Nitric oxide does what COVID-19 vaccines can’t – prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection and replication

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The WHO, CDC & Health Canada have all known since 2005 that the most effective & clinically proven treatment for inhibiting (to prevent or hold back from doing something) SARS-CoV-2 replication & infection is nitric oxide.

SARS-CoV-2 infects cells by attaching to a  receptor on the lining of the airways called angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2). This is the same mechanism by which SARS-CoV-1 infects cells. Nitric Oxide (NO) specifically alters a surface protein known as the spike protein, such that it cannot attach to the ACE2 receptor. This results in blocking viral entry into the cell as well as the subsequent replication of the virus. Since SARS-CoV-2 shares the same mechanism of cell entry, we can relatively confidently assume that NO would have a similar effect regarding this novel virus.

2005 study published in the National Library of Medicine demonstrated that Nitric Oxide “significantly inhibited the replication cycle of SARS-CoV in a concentration-dependent manner. We also show here that NO inhibits viral protein and RNA synthesis. Furthermore, we demonstrate that NO generated by inducible nitric oxide synthase, an enzyme that produces NO, inhibits the SARS-CoV replication cycle. 

To increase nitric oxide in the minimally ill or even uninfected is to augment the body’s ability to create it. There are many pharmacologic ways to do this; however, potentially the most effective, cheapest, and lowest risk is to supplement with the precursor amino-acid L-arginine.

The WHO, CDC, Health Canada and other public health practitioners and officials already know that the nutritional supplement L-arginine is converted in the body into a chemical called nitric oxide.

we found that NO inhibits (prevents) the replication of SARS-CoV by two distinct mechanisms. Firstly, NO or its derivatives cause a reduction in the palmitoylation of nascently expressed spike (S) protein which affects the fusion between the S protein and its cognate receptor, angiotensin converting enzyme 2. Secondly, NO or its derivatives cause a reduction in viral RNA production in the early steps of viral replication, and this could possibly be due to an effect on one or both of the cysteine proteases encoded in Orf1a of SARS-CoV.”

Virology study Dual effect of nitric oxide on SARS-CoV replication: viral RNA production and palmitoylation of the S protein are affected

Nitric oxide does what COVID-19 vaccines can’t – prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection and replication

STILLBIRTHS GALORE: The infant death wave has begun as pregnant women continue getting jabbed for “covid”

Officials in Scotland are reporting an “abnormal increase” in deaths among newborn babies, which has prompted an investigation.

In the month of September, 21 babies died within 28 days of birth, according to the official numbers. This is a significant spike and outlier that experts say cannot be attributed simply to chance.

“While infant deaths rates vary widely from month to month, the increase was larger than expected from chance alone,” reported Newspunch.

“Public Health Scotland (PHS) and other agencies are now looking into whether the Covid pandemic or other factors could be behind the increase.”

It turns out that stillborn babies also increased during the month of September, which Herald Scotland says is not normal.

“Control and warning limits are designed to flag up to public health teams when neonatal, stillbirth or other infant deaths are occurring at unexpectedly high or low levels which may not be due to chance,” the paper reported.

The conventional explanation is that “covid” must be to blame. Almost nobody is even mentioning the word vaccine, even though the jabs are the most obvious culprit.

A big reason why it is safe to blame the injections is because this is the first time since the beginning of the plandemic that neonatal deaths have been so abnormally above average that even public health authorities are making mention of it.

“Although the rate fluctuates month to month, the figure for September – at 4.9 per 1000 live births – is on a par with levels that were last typically seen in the late 1980s,” Newspunch further reported.

We are now witnessing a plandemic of the fully vaccinated

PHS is one of the government bodies currently investigating the spike in deaths among babies. The agency admitted that the fact that the upper control limit has now been exceeded “indicates there is a higher likelihood that there are factors beyond random variation that may have contributed to the number of deaths that occurred.”

PHS is also working with the Scottish National Neonatal Network, the Maternity and Children Quality Improvement Collaborative, and the Scottish government “to understand any possible contributing factors to the most recent infant mortality patterns, and to incorporate findings into existing prevention and improvement work.”

