The Ex-Nazi Corp Behind Anti-Racism is Buying Up Book Publishing

November 4, 2022 by Daniel Greenfield

The German publisher behind Kendi, DiAngelo and Coates will control half the hardcover market

bram X. Kendi’s “How to Be an Antiracist”, Robin DiAngelo’s “White Fragility”, and Ta-Nehisi Coates’s “Between the World and Me” all have one publisher in common.

Bertelsmann, the German giant, which formerly used to put out “The Christmas Book of the Hitler Youth”, has become the leading publisher and distributor of some of the most famous and influential racist woke books.

Americans are unaware of the role that the Ex-Nazi company plays in poisoning our discourse with racism and wokeness because it operates under the cover of the names of the American and English book publishers that it gobbled up.

Americans don’t see the Bertelsmann brand, instead they see Random House, whose current state would make Bennett Cerf turn in his grave, and Penguin Books, along with other familiar names like Doubleday, Ballantine, Knopf, Schocken, now tragically owned by an ex-Nazi company, Crown, Viking, Putnam, Bantam, Del Rey, Golden Books and so many others.

Bertelsmann has conquered and gutted American publishing’s crown jewels. The  book spines beloved to generations of readers are now just assets to a corporate office in Westphalia which uses them to distribute racist hate across America.

That includes promoting Ta-Nehisi Coates’s claim in “Between the World and Me” that the 9/11 firefighters and police officers were “menaces of nature” and “not human to me” to 9th graders and Robin DiAngelo’s racist “White Fragility” whose message, as CNN summed up, is that “if you’re a white person… you’re a racist.”

Not satisfied with pushing racism, Bertelsmann has also been involved in the  controversy over sexualizing children.

“Beyond Magenta”, which describes 8-year-olds having sex and contains the sentence, “from six and up, I used to kiss other guys in my neighborhood, make out with them, and perform oral sex on them”, has been protested by parents.

And it’s being promoted by Penguin Random House to teens and young adults.

Earlier this year, Markus Dohle, the German CEO appointed by Bertelsmann to head up Penguin Random House, declared war on parental rights advocates by setting up a $500,000 Dohle Book Defense Fund to “advocate against censorship, track and expose the egregious assaults on books and ideas playing out in classrooms, state legislatures and other arenas.”

But Bertelsmann isn’t done consuming and destroying American publishing and culture. It’s determined to take over Simon & Schuster. That would add notable names such as Scribner, Pocket Books, Baen, the Folger Shakespeare Library and Washington Square Press to its hoard.

Penguin Random House, (no. 1), and Simon & Schuster (no. 3), are two of the big five publishers who control 80% of the trade book market. Penguin Random House, under Bertelsmann, accounts for around 40% of hardcover sales and between a fifth to a quarter of paperback book sales.

No single book publisher comes close to that level of dominance.

With the addition of Simon & Schuster, the new Bertelsmann monster could command half of the hardcover book market making it bigger than all the other publishers combined.

What’s even worse is that of the ‘Big 5’ book publishers in the United States, Macmillan is already owned by Germany’s Holtzbrinck, and Hachette, which ate Time Warner’s book publishing arm including Little, Brown, is a French company.

That would, at best, leave HarperCollins, owned by News Corp, as the closest thing to an American publisher among the country’s dominant publishers.

Foreign companies would control 77% of the American hardcover book market and between 50% to 73% of our paperback market. In an environment where the big publishers only keep getting bigger, those numbers will get worse, not better.

And as we have already seen with Bertelsmann and Hachette, which shamefully published “In Defense of Looting”, foreign publishers have no problem exploiting and monetizing our social problems while tearing apart our country.

The damage that Bertelsmann and Hachette have already done to our society and our children is a warning against allowing foreign companies to control the lifeblood of our culture. Aside from being a blatant antitrust violation, the Bertelsmann seizure of Simon & Schuster is a national security threat.

In an initial first step, the takeover was blocked by a federal judge.

The ruling came after an extended trial whose evidence included an “internal company document” proposing the purchase of Simon & Schuster which described the big five as an “oligopoly”. That was quite an admission.

While the ruling is a rare victory for antitrust, Bertelsmann is moving to appeal.

Even if the ex-Nazi publisher fails in its bid to totally dominate publishing, it’s still causing immeasurable damage due to its current dominance. And it may be time for a future White House and Congress to revisit the question of whether foreign companies dominating our cultural industries is good or bad for America.

