COVID-19 Hysteria Is A Psychological Warfare Weapon FULL SHOW 12-5-21

Alex Jones breaks down how the globalists are trying to get all children jabbed with the experimental mRNA injection as soon as possible before the UN’s vaccine rollout completely collapses in the wake of massive worldwide protests and new data and studies proving the shot is deadly.

Murder of Children Begins: First Responders: Audio Rescue of 11 YR Old Collapse After Jab!

It’s sad enough seeing covid vaccines in adults who believed lies they were told, or who had to choose between the shot or losing their jobs. But now the FDA has raced to approve giving the jab to children under age 12, and that means we’re now seeing our first cases of severe side effects in kids who were too young to even make an informed choice.
Dr. Jane Ruby joins us.

Tariq Nasheed: Gentrifying A Culture

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