This latest data out of Scotland directly corresponds with similar data out of Germany, where excess mortality is skyrocketing.

It turns out that in the least vaccinated areas of Germany, excess mortality is not as noticeable. The areas of highest jab compliance, however, are seeing deaths soar.

“The correlation is + .31, is amazingly high and especially in an unexpected direction,” reads a rough English translation of that data.

What this all suggests, of course, is that the real plandemic is occurring among the “fully vaccinated.” If the jabs had never been released under Operation Warp Speed, the first plandemic would already be long over.

Since people are basically being injected with the latest “variants,” however, the plandemic is just going to keep on going and going probably forever – unless We the People finally wake up en masse and put a stop to all the medical fascism.

“I’ll bet all the mothers got the clot shot,” wrote one Newspunch commenter about why many Scottish babies are now dying.

“Gee, what have you recently forced on pregnant mothers? We need an investigation,” joked another sarcastically.

“They’re not really investigating,” responded another. “This is a stall tactic to make it look like they’re looking into it.”

“Be careful,” joked yet another. “You might get flagged for spreading ‘misinformation.’”

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Justice Centre prepares to challenge unscientific travel regulations in Federal Court

CALGARY: The Justice Centre today announced its intention to challenge Transport Canada’s Ministerial Order 47 in Federal Court. Announced on November 30 by Transportation

 Minister Omar Alghabra, the new Ministerial Order prevents non-jabbed Canadians from boarding planes, trains, and marine passenger vessels, anywhere in Canada.

Medical and scientific evidence establishes the following, to date:

  • The new Covid vaccines do not prevent the transmission of Covid, in accordance with what the vaccine manufacturers themselves have stated;
  • Both the vaccinated and unvaccinated can get Covid and can spread Covid, without significant or verified differences between the two groups;
  • Both the vaccinated and unvaccinated die from Covid;
  • Both the vaccinated and unvaccinated are being hospitalized with Covid;
  • Natural immunity in those who have already had Covid is as effective, and likely more effective, than vaccine-induced immunity; and
  • The new Covid vaccines have harmful side effects, including myocarditis and death, that have caused many Canadians to withhold their informed consent to taking one.

The Covid vaccines are still in clinical trails until 2023.

“Vilifying an identifiable group in society as ‘dirty’ or claiming that they are ‘spreaders of disease’ is a page from the playbook of history’s most abhorrent tyrants,” states Jay Cameron, Litigation Director at the Justice Centre.

“Ministerial Order 47 from Transport Canada is an act of appalling cruelty and persecution not seen in Canada in the past half century,” he continues.

“We see government escalating its persecution of the millions of Canadians who are exercising their constitutional right to bodily autonomy, and have opted out of receiving one of the new Covid vaccines that have not been subjected to any long-term safety testing,” states Allison Pejovic, staff lawyer at the Justice Centre.

“Preventing millions of Canadians from travelling by plane or train is a gross infringement of their civil liberties, and is guaranteed to hurt their employment, businesses and ability to feed their families. Parliament has not been consulted about this blatant violation of section 6 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which provides that Canadians have the right to freely enter and leave the country,” she continues.

“Ministerial Order 47 is blatantly unconstitutional, and is a dangerous escalation of the divisive policies that have become the hallmark of our federal and provincial governments in the past 21 months,” added Sayeh Hassan, staff lawyer at the Justice Centre.

“The Trudeau government is ruling via ministerial fiat, not pursuant to any democratic checks and balances.  The Canadian Constitution makes no provision for the kind of autocratic rule that has become normal in Canada, at both federal and provincial levels, since March of 2020,” states Mr. Cameron. “Measures stripping millions of Canadians of their mobility rights must go before Parliament, and not be left to the arbitrary and unchecked will of one Minister.”

“We are preparing court documents to file in Federal Court, to ask the judge to uphold Canadian’s Charter rights and freedoms in the face of unprecedented government oppression,” he concludes.