Wuhan Bioterrorist Lab was Experimenting with Monkeypox Last Year – Published Research Report in International Journal in February

Efficient assembly of a large fragment of monkeypox virus genome as a qPCR template using dual-selection based transformation-associated recombination

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State Key Laboratory of Virology, Wuhan Institute of Virology, Center for Biosafety Mega-Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan, 430071, ChinabUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, 100049, China

Received 10 August 2021, Accepted 23 February 2022, Available online 28 February 2022.


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In their quest to live forever, evil elitists admit through “science” that children and babies are being harvested for their life essence

 It would appear as though the rulers of this world have decided to let the cat out of the bag concerning their exploitation of children in pursuit of eternal youth.

New research from Stanford University suggests that the blood, organs and other body parts of children and babies are a fountain of youth that could provide endless life for those who partake.

Researchers tested their hypothesis on mice, implanting the brains of baby mice into adult mice. The result was an improvement in brain capacity in adult mice, a process that experts say can also work in human applications.

An examination of the implants showed that fluid in the new adult brains had “woken up,” including the regeneration of neurons and myelin, the latter being a fatty material that protects nerve cells within the hippocampus, the memory center of the brain.

In reporting on the study, the U.K.-based Telegraph newspaper nonchalantly tweeted that siphoning the life essence from innocent babies and giving it to adults who hope to live forever has long been “revered” in “cultures” throughout history.

The blood of the young, the paper added, can help slow the aging process. (Related: Remember the adrenochrome conspiracy theory? It seems this was conspiracy fact after all.)

“Youth transplants” could become available in just a few years

Based on the findings, Stanford scientists are already positing that the general public might soon be able to obtain a baby’s blood and use it for anti-aging purposes such as curing dementia.

“Experiments are even showing that young blood itself can reverse the aging process, perhaps even curing Alzheimer’s disease,” the study revealed.

This life-extension technique is said to have already been used by former North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il to help him live longer. Reports suggest that he injected the blood of young, healthy virgins in an attempt to lengthen his life.

“Harvesting the blood and body parts of the young in the hope of achieving immortality has long been a familiar trope in horror novels and conspiracy theories,” the Telegraph further tweeted.

Sarah Knapton, writing for the paper, revealed that so-called “youth transplants” may only be a few years away. Soon, Big Pharma could bring to market baby’s blood drugs that the elderly would be prescribed in order to cure their ailments.

If you think it sounds lunatic, think again. They are revealing all of this now, probably because it has been happening at the upper levels of society for many years.

Only now are they going public with it, acting as though it is some new breakthrough when the reality is that it has probably been going on for a while now, hence why there has been an aggressive push to keep abortion legal.

The Planned Parenthood baby body parts racket that we have been reporting on for a few years now is more than likely connected to the youth transplants industry. Perhaps the publishing of this new Stanford study is an attempt to hijack the narrative ahead of the whole thing being blown wide open on the world stage.

“I am convinced this has already been happening, which is why the sick, deranged, pro-choice putzes have been so worked up,” wrote someone at Summit.news. “Many conspiracy theorists including ‘Q’ have exposed this.”

Another wrote that these horrors have probably been taking place since before the time of Noah, seeing as how there is nothing new under the sun.

The latest news about how the powers that be are exploiting and destroying children for their own personal gain can be found at Evil.news.

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Here we go again: MONKEYPOX is the next “scariant” being unleashed on the world to demand vaccine compliance

 Oh no! Another scary-sounding disease called “monkeypox” is supposedly spreading, which means the powers that be are getting ready to unleash another round of plandemic tyranny that is sure to include yet another magical new “vaccine” delivered at warp speed.

The World Health Organization (WHO), which we know is actively engaged in bioweapons research, launched an emergency meeting in the United Kingdom to discuss the alleged threat of monkeypox. The United Nations arm claims that “cases” of the disease are expected to “double” from nine to 18, requiring intervention.

Authorities are already stockpiling more smallpox vaccines, which they say will treat people who may have already been exposed to monkeypox. The UK government has about 5,000 injections in its existing national stockpile and has ordered another 20,000 as a supplement to that.

According to the “experts,” homosexual and bisexual men are the number-one spreaders of monkeypox, so perhaps there will be a “remedy” released just for them to help stop the spread.

“One potential course of action to be raised will be whether vaccination with the smallpox vaccine made by Bavarian Nordic, known as Jynneos in the U.S. and Imvanex in the UK, should be used for contacts of people known to be infected,” reports the Telegraph.

“The vaccine is only approved in the UK for protection against smallpox – despite the virus being eliminated since 1980 – but can be used ‘off-licence’ to protect against [monkeypox].”

Is monkeypox a gay disease?

Even though ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) were completely off-limits for use against the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) because that would have been off-label, it is apparently just fine to start injecting suspected monkeypox cases with smallpox vaccines.

The “experts” claim that the smallpox jab is the only non-replicating virus in the world for smallpox or monkeypox, reducing a person’s risk of disease by about 85 percent.

“If a person receives the jab within four days of infection, the vaccine can modify the course of the infection and improve their prognosis,” the Telegraph claims.

“There is growing concern over the outbreak, which constitutes at least nine cases in the UK and has been seen in various other nations. Health teams have been deployed worldwide to isolate and contact trace affected people, with gay and bisexual men urged to pay particular attention to any new rashes or lesions on their body, particularly their genitals.”

Of the nine cases of monkeypox that have been identified in the UK so far, six of them occurred in men who have sex with other men. This suggests that monkeypox might be a gay disease.

“We are urging men who are gay and bisexual to be aware of any unusual rashes or lesions and to contact a sexual health service without delay if they have concerns,” announced Dr. Susan Hopkins, the UK Health Security Agency’s (UKHSA) chief medical advisor.

Prof. Kevin Fenton, also of the UKHSA, added that he wants everyone to be “aware of the signs and symptoms, which include rashes around the mouth, as well as around the genital area.”

New cases of monkeypox are also said to be appearing right on schedule in France, Italy, Sweden and Australia, as well as in the United States, Spain, Portugal and Canada.

With the way the media is talking about monkeypox, it would not be any surprise to see this become the new “covid,” replete with mask mandates, social distancing edicts, and eventually jab mandates once another Operation Warp Speed-type vaccine drive is launched as the “cure.”

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