As a sample, consider some of the books that Penguin Random House is currently promoting, including “Democracy in Black”, which claims that America’s “democratic principles do not exist in a space apart from [its] national commitment to white supremacy.”  Alongside it are “Forty Million Dollar Slaves” about black atheletes, and Ibram X. Kendi’s “How to Be an Antiracist”.

Getting Bertelsmann’s claws out of our culture won’t immediately fix wokeness, but it will create more actual diversity in the publishing market and scale back some of the poison that is being poured into our veins by its million dollar racists.

Bertelsmann claims that it wants to help Americans. That’s as trustworthy as the lies that it used to spread falsely claiming that it resisted the Nazis and that the regime had shut it down when in actuality it was in bed with the Nazis.

Under Hitler, Heinrich Mohn, the head of the family business, was a member of the SS Sponsors Circle, and Bertelsmann became the largest supplier of books to the German Army. (The company is now headed by his grandson, Christoph Mohn.) Printers churning out its books used Jewish slave labor from the ghetto.

After the war, the Mohns lied and claimed that the company had been persecuted by the Nazis to convince the Allies to allow them to stay in business.

Even in 1998, one of its executives claimed that “the Carl Bertelsmann publishing house, was one of the few non-Jewish media companies closed down by the Nazi regime” because they “had been publishing books that were banned by the Third Reich as subversive. Bertelsmann’s continuing existence was a threat to the Nazi attempt to control freedom of expression.”

What they were actually publishing was “The Christmas Book of the Hitler Youth”.

In 1984, Bertelsmann brought in a former Nazi propgandist who had been churning out Hitler poems during the war and published a book which claimed that WWII had been caused by America, not Germany, and that Jews “controlled most of the media”, to write its official fake history of resistance to the Nazis.

It was a son of Holocaust survivors who exposed the lie and showed that the Nazi publisher was actually churning out horrors like “Sterilization and Euthanasia — a Contribution to Applied Christian Ethics” and “With Bombs and Machine Guns Over Poland”. Bertelsmann reacted by warning a public broadcaster to stop the “sinister and dangerous” reporting on the story.

The expose came as the ADL was about to honor the Bertelsmann Foundation.

It included the revelation that Nazi propogandist Joseph Goebbels had intervened to aid Bertelsmann employees.

But Bertelsmann needn’t have bothered lying and covering up its past. As Goebbels might have predicted, no one cared.

And now, as Bertelsmann is on the verge of dominating American book publishing even while pumping out more racist books, no one still cares.

Having failed to learn from history, we are repeating it.

The Covid-19 Snake Venom Connection

Emergency Alert on this one.

This one is filed under Covid-19 Legal Cases because it will be one of the biggest lawsuits in world history. It will rival Nuremberg.

The Snake People are here and they have injected us with Snake Venom and what is causing Covid-19 deaths are actually people dying from Snake Venom poisoning using Drugs such as Remdesivir where a synthesized version of the venom was used.

That was a rough summary of the allegations that Dr. Ardis is making and he is not making it with just a hunch. No he is presenting hard facts and published studies and articles to prove his case. A masterful presentation in these two parts to completely change the Covid-19 Bat Soup accidentally Wuhan Market release narrative.

When these allegations are researched by other researchers these videos will serve as historical documents and a decisive turning point in the Covid-19 Plandemic saga.

Here is the podcast Mike Adams with who Dr. Ardis was talking gives a summary of his own on the interviews and explains the implications of Covid-19 being Snake Pneumonia which is being treated with a Snake Venom masquerading as a Vaccine.

The Snake Bite was the Vaccine Injection. Yes as a Metaphor and quite Literally.

So far Part 1 and 2 have been released. And Part 3 of 3 was added as of 4/13/22.

Links to Files and further research;

And who was the person that got us into this mess at Operation Warpspeed with its hidden in plain sight Satanic Logo?

Coronavirus: Operation Warp Speed

It was none other than President Trump and his little Snake Speech when he clearly told what he was and what he was doing. It has taken more than 2 years to finally put the pieces together. President Trump was and is one of them.

The Snake People of Jonathan Kleck decodes in the Vatican are real and that is what make this entire connect the dots exercise so synchronous.

