Russia invokes Biological Weapons Convention treaty, calls on UN Security Council to investigate US biolabs in Ukraine

(Natural News) Russia is asking the United Nations (UN) to open a probe into United States-backed biological weapons research activities in Ukraine.

Since the beginning of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine in late February, Moscow has asserted that the American-run biological research laboratories in Ukraine were engaged in biological warfare. Both the U.S. and Ukraine have denied these claims. (Related: Russian senator says state has proof Pentagon-run biolabs in Ukraine are military in nature.)

According to a draft resolution circulated to UN Security Council members on Tuesday, Oct. 25, Russia is invoking Article VI of the Biological Weapons Convention, alleging that banned biological activities are taking place in Ukraine.

Russia is asking the Security Council to establish a commission to investigate its claims, which include concerns that Ukraine is working with the United States in biolabs to develop biological weapons.

The draft resolution authorizes the Security Council to set up a commission consisting of its 15 members – the 10 non-permanent members and the five permanent ones, which include both Russia and the United States.

Once the commission is established, it would investigate all of Russia’s claims thoroughly and report to the council its findings on Nov. 30. This report would then be publicized to members of the Biological Weapons Convention at a review conference scheduled to be held from Nov. 28 to Dec. 16 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya, who presented Moscow’s demand for the creation of an investigative committee to the Security Council, provided some 300 pages of data proving the existence of biological weapons research laboratories in Ukraine and Kyiv’s collaboration with Washington in these labs.

Nebenzya claimed that they have obtained more evidence shedding light on “the true nature of military biological activities of the U.S. and Ukraine on the Ukrainian territory,” and all of this evidence has been presented to the Security Council.

“The data analysis gives evidence of non-compliance by the American and Ukrainian sides with the [Biological Weapons Convention] provisions,” said Nebenzya.

Washington, Kyiv deny bioweapons and biolabs claims

Both Washington and Kyiv have repeatedly ignored or otherwise resisted Russia’s attempts to investigate the existence and nature of the biological research laboratories in Ukraine. Nebenzya explained that neither nation has provided any necessary explanation for their refusal to answer Russian questions, “nor have they taken immediate measures to remedy the situation.”

Both Ukraine and the U.S. have dismissed all of Russia’s bioweapons and biolabs claims as disinformation and conspiracy. Washington claimed that, since the collapse of the Soviet Union, it has “worked collaboratively to improve Ukraine’s biological safety, security and disease surveillance for both human and animal health” by providing support to nearly 50 Ukrainian laboratories and other facilities.

Washington’s support for Ukrainian biological facilities allegedly focused on “improving public health and agricultural safety measures at the nexus of nonproliferation.”

Russia noted that in late August and early September, it called a formal meeting of all 197 state parties to the Biological Weapons Convention to discuss the activities at the biological laboratories in Ukraine.

Only 89 state parties to the convention sent representatives. Thirty-five of these states either outright dismissed Russian claims or expressed support for the kind of work the U.S. and Ukraine were conducting on Ukrainian soil.

Russia’s final report of that meeting noted that “it was not possible to reach consensus on the questions we raised.” Only seven nations – Belarus, China, Cuba, Iran, Nicaragua, Syria and Venezuela – expressed support for Russia.

The questions raised in the meeting, according to Nebenzya, “remain open and require resolution.” This is why Russia is invoking Article VI of the convention. It gives state parties the right to request that the Security Council investigate these alleged violations of the international treaty.

Nebenzya’s resolution noted that Article VI of the convention requires all involved state parties “to cooperate in carrying out any investigation which the Security Council may initiate.”

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Canadian media targets church in Saskatchewan for taking stand against LGBT agenda

REGINA, Saskatchewan (LifeSiteNews) — The mainstream media is targeting a church in Saskatchewan for maintaining its biblical stance on sexuality after its leadership told a teenage girl who had plastered LGBT stickers on her belongings that she cannot be a leader in the church’s children’s group. 

After a September 1 meeting in which a group leader for the Evangelical Free Church in Regina told a 15-year-old girl who identifies as “queer” – and came to the church with LGBT symbols adhered on her water bottle  – that she could no longer be the volunteer leader of the church’s youth group, the state-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) ran an article seemingly criticizing the church for taking a stand against the secular agenda. 

