Parents Demand Resignations, Pull Donations After All-Girls School Announces Plan to Admit Biological Boys

Parents, donors, and alumni of Harpeth Hall, an all-girls school in Nashville, Tennessee, are pulling donations and calling for the resignations of several school officials who they believe have been “enablers of political activism and division.”

The call from parents, alumni, and donors comes shortly after the all-girls school announced that they would be allowing boys who identify as girls to attend. The policy was then ditched just one week after it was announced following backlash from parents and other community members. 

The Harpeth Hall Board of Trustees told parents in a letter “Based on the response from our school community, Harpeth Hall is choosing to pause the adoption of the philosophy in order to engage a wider audience in continued discussion.” 

But parents, alumni, and donors say that their trust in the board — and in several key officials — has been broken. In a letter to the Board of Trustees, the head of school, and the head of the board, the community members write that the board and the administration have been “more focused on political activism than on educating our girls.”

The letter went on to say, “Based on how you have handled this recent gender policy communication, we do not have confidence that certain current members of the board or of the administration are capable of correcting this issue,” adding, “you have lost our trust.”

“We call today for the resignation of members of the administration and board who have been proponents or enablers of political activism and division,” the letter reads, going on to name “Crissy Wieck and the Executive Committee, Jessica Bliss, and Dr. Nancy Beveridge.”

“We will withhold all financial contributions to the school until this action takes place,” the community members warned. It then says “we will submit to the board the name of a female leader to be named the Chair of the Board.” Wieck, whose husband is currently running to be the next Mayor of Nashville, is the current Chair. 

As Breitbart News previously noted, Harpeth Hall is affiliated with the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). An investigative report by Breitbart News found that the NAIS pushes “queer curriculum” and transgender ideology on its students, including those in pre-K.

The NAIS, which consists of nearly 1,800 member schools, is also a proponent of Critical Race Theory and hosts an annual “People of Color Conference,” which has been facilitated by a former Black Panther. Harpeth Hall sends faculty and staff to the conference every year. 

A network of concerned parents, called Undercover Mothers, is organizing nationwide to push back against “elite capture” through the private school system — the attempt by the NAIS to indoctrinate students with Critical Race Theory and radical gender ideology.

Bio Terrorist China’s Wuhan institute studied deadly bioterrorism agent, Congress told

China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology, where the COVID-19 pandemic may have started, conducted work on a deadlier virus with a 60% lethality rate, according to recent Senate testimony.

Steven Quay, a medical doctor, told the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs subcommittee on emerging threats that the Wuhan institute carried out synthetic biology research on the Nipah virus genome in December 2019, around the time the first COVID-19 cases surfaced in Wuhan. Scientists are divided over whether the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 emerged naturally through animals or can be traced to a leak or accident at the Wuhan facility.

“The Nipah virus was in an infectious clone format,” Dr. Quay testified. “Nipah is a BSL-4 level pathogen and a CDC-designated bioterrorism agent. This is the most dangerous gain-of-function research I have ever encountered. We should assume this research continues to this day at the WIV.”

If confirmed, China’s research on Nipah could violate the Biological Weapons Convention, which Beijing has signed, that prohibits work on agents that can be used as bioweapons.

Nipah is smaller than the virus behind COVID-19, known as SARS-CoV-2, and is less transmissible.

“But it is one of the deadliest viruses, with a 60% lethality,” said Dr. Quay, chief executive officer of Atossa Therapeutics, a Seattle-based pharmaceutical company.

“This is 60 times deadlier than SARS-2,” he said, using the shortened term for the virus behind COVID-19. “The lab where the human specimens were processed is not the highest-level biosafety lab, BSL-4, but was in the BSL-2 or -3 facility.”

Dr. Quay said he did not know why Chinese researchers were working on the Nipah virus, “but a laboratory-acquired infection with a modified Nipah virus would make the COVID-19 pandemic look like a walk in the park.”

Unlike SARS-CoV-2, Nipah is unable to spread in the air. Still, if the research produced an aerosolized version of the virus, it could cause a deadlier pandemic, Dr. Quay testified.

A Black Death parallel?

