‘Attack on democracy’: Canadian MP can’t enter House of Commons over refusal to share vax status

OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – Pro-life Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) Member of Parliament (MP) Cathay Wagantall was forcibly removed from the House of Commons Friday after she refused to abide by a rule mandating all MPs have two COVID jabs or a medical exemption.

“This is ridiculous. Ontario is open. My province has been open for a long time,” Wagantall, who objects on principle to sharing her health information in order to enter Parliament, said in a press conference Friday.

“I’m prepared to do whatever I need to do to continue to do my job as best I can in light of the circumstances.”

Wagantall noted that she “was expecting something to happen” in terms of being removed from the House of Commons for not revealing her COVID jab status. It was on Friday she learned “that there was a possibility of that” happening.

She said she was pulled aside into the Sergeant-at-Arms office. Shortly after, CPC House leader John Brassard told her that she might be kicked out of the House of Commons.

“So, my goal was to not leave unless I was basically forced to, which to some degree happened,” she said.

Wagantall noted that later in the day after deciding to leave the House of Commons for a committee meeting, the Sergeant-at-Arms escorted her outside of the building.

“It’s deplorable that Canadians are being treated the way that we are being treated by this Prime Minister when there is nothing here that validates this kind of behavior on his part,” said Wagantall.

She shared the text written on the back of her identification badge, which guarantees an MP free access to parliament: “Under the law of parliamentary privilege, the bearer has free and open access at all times without obstruction or interference to the precincts of the House of Parliament, of which the bearer is a member.”

Last fall, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s federal government put in place a ban on democratically elected MPs and staff who did not get the COVID jabs from accessing the nation’s center of democracy, the House of Commons. The rule came into effect on November 22, 2021.