Everything now lines up it the Snake People, who allied with the Vatican, displayed in their architecture and art, decode by reversing images, and it was the same they who engineered the Covid-19 Plandemic in order to hybridize the world population into joining them as Snakes in body and spirit.

As in Lucifer the Snake is taking us down with him.

This story was an End Times story.

Is a large part of the human population are now longer technically still human, why? Because their RNA and DNA writing and rewriting and instructing on and off has made them part of a hybrid Serpent Human Species – TransHumanism is now here.

We are witnessing the Snake eating its its own Tail ritual, the Oubourros in plain sight. This ritual is performed in the end as the last and ritualistic act. Therefore we are also at the end of time if the Snake is consuming its own because we are now a merged part of it, our greatest enemy. What an ending, if things are not reversed.

The Ouroboros is a Greek word meaning "tail devourer," and ...
Ouroboros, the Infinity Symbol - Mythologian.Net

For our Subscribers a Full Transcript is provided below behind the paywall. More to come on this story.

Here a some quotes;

The word Corona means a crown for the king. And virus in Latin actually means venom. So Corona virus actually means king venom. And as Dr. Ardis explains its venom from the king cobra and if you watch that interview with all the documentation, it turns out that according to Dr. Ardis remdesivir is primarily freeze dried king cobra snake venom.

And as he says that’s the reason why people who are being injected with this as the only FDA approved and Fauci approved, quote antiviral treatment for COVID which is, by the way a Plandemic you know, an engineered pandemic.

You understand your part snake that the pharmaceutical industry working directly with Satan has actually managed to turn people into partial snakes partial serpents, taking them away from God away from their human origins. And literally turning the the DNA, the protein synthesis mechanisms of their cells into reptilian producers of a neurotoxic venom that destroys brains and lungs and kidneys and the pancreas and heart and vascular system ovaries.

It destroys the fertility of both men and women. I mean, can you think of a more potent and dark symbolic infestation of humanity than this? In fact, who was it that spoke about this? Dr. Ardis mentioned this in his presentation, this is going to be in part three. But he talked about the seed of Satan.

Toxin-like peptides in plasma, urine and faecal samples from COVID-19 patients

Carlo Brogna # 1Simone Cristoni # 2Mauro Petrillo # 3Maddalena Querci 3Ornella Piazza 4Guy Van den Eede 5

Affiliations expand

Free PMC article


Background: SARS-CoV-2 that causes COVID-19 disease and led to the pandemic currently affecting the world has been broadly investigated. Different studies have been performed to understand the infection mechanism, and the involved human genes, transcripts and proteins. In parallel, numerous clinical extra-pulmonary manifestations co-occurring with COVID-19 disease have been reported and evidence of their severity and persistence is increasing. Whether these manifestations are linked to other disorders co-occurring with SARS-CoV-2 infection, is under discussion. In this work, we report the identification of toxin-like peptides in COVID-19 patients by application of the Liquid Chromatography Surface-Activated Chemical Ionization – Cloud Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry. Methods: Plasma, urine and faecal samples from COVID-19 patients and control individuals were analysed to study peptidomic toxins’ profiles. Protein precipitation preparation procedure was used for plasma, to remove high molecular weight proteins and efficiently solubilize the peptide fraction; in the case of faeces and urine, direct peptide solubilization was employed. Results: Toxin-like peptides, almost identical to toxic components of venoms from animals, like conotoxins, phospholipases, phosphodiesterases, zinc metal proteinases, and bradykinins, were identified in samples from COVID-19 patients, but not in control samples. Conclusions: The presence of toxin-like peptides could potentially be connected to SARS-CoV-2 infection. Their presence suggests a possible association between COVID-19 disease and the release in the body of (oligo-)peptides almost identical to toxic components of venoms from animals. Their involvement in a large set of heterogeneous extra-pulmonary COVID-19 clinical manifestations, like neurological ones, cannot be excluded. Although the presence of each individual symptom is not selective of the disease, their combination might be related to COVID-19 by the coexistence of the panel of the here detected toxin-like peptides. The presence of these peptides opens new scenarios on the aetiology of the COVID-19 clinical symptoms observed up to now, including neurological manifestations.

Keywords: COVID-19; SARS-CoV-2; toxin-like peptides.

