Serbia revokes Australian miner Rio Tinto’s lithium mine licences

The Serbian government has revoked the lithium mining licences granted to the Anglo-Australian miner Rio Tinto after growing opposition to the company’s plans and souring relations with Australia after the deportation of Novak Djokovic.

Ana Brnabić, the Serbian prime minister, who faces a general election in early April, said all decisions and licences regarding Rio Tinto’s plans had been annulled because of environmental concerns.

The decision in effect pulls the plug on a potential $2.4bn (£1.8bn) investment by Rio Tinto in developing the country’s lithium resources, which could have made Serbia one of the world’s biggest producers of the highly sought-after metal used in the manufacturing of electric vehicles.

Petition to oust Quebec’s premier for imposing a tax on the unvaccinated soars past 200,000 signatures

Thu Jan 20, 2022 – 10:50 am EST

(LifeSiteNews) — A petition seeking to remove Quebec’s Premier Francois Legault from office has blown past 220,000 signatures. Legault plans to impose the most restrictive COVID measures Canada has seen since early 2020, including a “health contribution” tax on the unvaccinated, and the addition of a third dose requirement in order to be considered “fully vaccinated.”

“Mr. Legault is coercing the population [of Quebec] by depriving them of their rights and freedoms … [he] is acting within the framework of a dictatorship,” opens the petition.

Justifying their accusation that he has been acting dictatorially, the petition states that Legault “opposes and oppresses any person or party opposed to his personal opinion and decision,” and has been doing so for over a year.

Citing specifics, the petition adds, “Along with the vaccine passport, which has divided the population by increasing violence, distress, mental health [issues], school dropouts, bankruptcies, financial problems, suicides, separations/divorces, isolation, labeling, stigmatization, Quebec indebtedness, hate, job loss, etc. … Millions of people find themselves without a voice and without power in a DEMOCRATIC AND FREE SOCIETY THAT IS QUEBEC.”

Not just private citizens took issue with Legault’s actions, but lawyers as well.

Last Friday, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF)  released a statement saying they were launching “legal action against the provincial government of Quebec” over the “health contribution” tax.

“The proposed Quebec ‘health tax’ is an egregious violation of the Charter rights of Quebecers and an affront to equality which Canada was, in times past, known for,” said JCCF president John Carpay. “This is a blatant attack on a minority of society.”

Data from Ontario, Alberta, and Quebec show that most people hospitalized because of COVID are “fully vaccinated.”

In fact, according to a growing body of data, vaccine mandates and vaccine passports are a failed strategy for tackling COVID.

Many consider such mandates a gross assault on individual freedoms that’s unnecessary given COVID-19’s high survivability among most groups, it’s now-understood minimal risk of asymptomatic spread, and research indicating that post-infection natural immunity is far superior to vaccine-induced immunity. The effectiveness of the COVID vaccines dramatically decreases around four months post-vaccination and soon completely disappears.