Russian MoD: Ukrainian Nationalists Mine Dam in Dnepropetrovsk Region to Frame Russia

Latest on the war against the Bandera worshipping Nazi terrorists in Ukraine

The Russian Defence Ministry warned that if the dam is blown up, the city of Marganets, as well as a number of nearby settlements with a total population of over 45,000 people, will be in the possible flood zone.
The Nikolaevsky reservoir dam in the city of Marganets, Dnepropetrovsk region, was mined by the Ukrainian militants, the Russian Defence Ministry said.
The militants plan to blow it up and blame Russian troops for the disaster, according to Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev, head of the National Defense Control Center of the Russian Federation.
Mizintsev warned that the explosion on the dam might trigger massive flooding that could potentially affect more than 45,000 people. He said the ensuing water shortage would deal a blow to vital supplies, leading to a sharp deterioration in health and the spread of infectious diseases in the Nikopol region.
The general noted that the situation was aggravated by the lack of access to medical care and the shortage of medicines, including life-saving ones.
According to Mizintsev, this was evidence of Ukraine’s inhumane treatment of its own people.
Evgeny Davidyuk has worked on the Azovstal steel plant for 45 years, but he considers it a God’s miracle that he has escaped to Russia’s Sevastopol, safe and sound shortly after fleeing embattled Mariupol.
On 6 April Orthodox Christians celebrate the Annunciation, but for Evgeny Davidyuk this day is now also marked by another miracle: he and his wife, Anna, managed to escape Mariupol through Novoazovsk – a town controlled by the Donetsk militia, ending up in a hospital in the Crimean city of Sevastopol.
Thanking God for the way she and her husband managed to survive, Anna now suggests that the Azov nationalists simply used the residents of Mariupol to unleash the hate they had towards anyone who aligned themselves with anything remotely Russian – Crimeans, people of Donbass, or anyone else.

Azov in Mariupol

The apartment block where they lived in Mariupol was damaged by a bomb that targeted the Azov Battalion’s hardware in a courtyard nearby. The building is located on Azovstalskaya Street, just one bus stop away from the now world-famous Azovstal steel plant, where Davidyuk worked for about five decades.
Local women, Davidyuk says, begged on their knees for the Azov thugs not to place their military equipment in the block’s yard. But their pleas fell on deaf ears.
“You could clearly see the insignia they have. They have the devil there,” he says, recalling the tanks and the APCs placed in his backyard, visible from his window.
After Azov parked its armoured personnel carrier (APC) next to the apartment complexes, using them as a shield, the buildings were damaged in the strikes. But the Azov militants survived the attacks by taking shelter in the apartments of local residents, and later fled.
Davidyuk remembers them very well; the Azov gunmen broke into the apartment of his neighbours to set up their firing point there.

“They’re monsters,” Davidyuk says. “Just so that it’s clear how they treated ordinary people – they occupied the corner apartments [of our house], and on the fifth storey, there was a paralyzed man, bedridden for about five years. They just stormed in, smashed out the window, and placed their weapons there. His wife – she told me this herself – asked to take him to another room. And they were like, ‘Nah, leave him here with us, it’ll be more fun’”.

At night, he continues, the fighters started to lay mines – apparently for no other reason than for ordinary people living nearby to stumble across them.
“The first ones who hit a mine were a father and his son,” Davidyuk recalls. “They were just walking into the yard from Azovstalskaya [Street], and immediately tanked. Then, a car driving down Azovstalskaya Street blew up. People somehow managed to crawl out of it, they were stunned. And those Azov fighters, they would just watch and laugh about it. It was a certain kind of entertainment for them.”

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