Majority of parents rejected woke “anti-racism” Hamilton school board policy

survey of community members by the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) on its Anti-Black Racism Policy found that “a large proportion” rejected the policy on grounds that it was divisive and racist. 

The HWDSB engaged hundreds of parents and guardians in a survey to be presented to the Policy Committee on Sept. 14. 

“(Respondents) feel that this is an American issue and feel all children should be treated equally. 65% of written, online comments were opposed to this policy implementation,” the consultation explained. 

“Negative comments outlined that we are practicing (critical race theory), that anti-Black racism does not exist.”

A total of 278 responses were received, 82% of which were given by parents, guardians or caregivers. 

The feedback also found that “actions that were seen as less helpful were social justice education for students, educating parents and school councils, and curriculum resources.”

“A large proportion of participants who completed the survey were opposed to its implementation for various reasons,” the survey read. 

The proposed policy seeks to dismantle “structural and institutional anti-Black racism” through race-based hiring and promotion policies, mandatory “anti-racism” training and more. 

Parents were opposed to the policy on various grounds, including the claim that the policy would only further perpetuate racism. 

“The Anti-Black Racism Policy and critical race theory perpetuates racism because talking about racism keeps it alive and it treats Black people as if they need help,” the report claimed. 

“(Respondents said) the policy would divide instead of unite.”