Freeland caught holding pro-Nazi banner at Ukraine protest

Deputy Prime Minister and former Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland was photographed on Sunday with a scarf promoting a far-right Ukrainian Nationalist movement linked to Neo-Nazis and extremism. 

Remarkably, Freeland (or more likely, a member of her staff) posted the photo to her own official social media accounts, apparently ignorant of the radical far-right movement the scarf represents. 

Freeland posted the photo, which also shows Toronto Mayor John Tory, to her Twitter and Instagram accounts on Monday morning. These posts were deleted, without any comment or acknowledgement of why they were taken down. 

She reposted the same message on Twitter by mid-morning on Monday, but with a new photo where the scarf had been removed. 

Canadian man still in jail over ‘unvaccinated’ status after qualifying for parole, claims legal group

PERTH, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — A Canadian man is now being represented by a top constitutional law group after he was denied release despite qualifying for parole because he is unvaccinated against COVID-19.

“The Justice Centre [for Constitutional Freedoms] has filed a court action on behalf of an inmate eligible for parole who has been denied his freedom purely on account of his vaccine status,” the JCCF posted in a news release last Friday.

“The Justice Centre has partnered with criminal and constitutional lawyer Fergus J. (Chip) O’Connor to launch legal action in the Ontario Superior Court against the Attorney General of Canada and Saint Leonard’s Society of Hamilton, a halfway house, in regard to Covid vaccine mandates that continue to keep inmates in jail who have been approved for day parole,” added the group.

According to the press release, the man, a 33-year-old identified only as “N.M.,” was supported for release into a halfway house on February 10 by his parole officer and the Correctional Service of Canada, but due to the halfway house’s vaccine mandate, is forced to take the experimental jab or stay in prison.

“The Justice Centre is concerned about people being jailed when they are legally eligible to reside in halfway houses. These people must receive a medical treatment under duress or coercion, or stay in jail. There is no free choice under these circumstances,” stated Sayeh Hassan, staff lawyer with the Justice Centre.

“Inmates are some of the most vulnerable individuals in our society, and already have minimal control over their bodies and their surroundings. They are routinely subjected to strip searches and cell searches, and must follow orders at all times. To coerce these individuals to be injected with a vaccine that has no long-term safety data and that has proven serious side effects, including myocarditis, as a condition of enjoying their freedom goes against principles of natural justice,” Hassan added.

“Being forced to choose between freedom and bodily autonomy is not a choice. This is coercion and has no place in a free and democratic society. This is unfair detainment in prejudice to an individual’s right to make medical decisions for themselves,” Hassan concluded.

The JCCF argues that this coercion is a violation of N.M’s protected Charter rights, particularly in light of the fact that the medical community now admits that the so-called vaccines do not prevent transmission or infection, and that the shots carry risks of serious side effects like blood clots and the potentially fatal heart inflammation condition myocarditis.

Since the onset of the so-called pandemic, the JCCF has been on the forefront of fighting the government over COVID-related policies it deems to be violations of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Most notably, the group has become the legal counsel for the Freedom Convoy, the litigators for a Saskatchewan farmer who had his bank account frozen for making a minor donation to the Convoy, and one of many groups suing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s federal government over the invocation of the Emergencies Act.

Speaking generally about mandatory vaccination, JCCF lawyer Kindle Pejovic previously informed LifeSiteNews that “Health Canada’s ‘Canadian National Report on Immunization, 1996’ states that immunization cannot be mandatory because of Canada’s Constitution. Our Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects all Canadians from laws that would attempt to force medical treatment upon them against their will.”

Divestment News: Asia Maynard Found Dead After Date With Isiah James Crown #DivestTwitter

KANSAS CITY, MO – Asia Maynard was a loving young Black woman and a mother of four. She loved to cook and was deeply caring and protective of her family. She never used heavy drugs, her family members say.

They have been afforded little time to grieve, as they have instead been outraged at the missing pieces, “cover-up” and botched police investigation following her death last week on February 18th, at age 29.

Her family does not believe that Asia died of “natural causes”– as the Kansas City Police Department initially told them even before pursuing an autopsy or toxicology report – and one can’t blame them for doubting such a premature conclusion. Especially considering the family says she had no pre-existing health conditions and was a perfectly healthy 29-year old.

How did Asia Die?

We spoke with Asia’s cousin Hailie Loomis who helped recount the sequence of events leading to Asia’s death. 

Asia had gone out with this man (Isiah Crown) that she had met earlier in the week, she had plans to go on a date with him, he had canceled because he needed a babysitter but at the last minute he found someone to watch his child and decided to follow through with the date arrangement.

