Women Call for Primark Boycott Following Latest Gender Neutral Changing Room Violation

A young woman is going viral for her TikTok in which she details having been violated in a Primark gender neutral changing room, renewing discussions about the dangers that come with a lack of single-sex spaces.

On September 24, a TikTok began to circulate across social media of a young woman tearfully recounting a distressing experience in a Primark mixed-sex changing room.

Primark, a popular fast fashion retailer, introduced their first “gender neutral” changing rooms at two UK branches in 2019, and slowly expanded their availability to all stores over the years. But even prior to the introduction of the official policy, staff had reportedly been encouraged to let customers choose whatever changing room they wanted to use.

In the video, TikToker Charlotte M. Kirby explains that she had been in a Primark in Cambridge, UK using the fitting rooms when she was deliberately intruded upon by two men.