Biological war imminent? Russia identifies unmanned aerial vehicles over Ukrainian port city of Kherson equipped with containers capable of spraying BIOAGENTS

Evidence has emerged to suggest that U.S.-NATO-led bioweapons operations are, in fact, taking place in and around Ukraine, and that Russia’s efforts there aim to dismantle this biological threat to the world.

Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vassily Nebenzia revealed disturbing information in a recent speech about what he described as “unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with 30-liter containers and equipment which can be used to spray bioagents.”

Three such vehicles were identified back on March 9 in the Kherson port region of Ukraine. About a month later, 10 more of those very same unmanned aerial drones were spotted in the area of Kakhovka.

“These facts are of particular importance considering a confirmed request from the Ukrainian side to the Bayraktar UAV manufacturer about the maximum payload of Bayraktar Akinci UAVs (flight range up to 300 km) and the ability to equip it with an aerosol generating system with a 20+ liters capacity,” Nebenzia explained.

It turns out that as of March 3, 2015, there is a United States patent, No. 8,967,029 B1, linked to these strange weapons that could potentially be hauling biological weapons into Ukraine.

The patent in question talks about the “aerial release of the infected mosquitoes, i.e., for a device (unit) designed to be applied as a technical means of delivery and use of a biological weapon.”

Such biological weapons include “immunobiological agents, bacteria, and viruses,” including “highly contagious” varieties of each of these “that could wipe out 100 per cent of the enemy troops.”


In other words, it appears as though the United States may be trying to release airborne biological weapons over Russian troops to kill them and prevent Vladimir Putin’s “special operation” in Ukraine from reaching victory. (Related: Will the Russian war in Ukraine lead to the end of Western civilization as we currently know it?)

“According to the description, such a UAV transports a container housing a huge number of infections-transmitting mosquitoes to release them at a designated area,” Nebenzia further explained. “The attacked people get infected with highly contagious diseases via mosquito bites.”

“The description clearly states that an infected military will not be able to fulfill the assigned mission, therefore ‘sickness can be a more valuable military tool, than the most up-to-date military guns and equipment.’ It is indicated that ‘infecting enemy’s manpower in such a way would be of a significant military effect.”

Ukraine has kept these biological weapons systems hidden from public view

U.S. legislation requires that any patent issued come with a complete description of the actual machine assembly as used. This would suggest that the U.S. has, in fact, created and now potentially unleashed a bioagent-delivering aerial vehicle system to use as a weapon against Russia.

Ukraine has conveniently failed to mention any of this activity or the research covering such programs and projects, which date back to 2016. This also includes the use of UP-4, Flu-Flyway, and P-781 technologies.

Ukraine has also failed to report the funding it has received from foreign state military departments, which are required “in order to prevent or reduce the occurrence of ambiguities, doubts and suspicions.”

“This raises the question of a violation of political obligations regarding the submission of data on confidence-building measures adopted by the stated-parties to the BTWC,” Nebenzia said.

“The U.S. reports also miss the data on the programs and projects implemented outside the U.S. national territory, or on the financing thereof. Our repeated appeals to the American side to provide exhaustive explanations with respect to such activities remain without due feedback in essence. Such secrecy and neglect of Russian claims by the United States but confirm their validity.”

The specific section of BTWC that Ukraine and the U.S. appear to be in violation of include Articles 1 and 4.

Analytical reports of the Kherson Department of the Security Service of Ukraine dated June 30, 2016, and Feb. 28, 2017, further confirm these violations, also linking Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp. to the procuring of microbiological laboratories across the deep state-occupied territory of Ukraine.

Russia continues to maintain that these U.S.-funded labs in Ukraine are being used to conduct research on pathogens of infectious diseases “that can be used to create or modernize biological weapons.”

“It is indicated that the fact that projects were subordinate to the military department of a foreign state created prerequisites for the foreign specialists to penetrate into the regional biolaboratories and familiarize themselves with strategic developments,” Nebenzia further explained in his speech.

Because of all this, Russia has put forward a draft resolution to the Security Council calling for a commission to investigate its claims against the U.S. and Ukraine concerning these matters.

“At the moment, the draft is under discussion at the expert level, and we count on its prompt endorsement and adoption,” Nebenzia added.

