Biden told ‘60 Minutes’ COVID pandemic ‘is over,’ sparking liberal Hypocondriac backlash

With Biden saying “the pandemic is over,” we’re now left to three groups of people who still want restrictions.

1. The Grifters; i.e., those who have built their whole personas around Covid. Some of these people are even running for their local school board.

2. The second group of people who who still want restrictions are some within the managerial class. Think of certain (not all) university administrators. Also, people who get a kick out of needlessly creating rules and filling out needless forms.

3. The third group who still want Covid restrictions are certain members of the upper middle class who think we can all work from home. “I haven’t taught at university in-person since March 2020.” They think they’re progressive, but they’re tone-deaf in their obnoxiousness.


President Biden declared the COVID-19 pandemic “over” during an interview that aired Sunday night — and immediately sparked a bitter backlash from progressives and liberal Democrats.

Biden repeatedly asserted that the pandemic was in the nation’s rear-view mirror while speaking to CBS’ “60 Minutes” at the Detroit Auto Show last week.

“The pandemic is over,” he said.

“We still have a problem with COVID. We’re still doing a lot of work on it. But the pandemic is over.”

Walking through the Huntington Place convention center, Biden also told correspondent Scott Pelley, “If you notice, no one’s wearing masks.”

“Everybody seems to be in pretty good shape, and so I think it’s changing, and I think this is a perfect example of it.”

Progressive commentators used social media to lash out at the president over his remarks, with MSNBC host Medhi Hasan accusing Biden of lying to the American public.

“One of the (many) reasons they’re not wearing masks is because people like Biden keep (falsely) telling them the pandemic is over,” Hasan tweeted.

Progressive Democratic Kentucky state Rep. Attica Scott expressed outrage that mainstream members of her party “keep playing these games with our lives.”

“You don’t get to just declare a global pandemic over, Mr. @POTUS,” Scott wrote.

Former Democratic Ohio state Sen. Nina Turner, a senior fellow at the progressive Institute on Race, Power and Political Economy, also rejected Biden’s assertion.

“The pandemic isn’t over,” Turner said.

“We are over the pandemic. The pandemic is not over with us. Big distinction.”

Experts also took Biden to task, with Dr. James Hamblin, a lecturer in public health policy at Yale University, saying that mask-wearing wasn’t an accurate gauge of whether the deadly virus was still spreading.

“A pandemic isn’t like bootcut jeans where you look around at what people are wearing and declare it over,” Hamblin tweeted.

Dr. Erif Feigl-Ding, an epidemiologist and former Harvard University faculty member, responded to Biden with an emphatic, “Heck no.”

“With all due respect, @JoeBiden — you’re wrong. Pandemic is not over. Almost 3,000 Americans are dying from #COVID19 every single week,” he wrote.

“A weekly 9/11 is a very big deal. Don’t even get me started on #LongCOVID—wreaking havoc on millions more.”

Feigl-Ding also followed up hours later, tweeting, “I’m still shaking my head at what Biden says. If he only knew how much I stuck my head out and sacrificed for him in 2020…”

Dr. Megan Ranney, dean of the Brown University School of Public Health, even used one of Biden’s favorite phrases to rebut him.

“Is the pandemic DIFFERENT? Sure,” she wrote.

“But over?! With 400 deaths a day?! I call malarkey.”

Politico reported that Biden’s assertion wasn’t part of his planned remarks and caught several of his own health officials by surprise, citing administration officials familiar with the matter.

Biden’s off-the-cuff comments have frequently landed him in hot water during his more than 50 years in politics, and he acknowledged being a “gaffe machine” while running for the White House in 2018.

Violent Necrophiliac Transferred to Women’s Prison in Canada

A trans-identified male currently serving life in prison for the 1995 murder and post-mortem sexual assault of a woman has been transferred to a female correctional facility in Ontario, Canada.

On April 22, the Parole Board of Canada issued a decision in the case of Catherine Lynn — a trans-identified male incarcerated for the 1995 murder of a woman in her apartment. Lynn physically assaulted the victim before slashing her throat and raping her corpse. Lynn, whose birth name is still being verified, had applied for parole and was rejected on the grounds that he continued to be an “undue risk” to society.

At the time, the decision noted that Lynn had applied for transfer out of his current facility, but had redacted the type of facility he was seeking to be moved into, ostensibly in an attempt to obscure the fact Lynn was transgender and had been housed in a male prison.

But, according to Heather Mason, a former inmate-turned-women’s rights advocate, a female inmate at the grand Valley Institution for Women has confirmed Lynn is now in the facility, just months after the Parole Board noted his desire to be transferred.

