Women’s March sparks outrage after attacking feminists and platforming pedophile

“I saw the feminist movement cover up for PEDOPHILES,”   Sara Fernanda Giromini


The Women’s March has sparked outrage with a series of tweets attacking feminists critical of gender ideology. Following the tweets, Reduxx Magazine revisited the organization’s history of platforming male pedophiles.

On July 20, the official Women’s March Twitter account posted a series of tweets that implied to women everywhere that males could simply self-identify into their protected sex category. When met with widespread criticism for their outrageous claim, Women’s March hit back with a meme that said “Fuck the TERFs.”

The organization doubled down by calling its critics “transphobes” and insisted that the word “woman” should be replaced with “people who can give birth.”

Women’s March has a history of platforming dangerous males, as Reduxx reports.

In 2018, the official Women’s March Twitter account shared an article written by Andi Dier, a trans-identified biological male, who became a brief internet sensation in 2018 after harassing Rose McGowan at a promotional event for her book about her experience with sexual assault.

While Dier was lauded in the media, disturbing allegations against Lier for raping young girls began to surface. Multiple women came forward stating they had been sexually abused by Lier when they were 13, and even as young as 11 years old.

Screenshots began to circulate of Dier’s AskFM blog, which has been archived, where Dier admits to having a pedophilic interest in young girls.

“I like younger girls in the same way I like brunettes… Age is an insignificant marker. I like cute girls, sometimes they happen to be a bit young,” Dier wrote.

“It’s f-cked up for someone to tell me I don’t deserve my freedoms because they feel uncomfortable,” Dier wrote in another blog post. “You don’t mystically wake up one day with the ability to consent. You have it before you’re 18.”