The latest news about the war in Ukraine can be found at

Sources for this article include:

BOMBSHELLS: Bioweaponized aerial drone patent uncovered; toxic venom peptides scientifically CONFIRMED in the blood and feces of covid victims

(Natural News) Story summary:

– Dozens of venom peptides have been identified and confirmed in the bodies of covid victims. Analysis was conducted via HPLC with mass spec molecular mass and ion fragmentation confirmation, published in a science journal and indexed by PubMed.

– A patent has been identified that describes a bioweapons aerial drone delivery system designed to kill “100% of enemy troops.”

– This drone bioweapons delivery system can be outfitted with aerosolized venom peptides to air drop toxins onto any population, in any city, at any time, faking a pandemic outbreak (no virus necessary).

– The system also houses mosquitos which can be fed “a toxin suitable to be transmitted by mosquito bite” to achieve mass kills of civilians or troops.

– Russia has identified precisely these sort of drones (with 20L liquid carrying capacity plus aerosolized dispersal capabilities) being used by the Ukrainian government, fully capable of spraying biological weapons onto Russian troops or civilians. See this story on

Toxic mosquito aerial release system – US patent #US8967029B1

Hat tip to Dr. Tau Braun for alerting us to this patent after he viewed my recent interview with Dr. Jane Ruby and Dr. Bryan Ardis

This patent, easily viewed via Google Patents at this link, was filed by, “TMARS Associates Trustee for Toxic mosquito aerial release system CRT Trust.”

The patent describes a bioweaponized mosquito release system using aerial drone release, designed to achieve a “100% kill rate” of enemy troops. The patent, in ruthlessly blunt language, also describes “small robotic devices” that deliver sickness agents to kill troops.

In the patent image above, notice the skull and crossbones in the lower right corner of the bioweapons container, which is feeding the mosquitos toxic molecules (could be chemicals, pathogens or venom peptides) with the purpose of having these injected into the intended targeted via mosquito bites.

“Sickness can be a very valuable military tool”

From the patent itself (emphasis added):

Throughout military history, the health of one’s troops has always been an important determining factor. Soldiers on the ground can only properly function if they are not ill, sick, or dying from a deadly virus or pathogen. A soldier, whose immune system is trying to fight a bug or pathogen, will have no energy or ability to fight other soldiers. Sickness can be a very valuable military tool that can be more devastating than the most up-to-date military guns and equipment.

Since making the enemy troops sick is an important military objective, one must then look at what means are available to get the pathogens, germs, and viruses to the enemy.

In today’s highly-advanced military technology, there are various types of small robotic devices that can try to get sickness agents close to enemy troops…

This miracle of technology can carry a sickness agent, covertly go to the enemy area, specifically find the individual enemy, and can contaminate the enemy with absolutely no warning. This ultra high-tech device of nature is called a mosquito. If only there was a way for military planners to harvest and use the power of the mosquito, they could easily sicken and kill large masses of enemy troops without even a single shot being fired.

With the toxic mosquito aerial release system, large masses of people can be immunized or enemy troops can now be wiped out or rendered useless without having to risk or endanger our own troops.

The mosquitoes in the toxic mosquito aerial release system can be contaminated with various types of genetically altered bacteria to activate the immune system, or contaminated with toxic sickness agents depending on the objectives. For military purposes, the mosquitoes may be used to deliver an agent such as malaria to create sickness, or they could use much more toxic or highly contagious agents and viruses. A highly contagious virus could wipe out 100% of the enemy troops because the ones that did not get bitten will be contaminated by their fellow soldiers.

Does any of this sound familiar? Why did NYC have a sudden “covid outbreak” in Feb / Mar of 2020 that did not spread to other U.S. cities along a predicted viral pandemic projection?

What’s fascinating here is that this aerial drone bioweapons release system means it is possible to fake a pandemic by air dropping chemical toxins onto a population, without any virus existing at all. Once the population uptakes the toxins, they are driven by media fear to beg for vaccines. These “vaccines” then inject them with mRNA instructions that can program their cells to synthesize venom peptide proteins in their own bodies, creating even more symptoms and causing “shedding” / spreading of the venom peptides to others around them. This is then called an “epidemic” of viral spread, when there’s no virus even necessary for this process to be created.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a SARS-CoV-2 bioweaponized viral strain in existence, it just means that no virus is required to stage an apparent “outbreak” and cause public panic about the latest pathogen. Everything we’ve seen with the so-called covid-19 pandemic could have been achieved without any virus at all.

