Justin Castro gov’t tracked location of almost 1 million Canadians through federal weather app

Over 715,000 Canadians who downloaded the Department of Environment’s weather monitoring app had their location tracked by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s federal government.  

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, the Department of Environment recently revealed in an Inquiry of Ministry that the department’s WeatherCAN application collected the email address, location, and personal information of nearly three-quarters of a million Canadians since the program’s launch in 2019.  

Justifying the decision to keep tabs on unsuspecting Canadians, the department ensured the public that “All personal information created, held or collected via this app by the department is protected under the Privacy Act.” 

Explaining how the app was able to track citizens, the department informed the House of Commons via an Inquiry of Ministry that “The ‘current location’ function on this app enables the app to provide weather information based on the current Global Positioning System location of your mobile device.”