Black Men Under Jim Crow Joe Biden


Harvard Black Men's Forum

In an effort to remind black men how little the Democrat Party values our life, Joe Biden became their front runner in the 2020 presidential election. In fact, Joe Biden has been a leading voice of the Democrat party since the 1980s. During his political career, he’s played the role as the 2nd coming of Jim Crow. His dog whistle rhetoric has been alarming. His policies have disenfranchised black men. And his affiliation with racially divisive figures screams “white supremacy”.
For a long time, he has gotten away with making polarizing decisions that negatively affect black males. However, his place in the general election, and the use of social media, has brought his history to light. Biden has come under a lot more scrutiny recently. Unfortunately, most of that scrutiny hasn’t come from the mainstream media-who worked to elect Biden in order to get rid of President Trump. The…

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