Spanish Psychologists Targeted by Death, Bomb Threats Over Critique of Gender Ideology

Two Spanish psychologists are under siege by violent trans activists at one of Spain’s top universities following the release of their book critiquing gender ideology.

In February of this year, Drs. José Errasti and Marino Pérez Álvarez published a book titled Nobody is Born in the Wrong Body: The Success and Misery of Gender Identity. The book was intended to provide an academic critique of queer theory, and refutes current transgender trends in medicine and psychology as a byproduct of postmodernism.

Immediately after the release of the book, Errasti and Álvarez began receive disturbing threats from trans activists across Spain.

At a conference for the book held at the University of Palma in April, a photo of Errasti and Álvarez with death-like crosses over their eyes was circulated by activists looking to brigade the event. The conference was ultimately cancelled due to the overwhelming threat of violence.

Later that same evening, multiple police vans had to protect the entrance of a book launch at the Casa del Libro in Palma de Mallorca, but that event was similarly cancelled due to the risk.