On September 13, Mason announced on her Twitter that she had received documents from the Parole Board confirming what her source in the Institution had reported. Mason, whose focus is on supporting incarcerated women in Canada, provided those documents to Reduxx for review.

Chinese Biotech Firm with Deep Links to China’s Bio Terrorist Military and its COVID-19 Program Just Bought Land in Florida for a Massive Research Complex

Chinese Biotech firm with deep links to China’s military and its COVID-19 program just bought land in Florida for a massive research complex.

In July 2022, a Chinese biological research company, JOINN Laboratories, bought 1,400 acres of rural farmland in Morriston, Florida, primarily for a non-human primate (monkey) breeding and quarantine facility.

Current law prohibits the construction of such a facility on that property, but JOINN Laboratories is filing a re-zoning request with the State of Florida.

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What is not widely known is JOINN Laboratories’ close connections to China’s People’s Liberation Army and what is arguably its biowarfare program.

The Founder of JOINN and Chair of the Board of Directors is Yuxia Feng, a military physician and graduate of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences in Beijing.

The Co-Founder of JOINN and the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors, Conglin Zuo, appears to have also worked at the Academy of Military Medical Sciences in its Institute of Biotechnology.

OINN’s Chief of Pathology and Toxicology, Hemei Wang, came from the Institute Of Pharmacology And Toxicology, Academy Of Military Medical Sciences.

The most significant of JOINN’s connections to the People’s Liberation Army is Shusheng Geng, Chief Executive Officer of JOINN’s Biologics Company, who was also employed at the Institute of Pharmacology And Toxicology, Academy Of Military Medical Sciences.

Shusheng Geng has been a research collaborator with high-level People’s Liberation Army scientists, who are considered key contributors to China’s biowarfare program, Cheng-Feng QinYusen Zhou and Shibo Jiang.

A recent Gateway Pundit article noted that buyers from the People’s Republic of China purchased $6.1 billion of U.S. real estate last year.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis told Fox News in June that it was a “huge problem” that Chinese companies were stepping in to purchase farmland in his state.

He said, “I think the problem is these companies have ties to the CCP [Chinese Communist Party], and it’s not always apparent on the face of whatever a company is doing.”

Well, it is not just the Chinese Communist Party that is connected to these land purchases, but China’s People’s Liberation Army.

And whatever those Chinese companies are doing with that land, you can be sure that it is not good for America.

UK preparing crackdown on Chinese language schools – media

MPs are in talks to replace Beijing-backed teachers with professionals from Taiwan, The Guardian reports

British MPs are in talks with Taipei to replace Beijing-backed Chinese language teachers working in the UK with personnel from Taiwan, The Guardian has reported.

Mandarin is currently taught to British students through 30 branches of the Confucius Institute, which are joint ventures by host universities in the UK, their counterparts in China, and the Beijing-based Chinese International Education Foundation (CIEF).

Funding for the project between 2015 and 2024 is estimated at £27 million ($31 million), according to the China Research Group.

But now London is looking to redirect this money to alternative programs, including those from Taiwan, The Guardian said.

The group of cross-party MPs, who are now involved in talks with Taipei to provide Chinese language teachers, include prominent Tory lawmaker Alicia Kearns, it added.

New UK Prime Minister Liz Truss praised the Confucius Institute when she was education minister in 2014. Back then, she said that the project had made “very strong progress” in the UK and said it would “put in place a strong infrastructure for Mandarin” in the country.

However, the Beijing-backed program has since come under increased scrutiny amid the recent cooling in relations between the UK and China, and Britain’s overwhelming support for the self-governed island of Taiwan, which the Chinese authorities view as part of their own territory.

Critics have accused the Confucius Institute of lacking freedom of speech in classes, promoting Beijing’s agenda and even being used for spying.

A report by the Times last month claimed that Truss was planning to label China an ‘acute threat’ to the UK, putting it in the same category as Russia. She had earlier branded Chinese tech giants as a security risk and called for more weapons to be sent to Taipei.

Bio Terrorist State Of China lodges complaint after Biden says US would defend Taiwan in a Chinese invasion

BEIJING: The Chinese foreign ministry said on Monday (Sep 19) that China has lodged “stern representations” with the United States, after US President Joe Biden said US forces would defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion.

China reserves the right to take all necessary measures in response to activities that split the nation apart, said Mao Ning, spokesperson at the foreign ministry, at a regular media briefing.