Asia decided to go out with him that evening, and she didn’t return home, even though she has 4 children. The next morning on the 19th, he calls the police, and tells them that she wasn’t feeling well and found her lying down. He rolled her over to see if she was still alive and found she was found stiff. The police picked her body up. Her vehicle was at his home.

It wasn’t until the 20th at about 2:30pm that they decided to report her missing and that they had properly identified her and that she was deceased. Keep in mind that we had spent the previous 24 hours already calling them and reporting her missing. They wouldn’t share any information with us regarding where they found her. They wouldn’t say where she was found or even his name.

They had said that although they are waiting for the toxicology report they believe it was from natural causes and so there would be no further investigation. And so because there was no further investigation they wouldn’t give us any information on who the man was that she was found with.

The information we had from her friends that she went on a date with him was the only reason we got any information. When we decided to post it to social media, that’s how we got information. A lot of people have reached out and said he is responsible for other overdoses and deaths in the community.

His own family has also gone to the police and admitted that they are aware of these cases he has been involved in. One former classmate of his said he is responsible for up to 7 other overdose cases.

Who is Isiah Crown?

We spoke with numerous former friends of Isiah, including his former roommate, here’s what they had to say:

Cameron Kean (Ex-Roommate of Isiah) Testimony;

First off, usually I wouldn’t say anything, in my friend circle we usually don’t talk like this or nothing cuz its considered snitching. The only reason I’m saying this is because my friend died, and now this lady died.

One of the reasons I’m speaking out is because I also overdosed and nearly died because of him. I was laying on the ground barely breathing almost dead. While the ambulance was on the way he wasn’t helping me he was hiding the stuff. He kept selling the same pills even after our friend died and after I overdosed. Everyday I think about our friend. I can’t even look his mom in the face.”

What he’s giving people is not what he’s telling them. Me, him and our friend all lived together, we were all hanging out. For this to happen again after our friend dying because of Isiah’s laced stuff, for him to keep giving these to people, it just, no.”

He’s definitely trying to make it known that ‘nobody told you to do this.‘ I blocked his number but he must have gotten a new phone or something, cuz he reached out from a new number and said that to me just a few days ago after this most recent incident. This kid (Isiah), me and him go back, but I had to say something, my fiance begged me to say something too. When our friend died because of him we felt like nobody was trying to listen to what we were saying about him.

Somebody has to be held accountable and responsible. We lived together for a whole year. We partied and did all types of drugs together, but then he started hurting people. It’s like our lives never mattered to him.

Mercedes Marie (Ex-Friend of Isiah) Testimony;

I knew Isiah, we went to school together. We all used to hang out with my friend Luie who passed away because of Isaiah. He is the reason why Luie is not here. I was letting the family know that he is the cause. It’s not just my friend that has happened to it’s multiple friends of ours. Luie passed away from an overdose of fentanyl, he received the pills from Isaih.”

He is very well known in the whole independence and Kansas City area for this. Everyone knows not to go around him and to just stay far from him. He doesn’t really care about anyone except for himself. He actually showed his face at Luie’s funeral for just like 5 minutes and everyone was shocked that he would even show his face there because he knew he did it.

After he had showed up we were all questioning why he would do that to his friend. He was in denial and everything but he told us that he was going to keep selling them because he didn’t want to waste the $300 that he spent on them. Other people died from the pills after as well.

“Those people were mostly his friends who were older. It’s just like more and more people who go around him end up dying. The police did not investigate the situation with Luie at all. He was left at a party, everyone just left him there to die.

Brittney (Ex-Friend of Isiah) Testimony;

He is definitely aware that he has been responsible for people’s deaths. The money and the fun, I feel like he actually has fun from hurting people. He doesn’t have any morals. His son would be in the other room crying for him, he would just turn the music up a little bit louder. He just has no morals and no feelings.

He definitely knows what he’s doing, he’s not blind to it. The more he gets away with it, the more he gets satisfaction out of it. He definitely is aware of what he is doing by now.

What the Community’s Saying

Asia’s family, friends and hundreds of Kansas City community members are speaking out to say that without a doubt racism and carelessness of Black lives is at play and can explain why KCPD performed virtually no investigation of her death and took so long to notify the Maynard family of her death, or to rigorously investigate the last person known to have been in her company – Isaiah Crown, a white man she met earlier a few days earlier and who asked her on a date.

This wouldn’t be the first time that a Black woman has been killed following a date with a sketchy white man, in fact her case is nearly identical to the National story of Lauren Smith-Fields.

Similar to the Smith-Fields case, the KCPD officers and detectives who are leading Asia’s case should be immediately fired for their negligence and for covering up Maynard’s death, as well as for failing to pursue Isiah and stop him from murdering more people.

This is a developing story.