Scott Aitchison would recognize Taiwan as prime minister

Conservative leadership candidate Scott Aitchison says if he’s elected prime minister, his government would establish official diplomatic ties with Taiwan.

Currently, Canada’s official position on Taiwan mirrors the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) One China policy, which does not recognize the island nation as a legitimate sovereign nation and denies official government-to-government relations. 

Under the One China policy,  Canada does not have an official diplomatic relationship with Taiwan, though Canada still facilitates billions of dollars of trade with Taiwan.

The Pierre Trudeau government changed Canada’s position of recognizing Taiwan, to the recognition of China in 1970.

Aitchison believes Canada’s current approach to dealing with Communist China hasn’t worked.

“For the better part of 50 years, Canada’s and Western foreign policy was premised on the basis that increased trade and prosperity with China would lead to greater adherence to human rights and liberalization of communism’s harsh edges,” said Aitchison. “We were wrong.”

According to Aitchison, recognition of Taiwan and the establishment of diplomatic ties would strengthen the defence of freedom and democracy in the Asia-Pacific and around the world.

“Taiwan is an independent and sovereign country, a beacon of openness, democracy, respect for human rights, and a case study in the benefits of a market-based economy open to trading with the world,” said Aitchison. “It is time for Canada to finally recognize this reality.”

In taking steps to advance Taiwan’s position on the world stage, Aitchison promises to include Taiwan in the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), and help Taiwan join international organizations like INTERPOL and the World Health Organization (WHO). 

Trudeau Wants You Focused On American Politics To Distract From How He’s Corrupting Canada’s Institutions & Wrecking Our Economy

Justin Trudeau is once again using political events in the US to try and distract from his disastrous ‘leadership’ here in Canada.

In the wake of the US Supreme Court striking down Roe vs Wade, and thus allowing states to make their own laws on abortion, Trudeau saw fit to weigh in:

“Trudeau says the overturning of Roe v. Wade is an “attack on everyone’s freedoms.” He also says that Canada will “expand access to the full range of reproductive and health services across the country.”

Canada does not have any laws limiting access to abortions.”

To claim the US decision is an “attack on everyone’s” freedoms is a bit rich coming from a guy who has been among the most zealous restrictors of freedom in Canada.

Also, the decision means each US State will have it’s own abortion laws.

Further, the ruling doesn’t apply to Canada whatsoever since – and this is apparently news to Justin Trudeau – Canada and the US aren’t the same country.

The same playbook

This is the exact same thing Trudeau and the Liberals did following mass shootings in the United States.

They exploit the fact that many Canadians are apparently unaware of Canada’s laws and think that America’s laws apply here.

And, the establishment press helps them with that, as they are glad to jump on board and help distract from events in this country.

So, why would Trudeau not want people focusing on Canada?

Disastrous failures & corruption of our institutions

Canadians are being robbed of our purchasing power with each passing day, and the Liberals are purposely making it worse with the inflationary carbon tax, anti-energy sector policies, and refusal to provide tax relief.

Additionally, all of our institutions are being corrupted by Trudeau’s cronies, turned into nothing more than appendages of the Liberal Party, rather than institutions serving the Canadian People.

According the Mass Casualty Commission – the public inquiry into the Nova Scotia mass shooting – the Department of Justice left out four pages of Supt. Darren Campbell’s notes.

They provided 132 pages.

And what was in those four missing pages?

Details on how Brenda Lucki had pressured police to release information on what kind of guns were used in the mass shooting in order to try and push Trudeau’s gun control agenda.

Why only leave out those pages?

We know why.

Because it shows how the Trudeau Liberals have tried to corrupt our institutions.

With Jody Wilson-Raybould out of the picture, it would seem that Trudeau has turned the Department of Justice into a compliant tool that serves his political agenda.

This is the kind of scandal that brings down governments – or at least it would in a nation where there wasn’t a party (the NDP) pretending to be in opposition while propping up the ruling party, and where the media wasn’t bought off by the state.

Justin Trudeau knows that if Canadians focus on our own country they will demand that he no longer serve as PM and his party will face massive defeat, so he’s trying to distract us and direct our attention to what is happening in the US.

That leaves it up to us:

Will we allow ourselves to be fooled, or will we continue to speak out and ensure that our fellow Canadians focus on stopping the damage Trudeau is doing to our nation?

Spencer Fernando