In an interview with the CBC, the girl said she was confronted by a leader of the church after she arrived for a meeting with the pro-LGBT stickers in display, saying the looks she received made her immediately regret the decision. 

“She didn’t outright call me demonic, but she sort of implied it because she thinks she can pray the gay out of me,” the teenager told the CBC. “So, of course I can’t be demonic. But when you ask to meet with me specifically and ask me if I’m part of the LGBTQ+ community and say that community is demonic, it is 100 percent at me.” 

The church sent a letter in reply to a complaint made by the girl’s grandfather, explaining that the church was accepting of those who identity as “LGBT,” but does not allow the promotion of an agenda contrary to the Gospel.

“We want you to know that the church board is in complete agreement that LGBT persons are certainly welcome to come into this church,” read the letter. “Actually, welcoming LGBT persons is nothing new for us. However, the organization of the church does require that a person in a position of leadership be a servant of Jesus Christ and of nothing else.”

Woman Rushed to Hospital After Abortion Biz Botches “Very Late-Term” Abortion

Two emergency vehicles, with sirens blaring and lights activated, arrived on the scene of an emergency at Hope Clinic for Women (HCW) in Granite City, Illinois, on Wednesday, October 12, shortly before 6 p.m.

The 911 dispatcher’s questions concerning the condition of the patient were unusually curtailed, and the caller’s language and tone seemed to be an attempt to minimize the seriousness of the situation.

The 911 recording, however, does confirm that a woman was experiencing post-procedure complications that required a “higher level of care.”  The caller requested transport to Barnes-Jewish Hospital, a Level 1 Trauma Center in St. Louis, Missouri. The Call for Service Detail Report noted the emergency was coded “high” priority.

This deceitfully named, high-volume, late-term abortion clinic has a growing number of botched abortions. Since the spring of 2020, Operation Rescue has reported 13 emergencies requiring transport of women to nearby hospitals for urgent follow-up care. The actual number of women critically injured is unknown, as Operation Rescue is dependent on observations from active pro-lifers in the vicinity. Once information is received, we are able to initiate our investigative efforts.

When these compassionate, courageous life-affirming individuals are not present, disturbing medical emergencies like this one go without being noticed or reported.

On this particular day, volunteers of 40 Days for Life were praying on the sidewalk and observed a woman appearing to be “very late-term” enter the building. About eight hours later the same woman was wheeled out on a gurney and loaded into an emergency vehicle.

Volunteers observed abortionist Erin King arriving on the property early that morning and another abortionist arriving shortly after the patient in question went inside.

This clinic claims to perform abortions up to 24 weeks gestation. Babies born at that stage of development have nearly a 70% survival rate according to a 2016 analysis. But when a pregnant woman enters HCW for an abortion, there is literally no hope of survival for the baby growing in her womb.

HCW changed ownership in March. The highly suspicious nature of details surrounding the transfer of majority ownership to Julie Burkhart, a woman with a sordid history, was published by Operation Rescue in July. Operation Rescue has since obtained the transfer of ownership documents (facility licensure and real estate), courtesy of Pro-life Action League. Although the fair market value of the real estate and land was $1.7 million, the total purchase price was $2.2 million.

Burkhart was heavily involved with the late, late-term abortionist George Tiller. And according to her bio, co-owner, Kathy Dean, appears to have worked for another notorious, late-term abortionist, LeRoy Carhart, who is currently under investigation by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services for extensive abortion-related injuries.

Pro-lifers reported unusual sightings of two of HCW’s three owners in the days following this emergency.

“This clinic has been on our radar for a long time as an extremely dangerous, late-term abortion business,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “With Julie Burkhart at the helm, we expect to see an increase in killing. And, as unsuspecting women travel from neighboring states like Arkansas and Louisiana, we also expect to see a disturbing increase in women being maimed. We grieve for these babies and their mothers and continue to fight and pray for an end to this evil.”

LifeNews Note: Anne Reed writes for Operation Rescue