1204 – Dating Methods / Did Darwin Murder God? – Chad Kreuzer

In this lecture, we discover that some scientific dating methods have horrible inaccuracies. It’s been said that the earth is billions of years old. But how can we know how old something is by just looking at it? Scientists use radiometric dating, wherein radioactivity can be used as a clock to measure geological time. We also see archaeological dating methods can be inaccurate. The older the rock, the smaller the ratio of the amount of the radioactive parent to the stable daughter. But this method is based on misled assumptions. An experiment was conducted to prove how old some rocks were from an island that emerged through a volcano less than 100 years ago. It was discovered that the error margin on these rocks was 7,000,000%. How can we assume that this dating method works on things that we don’t know the age of, when it clearly doesn’t work on the rocks that we do know the age of?

Mystery Babylon Church: The Pentecostal Assemblies of Newfoundland and Labrador

NL Health Minister Offered “An Incentive” to Church Leaders to Use Vax Passport

Big Pharma CorruptionVaccine Mandates & Passports / By Gord Parks / December 12, 2021

On Oct. 18, Terry Snow, General Superintendent of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Newfoundland & Labrador (PAONL), addressed congregational members in a video announcement (2:19 mark) to declare “the mandatory vaccine passport,” the NLVaxPass, for all people aged 12+ entering a faith-based organization beginning Oct. 22, 2021.

Thanks to a Bright Light News reader’s submission of an internal memo, we’ve learned that Snow glaringly forgot to mention that “an incentive was offered to Faith-Based Organizations that embrace the Vaccine Passport,” by Dr. John Haggie, Minister of Health (see Page 4 of memo below, section 4). Without mentioning the PAONL’s potential conflict of interest in implementing the vaccine passport, Snow squarely attributed the adoption of the passport requirement on the shoulders of the govt.      


NL Health Minister Offered “An Incentive” to Church Leaders to Use Vax Passport

BUSTED: Unelected hypocrite Governor Hochul parties maskless while implementing mask mandate for New Yorkers

Just one day before Friday’s announcement from New York Governor Kathy Hochul implementing a mask mandate for indoor public places, the Democrat was seen in a photo posted to her Twitter celebrating at a public gathering without a mask.

A photo of Hochul taken at the Kings County Democratic County Committee holiday party in Brooklyn, New York, on Thursday shows Hochul and others on stage without masks on.


Boule episode 1 and 2

Uncovering the History of the Boulè and the so-called black leaders from the early 20th century. The mysterious society of black elites, defining this group has evaded us all. Who are they exactly? And what is their purpose?

The Identity crisis for Black Americans is at the forefront of white supremacy. The color based caste system acknowledged today, was not the same as was it during colonial times in America. Many of the leading black voices of the early 19th and 20th century were Prince Hall Freemasons, what is their connection to the Boule…? We investigate the contention between the factions of WEB Dubois and Booker T Washington, and the early influences of Marcus Garvey.

Incidence of Myopericarditis and Myocardial Injury in Coronavirus Disease 2019 Vaccinated Subjects

Several recent publications have described myopericarditis cases after the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccination. However, it is uncertain if these cases occurred secondary to the vaccination or more common etiologies of myopericarditis. To help determine whether a correlation exists between COVID-19 vaccination and myopericarditis, the present study compared the gender-specific cumulative incidence of myopericarditis and myocardial injury in a cohort of COVID-19 vaccinated patients at a tertiary care center in 2021 with the cumulative incidence of these conditions in the same subjects exactly 2 years earlier. We found that the age-adjusted incidence rate of myopericarditis in men was higher in the vaccinated than the control population, rate ratio 9.7 (p = 0.04). However, the age-adjusted incidence rate of myopericarditis in women was no different between the vaccinated and control populations, rate ratio 1.28 (p = 0.71). We further found that the rate of myocardial injury was higher in both men and women in 2021 than in 2019 both before and after vaccination, suggesting that some of the apparent increase in the diagnosis of myopericarditis after vaccination may be attributable to factors unrelated to the COVID-19 vaccinations. In conclusion, our study reaffirms the apparent increase in the diagnosis of myopericarditis after COVID-19 vaccination in men but not in women, although this finding may be confounded by increased rates of myocardial injury in 2021.