Ralph Baric’s Bio Terrorist lab spent a considerable amount of time and money in the 80s/90s researching how to induce heart disease with coronaviruses.

  1. National American Heart Association Grant in Aid. Coronavirus-induced myocarditis in
    rabbits. July 1987-June 1990. $29,609 first year; total for three years: $94,227 (direct
    costs), PI: RS Baric 10% effort.
  2. Career Development Award from the National American Heart Association,
    Established Investigator Award “Coronavirus-Induced Rabbit Cardiomyopathy”.
    Established Investigator-American Heart Association. Direct costs: $175,000. 7/1/89 –
    6/30/94. PI: RS Baric
  3. School of Public Health, BRSG. Coronavirus-induced myocarditis in rabbits. 1986-1987.
    $7,150 Direct costs. PI: RS Baric
  4. School of Public Health, BRSG. Incidence of the enteric rotaviruses, adenoviruses, and
    coronaviruses among migrant farm workers. 1987-88. Direct costs $7,150. PI: RS Baric
  5. School of Public Health, BRSG Small Instrument Program. Direct costs $7,477.80. PI:
    RS Baric. 1989
    Curriculum Vitae-Baric, Ralph S.
  • 6 –
  1. National American Heart Association Grant in Aid. “Coronavirus-induced myocarditis
    and dilated cardiomyopathy. 7/1/90 – 6/30/93. Direct costs $108,000. PI: RS Baric, 10%

  1. Alexander, L.K., Small, J.D., Edwards, S.W. and R. S. Baric. 1992. An experimental model
    for dilated cardiomyopathy following rabbit coronavirus infection. Journal Infectious
    Diseases 166(5):978-85. PMID:1328411
  2. De Leon, R., Sobsey, M.D., Matsui, S.M., Baric, R.S., Herrmann, J.E., Blacklow, N.R., and
    Greenberg, H.B., 1992. Detection of Norwalk virus in stool specimens by reverse
    transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction and non-radioactive oligo probes (RT-PCR-OP).
    J. Clin. Microbiol. 30(12):3151-3157. PMCID: PMC270605
  3. Edwards, W., Small, J.D., Geratz, D., Alexander, L.K. and Baric, R.S., 1992. A model for
    Virus-induced myocarditis and congestive heart failure in Rabbits. J. Infectious Diseases
    165(1):134-140. PMID:1309370
  4. Fu, K. and Baric, R.S. 1992. Evidence for variable rates of recombination in the MHV
    genome. Virology 189(1):88-102. PMID:1318616
  5. Baker, S.C, Gao-HQ and Baric, R.S. 1993. Altered proteolytic processing of the
    polymerase polyprotein in RNA(-) TS mutants of mouse hepatitis virus. Adv. Exp. Med.
    Biol. 342:215-9. PMID:8209733
    Curriculum Vitae-Baric, Ralph S.
  • 13 –
  1. Alexander, L.K., Keene, B., Small, J.D. and Yount, B Jr, Baric, R.S. 1993.
    Electrocardiographic changes associated with rabbit coronavirus induced myocarditis and
    dilated cardiomyopathy. Adv. Exp. Med. Biol. 342:365-370. PMID: 8209755

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