Covid Scam Exposed: Gunshot Victim Counted As Covid Death

Kelen McBreen | INFOWARS.COM Thursday, November 11, 2021
A 40-year-old Australian man named Robert James Hart was shot and killed on Friday, but because he tested positive for Covid following his death, he’ll be added to the nation’s list of Covid mortalities.

A recent report by 1News explained, “A man named Robert Hart sustained serious gunshot injuries outside a New Lynn hotel last week, and he died despite first-aid attempts.”

The reporter continued, “Since his death, health authorities say he tested positive for Covid-19 and 1News understands that several people are also isolating. So, then you have to ask how someone who sustained these types of injuries and then died ends up as part of our Covid-19 death tally.”

“The ministry of health says that’s because under the World Health Organization guidelines, anyone who dies while also having an acute Covid-19 infection is recorded as a part of a nation’s death tally whatever the cause of death might be.”