In an interview, Dr. Quay said he discovered the Wuhan study on Nipah in Chinese research data mistakenly posted on GenBank, a U.S.-based repository for DNA sequencing information. Mr. Quay said the danger in China’s work on Nipah is that it could become aerosolized and cause mass death.

“The Black Plague in Europe was a 20% lethal event, and it set society back 250 years,” he said. A Nipah pandemic would “set us back over a millennium, in my estimate.”

Spokespeople for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institutes of Health and the Chinese Embassy did not respond to requests for comment.

A State Department spokesman said: “We are aware of the Aug. 3 testimony. We have no comment for your story.”

According to the CDC website, Nipah was first discovered in 1999 during a natural outbreak in Malaysia and Singapore. The virus spreads through bodily fluids. Symptoms of infection include fever, headache, nausea and vomiting, and shortness of breath. Severe symptoms can leave the victim confused or in a coma. “Death can occur in as many as 80% of cases,” the center said on its website.

The CDC lists Nipah as an emerging pathogen and “bioterrorism agent” that “could be engineered for mass dissemination in the future,” based on availability, ease of production and dissemination, and high mortality rate.

The State Department’s latest annual report on arms compliance states that China “continued to engage in activities with dual-use applications, which raise concerns regarding its compliance with Article I of the [Biological Weapons Convention].” That article deals with work on bioweapons. For the past two years, China‘s government has canceled meetings with U.S. officials to discuss American concerns about compliance with the biological weapons treaty.

The State Department said in a fact sheet released during the Trump administration’s last days that U.S. intelligence concluded that the Wuhan Institute of Virology had engaged in secret military work.

“Despite the WIV presenting itself as a civilian institution, the United States has determined that the WIV has collaborated on publications and secret projects with China’s military,” the report said. It noted classified research and laboratory animal experiments for the People’s Liberation Army since at least 2017.

The Chinese research on Nipah was disclosed on Aug. 3 during a Senate hearing on gain-of-function research, including China’s work at the Wuhan institute in making bat viruses more transmissible to humans to study their properties.

Dr. Quay and two other experts, Richard H. Ebright, director of the Rutgers University Waksman Institute of Microbiology, and Kevin M. Esvelt, a biochemist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, warned that unregulated gain-of-function research poses pandemic threats.

Dr. Ebright said all research that involves making viruses more infectious should be halted.

“Gain-of-function research of concern can advance scientific understanding, but gain-of-function research of concern has no civilian practical applications,” he said. “In particular, gain-of-function research of concern is not needed for and does not contribute to the development of vaccines and drugs.”

Dr. Esvelt said the U.S. Agency for International Development and the National Institutes of Health have funded research to find or create novel pandemic-capable viruses in laboratories around the world. Both agencies hope to prevent natural pandemics but “seek to identify viruses that could kill as many people as a nuclear weapon,” he said.

Well-meaning health experts “never considered that these advances in technology, which are continuing, plus a list of pandemic-capable viruses, would allow a single skilled terrorist to unleash more pandemics at once than would naturally occur in a century,” Dr. Esvelt said.

Sen. Rand Paul, the Kentucky Republican who co-chaired the hearing, said the subcommittee was seeking answers to the origin of the outbreak of COVID-19 in Wuhan in December 2019.

“I maintain that the techniques that the [National Institutes of Health] funded in Wuhan to create enhanced pathogens may have or could have been used to create COVID-19,” Mr. Paul said.

It was the first hearing in Congress on gain-of-function research, a possible source of the pandemic, Mr. Paul said. A second theory is that the virus jumped from a wild animal to a human at a Wuhan market. U.S. intelligence agencies say they cannot conclusively prove either theory.

Dr. Quay said there is no dispositive evidence that the pandemic began as a spillover of a natural virus in a market.

“All evidence is consistent with a laboratory-acquired infection,” he said.

Two scientific studies published last month said the virus began as a “spillover” event from Wuhan’s Huanan seafood market, where wild animals were sold as food.

The COVID-19 virus “has features consistent with synthetic biology gain-of-function research,” Dr. Quay said. He specifically cited two features of the virus that affect its ability to bind to human cells. Proponents of the lab leak theory also argue that, in the early months of the pandemic, no animal was found to be infected with SARS-CoV-2 anywhere, including the Wuhan market.

