Depleted military facing ‘applicant crisis’ under Trudeau’s WOKE agenda

Canada’s military is so short-staffed under Trudeau’s leadership that 10,000 positions are currently unfilled, and recruitment admits there’s an “applicant crisis.”

“We are without a doubt in an applicant crisis right now,” says Brig.-Gen.Brigadier-General Krista Brodie, who oversees the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) recruitment and training.

Of the 100,000 positions required to protect and serve Canada domestically and abroad, about 10,000 are currently unfilled.

“I don’t think we’ve got a good answer anywhere. I think there are so many factors and components and dimensions of the why,” Brodie said.

In 2020-2021, the CAF reached less than 50% of its intake goal.

“The reality is that the Canadian workforce has changed but we, the CAF, have not. Seventy-one percent of the CAF workforce are still white males, although they only represent 39 per cent of the Canadian civilian workforce,” Major General Lise Bourgon said in March.

“So as an organization, we must attract, recruit, retain and develop talent that is representative of our Canadian society.”

Brodie is pushing for a “cultural reckoning” in the military.

One strategy employed earlier this year loosened uniform and hair codes. There are also quotas for a minimum number of women and non-white members and a maximum number of white men.

The far-left agenda of equity, diversity, and inclusion is sprawled across the CAF’s website. The website boasts of removing sex designation from military members’ driver’s licences.

Additionally, the website promotes a staff selection process that requires a Gender Based Analysis Plus, including bias awareness training and mandating that one voting member is from a so-called “equity seeking group.”

Brodie says she’s unsure if the focus on woke ideology and policies is hurting or helping.

“We can’t measure the impact of that right now. It’s too early. But to be very, very clear — we want suitable candidates, and suitable candidates are those that first and foremost reflect the values of the Canadian Armed Forces.”

CAF is so desperate that $25,000 signing bonuses are on the table for some positions.

Tucker Carlson suspects Biden regime sabotaged Russian Nordstream pipelines: ‘We’ve entered a new phase’ of the war

Top-rated Fox News host Tucker Carlson, during his Tuesday monologue, made no bones about his suspicions that the Biden regime’s deep state was behind the move to sabotage a pair of Russian pipelines that pump natural gas to the European continent.

Carlson opened his program by mentioning that a major new environmental “catastrophe” was unfolding after the Nordstream pipelines began leaking huge amounts of natural gas into the air from an undersea break that officials said was caused by explosions. Carlson said that such an act of sabotage if in fact, that’s what happened, would almost certainly have to have been sanctioned by the U.S. government.