly a year later.

Let that sink in for a moment. In a system that claims people are innocent until proven guilty, a young man sits in jail without so much as a clear ruling on bond because the judge refuses to issue a decision.

Maintaining his innocence, Wilson insists that he was in fear for his life after a truck full of drunk, white teenagers tried to run his car off the road while screaming “N*gger/lover” at him and his girlfriend. The group also threw presumably empty beer bottles at Wilson’s car.

Not one received even a citation for driving under the influence. There were no repercussions for riding around with open beer bottles in the truck or drinking/purchasing alcohol while underaged – all of which they admitted to law enforcement that night.

But as the immunity hearing approached a close on the second day of testimony, I became horrified as basic Constitutional protections seemed to disappear right before our eyes. Protections like the right to legal counsel, due process, and judicial impartiality appeared in question. Wilson’s defense counsel discovered that Judge Michael Muldrew and District Attorney Daphne Totten had improper communication during the trial.

Instead of using the proper procedure to acknowledge the mishap, they attempted to cover it up without notifying the defense, giving the appearance of judicial impropriety. The district attorney submitted evidence to the judge never shared with Wilson’s defense. And when it was brought to the court’s attention by the defense team, Muldrew held Wilson’s lead defense counsel, Attorney Francys Johnson, in contempt of court.

Johnson, a noted civil rights advocate and attorney in the state, was detained for over six hours. His co-counsel was also threatened with contempt for refusing to allow the bailiffs to manhandle Johnson. If a judge can do this to an officer of the court, imagine what happens to defendants.

This is the current state of Georgia and this country’s legal system. Judges and prosecutors act without professional integrity because they do not expect serious accountability. This is also the result of a failed legal system that seeks to punish people who either are unable to pay bond or are simply the victims of a legal crisis. Source