Features of the evolving virus place “the first human infection in the fall of 2019, long before the December market cases,” he said. “The American people deserve to know how this pandemic started and to know if the NIH funded research that may have caused this pandemic.”

The Chinese government has refused to cooperate in investigating the origin of the pandemic.

During the hearing, it was disclosed that in September 2019, three months before the COVID-19 outbreak was declared, the Wuhan Institute of Virology removed a website that listed 21,000 viruses.

JABBED UNTIL DEATH: Endless mRNA jabs are now planned for multiple vaccine types, including influenza, HIV, RSV, Pneumococcal, Zika and many more

Now that pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Moderna have caused widespread immunosuppression using covid mRNA vaccines, there will soon be a surge of new infections and a gold-rush for new mRNA vaccines. Pharmaceutical companies have already positioned themselves to capitalize on upcoming infections and illnesses that will inevitably plague an excessively immunocompromised population.

Endless mRNA jabs are now planned for multiple vaccine types, including coronaviruses, influenza, HIV, leukemia, RSV, Pneumococcal, EBV, HPV, CMV, Nipah Virus, Zika, metapneumovirus and human parainfluenza. In fact, there are currently 80 clinical trials for mRNA vaccines underway, and most of these hasty clinical trials are already convincing people to take part in these experiments.

Big Pharma poised to unleash mRNA experiments for multiple infections and illnesses

Big Pharma is already promoting vaccines for infections that were once considered rare, like pox viruses (monkeypox) and polio enteroviruses. As new infections spread in heavily vaccinated populations, vaccine campaigns will continue their cycle of fraud and deception.

The spike protein mRNA that was unleashed during the covid-19 scandal was a “foot in the door” to program human immune systems for failure (vaccine acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) and to make more people dependent on a never-ending chain of injections, infections, mandates and medical tyranny.

One of the new mRNA vaccines includes an updated sequence of the gain-of-function coronavirus spike protein along with influenza virus RNA. Moderna is currently testing out an influenza-covid mRNA vaccine on 1050 participants, with recruitment taking place across the United States.

Many of the upcoming clinical trials for new mRNA vaccines are set to be conducted on vulnerable populations and children, with very little oversight. The pre-clinical phase for these combo vaccines has already been approved by the FDA. Big Pharma plans to continue using these lipid nano-particles to circumvent the T-cell response of the human immune system, while programming human cells to churn out foreign toxins. It’s an inflammatory, autoimmune nightmare, and it’s going to continue without remorse if the developers and enforcers are not held to account for the disasters they helped create with the original covid vaccines.

FDA ignores all safety signals for botched mRNA covid vaccine rollout, approves dozens of new mRNA experiments

These new genetic experiments are still considered immunizations and are considered biologics in pre-clinical studies. This is fraud, because there are major differences between traditional biologics (vaccines) and these new mRNA experiments. The FDA is ignoring all previous safety signals recorded in the government’s pharmacovigilance system. There are no scientific studies being conducted investigating the duration of the mRNA transcription process. Likewise, there are no studies on the quantity and persistence of these foreign proteins in animal bodies, and how they may burden distal organs, inflame the heart or cause protein misfolding. Furthermore, the toxicity of the foreign proteins themselves are not being assessed in any pre-clinical trials.

To make matters worse, the vaccine makers are allowed to use the immunosuppressant pseudouridine yet again, with no pre-clinical testing on its safety. Pseudouridine is a synthetic nucleotide used in the covid-19 vaccines. Researchers found that it can stay in the lymph nodes for at least sixty days after injection. The immune system is not breaking down this so-called mRNA from the vaccines in the same way natural mRNA degrades, even though the government regulatory agencies have promised that it would degrade rapidly.

To get the initial covid-19 vaccine out to the public, Pfizer and the FDA ignored serious health risks observed in the clinical trials, including issues like antibody dependent enhancement, heart inflammation and immunosuppression. These issues are obviously going unaddressed again as the government advances new experiments that will continue the cycle of sickness and death in the population.

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