Black Misandry: Black Man Wrongfully Accused Of Stealing His Own Work Truck

A couple accused the husband of Nicole Hirsch, an anti-racism expert, of stealing a vehicle he owned and used for work. He was detained by Oakland Police Department. Dr. Rashad Richey and Dina Sayegh Doll on Indisputable. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Read more here:… “An anti-racism expert said her family is considering legal options after her husband reportedly was handcuffed and detained for sitting in his own work truck. Nicole Hirsch said a couple accused her husband of stealing the vehicle he owned for several years. Hirsch’s husband is still reeling from the ordeal and wants to remain private. However, his wife said she is speaking out in hopes of promoting change to reduce similar occurrences.”

For the medical industrial complex, transgenderism is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY – and here’s proof

independent journalist Matt Walsh has completely exposed the real reason transgender surgery centers are popping up all over the nation, including at the medical centers of major universities. Turning boys into “girls” and girls into “boys” is a huge money making machine, and the whole twisted gender movement pretends to be offended by anyone who doesn’t believe in gender mutilation, but really they’re just protecting the cash cow money machine.

In fact, Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) just deleted their entire website advertising their transgender surgery clinic because a doctor’s promotion of the surgery revealed just how much money they really make off each operation, including lots of “follow up” appointments and procedures.

Tranny surgery cash machine: anyone who objects gets fired

Do you consciously object to mutilating children’s private parts in the name of gender fluidity? Just say the words and you will no longer be employed at VUMC Medical, where any criticism is grounds for termination. Do you believe in chemical castration of minors using dangerous hormones that can cause cancer? No? The you must be a bigoted, racist, sexist, fascist pig, according to the people running the transgender surgery hospitals.

Are you one of those religious people who doesn’t appreciate the insane Leftists turning kids into sex-freak-dolls with broken reproductive organs and deformed sex drives? There are “consequences” you must face for those beliefs, according to the transgender-surgery tyranny.

Administrators and doctors at Vanderbilt in Nashville were caught on video admitting they bankroll tens of thousands of dollars for every child and teen they get on the chopping block, cutting off penises, breasts and clitorises. They want your kids to establish “Trans Buddies” at UVMC who can talk your kids into this kind of surgery, so the surgeons and university can pocket some cold hard cash money.

Sex-change operations are like a pandemic in this country, ruining lives while the hospitals rake in the dough

Permanent, life-altering decisions that suppress religious and moral liberties are now exploited for financial gain. Transgender clinics are at the heart of the matter, and the Biden Regime is “all in” for wrecking lives by turning all our kids into sex-minded maniacs who’s lives and libidos will be permanently damaged through surgery and drugs.

It all starts with the Drag Queen Story Time at daycare centers. Then it’s splattered all over social media, that kids should all consider switching genders by taking drugs and getting surgery. Then the perverted President and his minions push for political bias against anyone who objects, and the mass media toes the line.

You’re either 100 percent supportive of kids and teens getting gender-mutilation surgery, or you’re labeled a bigot who hates gays. That’s the narrative. It’s sick and twisted. It’s part of the communist agenda to distract the whole nation from everything that matters in life, including family, health and the pursuit of happiness.

When it comes to perverts trying to ruin children’s lives, remember that money is at the center of it also. Transgender clinics are making a fortune off mutilating kids in the name of trans-everything, and it should be illegal. Tune your internet dial to for updates on how “gender-affirming care” is really just medical quackery for big bucks made from child mutilation surgery.

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