Westjet and travel & tourism leaders tell Trudeau to end travel restrictions

The CEO of Westjet and the Canadian Travel & Tourism Roundtable have joined those calling on the Trudeau government to drop its travel mandates and restrictions.

On Tuesday, the Trudeau government extended the measures until at least Jun. 30, making the announcement a day after voting down a Conservative motion to bring them to an end.

At a Wednesday press conference in Ottawa, the Travel & Tourism Roundtable, which is made up of industry leaders, called on the government to remove remaining border Covid restrictions by Jun. 15.

Hotel Association of Canada president and CEO Susie Grynol said that “travel volumes are increasing but Covid restrictions and requirements continue to linger,” adding that this is “creating congestion at our airports and contributing to a poor impression of Canada.”

She also said that restrictions add “uncertainty, frustration and anxiety to the traveller experience” and hurt local tourism operators and hotels. Grynol said she believes that Canada should follow other countries including Italy, the United Kingdom and Switzerland in fully opening up travel.