Protesters call for an end to Trudeau’s reign outside of fancy Liberal Fundraiser in Surrey, B.C.

Those in attendance at the recent event titled “An Evening with Justin Trudeau” seemed to have inflation-proof pocketbooks, as the non-transferable tickers for the Liberal fundraiser cost $1,000 per seat. In contrast, citizens across the street, including some who have suffered financial hardships from coercive COVID-19 mandates that the Trudeau government passionately supported, angrily called for an end to the prime minister’s reign.

Canadian school board member confirms students are ‘identifying’ as animals

PEMBROKE, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — The vice chair of the Renfrew County District School Board in Ontario has told LifeSiteNews that the rumor of children “identifying” as animals in some of the district’s schools are true. 

“I have firsthand knowledge that we do have students identifying as animals, and one in particular that I can confirm 100 percent,” RCDSB vice chair David Kaiser confirmed in a phone call interview with LifeSiteNews on Thursday.

While saying that Kaiser fully supports freedom of expression, he believes that a child choosing to identify as an animal far exceeds this freedom, and it is his opinion that the school board should ensure that there are support systems in place to help these confused children.  

“I don’t think it’s normal,” Kaiser told LifeSiteNews. “I don’t think that a child is thinking normally or naturally if they are standing up in front of their students in the class and identifying as an animal. I feel that that is something that needs support.”  

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The issue of animal identification at RCDSB schools first came into prominence several weeks ago, after the local Eganville Leader published a letter written by concerned citizen Rae Stanley, a resident of Barry’s Bay.

In her letter, Stanely wrote: “Details are hard to find, but it has been confirmed that one student identifies as a frog in one public school and another public school has a litter box in the washroom for a student who identifies as a cat.”

According to an article published by the Leader on October 18which covers both Stanley’s letter and Kaiser’s response, while Kaiser insisted that no “litter boxes” were actually placed in any of the district’s schools, he confirmed that one school did indeed request one.

However, in speaking to LifeSiteNews, Kaiser said that for privacy reasons and at the advice of the board’s chair, he could not confirm whether any of the district’s schools requested a litterbox but did once again deny the claim that any litterboxes had actually been placed in the schools. 

“I have been assured by the board, as well as the Catholic board, that there are no litterboxes in any of our schools,” the board member told LifeSiteNews. “There are no litterboxes placed in any of our boards schools, nor would a request like that be supported, if there was [such a request].”

Kaiser said that while a few members of the community have reached out to him to express their concern about the reports of children identifying as animals, so far, the issue is not widely known.