Man’s Lover Buys Abortion Pills for Him so He Can Trick His Pregnant Girlfriend Into Taking Them

A woman has been convicted after she pretended to be pregnant to obtain abortion pills, which were sent to her by the UK’s largest abortion provider BPAS after a phone consultation. She then handed the pills to her ‘lover’, who said he was planning to trick his girlfriend into taking them.

Georgia Day has been given a twelve-month suspended prison sentence after she was found guilty of conspiring to procure the physical means to induce an abortion [procure a miscarriage].

The 23-year-old had contacted BPAS and lied about being pregnant in a follow-up phone consultation in order to obtain pills used to procure an early-stage medical abortion.

Day had conspired with her ‘lover’, with whom she was having an affair, to obtain the pills so that he might trick his pregnant girlfriend into taking them.

The man and his girlfriend had initially planned to start a family together but he changed his mind after his girlfriend had become pregnant and so he asked her to get an abortion. When she refused, the man asked his female friends to help him get hold of abortion pills.

While the man in question was found not guilty, Day admitted that she had procured abortion pills for him.

The prosecutor, Julia King, told Derby Crown Court that the man had offered friends thousands of pounds for them to get abortion pills that he could give to his girlfriend without her knowledge. Day, of Wingerworth in Derbyshire, offered to do it for free.

In Day’s internet history, the Court found searches for “giving abortion pills to someone else”, “man laced pregnant wife’s pills with abortion pills” and “size of baby at four weeks”, as well as searches on whether it was illegal to give someone abortion pills without their knowledge.

However, their plan fell apart when the pregnant woman discovered a box of abortion pills under her bed. She did not take them and her healthy baby was born later in 2020.

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