“Venom theory” proven correct as scientists confirm presence of dozens of venom peptides in covid-19 victims

A study published in the F1000 Research journal, indexed by PubMed Central and available on the National Library of Medicine website ( is titled, “Toxin-like peptides in plasma, urine and faecal samples from COVID-19 patients.”

This study used HPLC (liquid chromatography) combined with mass spec instruments to identify the presence of dozens of venom peptide components in the feces and blood plasma of covid-19 victims. Authored by Carlo Brogna and other Italian researchers, the study, “reports the identification of toxin-like peptides in COVID-19 patients by application of the Liquid Chromatography Surface-Activated Chemical Ionization – Cloud Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry.”

The full list of toxic peptides and venom peptide components identified in the bodies of covid-19 victims include:

Conotoxin Pu6.1
Conotoxin Vi15a
Putative alpha-conotoxin Qc alphaL-1
Conotoxin 10
Rho-conotoxin TIA
Kunitz-type serine protease inhibitor conotoxin Cal9.1a
Alpha-conotoxin Pu1.5
Conotoxin Fla16d
Phospholipase A2 MALT0035C
Phospholipase A2 AP-PLA2-I
Acidic phospholipase A2 PePLA2
Basic phospholipase A2 BFPA
Basic phospholipase A2 PL-X
Complement factor B Ba fragment
Acidic phospholipase A2 homolog textilotoxin D chain
Acidic phospholipase A2 homolog textilotoxin D chain
Venom prothrombin activator pseutarin-C non-catalytic subunit
Coagulation factor V
Venom prothrombin activator oscutarin-C non-catalytic subunit
Short neurotoxin 4
Conotoxin Cl9.6
Zinc metalloproteinase-disintegrin-like halysase
Sigma-conotoxin GVIIIA
Conotoxin Mr15.2
Conotoxin mr3g
Snake venom metalloprotease inhibitor 02D01
Bradykinin-potentiating and C-type natriuretic peptides
Bradykinin-potentiating and C-type natriuretic peptides
Zinc metalloproteinase/ disintegrin

Note that these include “conotoxins” which the study says, “are neurotoxic peptides isolated from the venom of marine (genus Conus) cone snails.”

The study adds:

The presence of conotoxin peptides might explain the occurrence of many symptoms (like hyposmia, hypogeusia and the signs typical of Guillain-Barre syndrome) observed in some COVID-19 patients. Their presence can alter normal functioning of ion channels, nicotinic acetylcholine receptors and of acetylcholine levels.

Dr. Bryan Ardis tried to warn the world about toxic venom peptides, and he was ridiculed by nearly everyone

The bottom line? Dr. Bryan Ardis was correct all along. And so was Stew Peters for daring the grant Dr. Ardis a platform to speak (for the record, I also interviewed Dr. Ardis and published that interview on The so-called “venom theory” that has been dismissed or even mocked by other analysts and observers turns out to be a critical component in understanding the origins and presence of so-called “covid-19” which might be more appropriately called “COVENOM-19.”

Get the full, astonishing details in today’s Situation Update podcast. Here’s a summary of what’s covered:

– Up to a million Democrats can’t vote because of vaccine injury or death
– First election in the post-vaccine genocide era
– Tonga volcanic eruption achieved unprecedented water vapor plume
– Will cause crop failures across the planet for 2 years to come
– Stephen Colbert begs to join the globalist illuminati and push depopulation
– Democrats PROJECT their own agenda, claiming Republicans will murder children
– HALF of college students demand DEATH penalty for “offensive” speech
– Bombshell science study finds VENOM peptides in covid victims
– Dr. Bryan Ardis is proven correct with “venom theory”
– Synthesized venom peptides can be mass produced using engineered e.coli
– mRNA shots can inject people with instructions to produce venom peptides
– Transforms the human body into a venom factory, poisoning from within
– Synthetic venom peptides can be mass produced and freeze dried
– Patent uncovered for aerial drone delivery of chemical and biological weapons
– Ukraine caught trying to buy long-range bioweapon drones for spraying toxins
– US Patent #US8967029B1 describes delivery of biological agents to kill the masses
– Patent filed by “Toxic mosquito aerial release system CRT Trust”
– Designed to “sicken and kill large masses of enemy troops”
– Viral outbreaks can be FAKED by dropping venom peptides on populations


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