Holland becomes first European nation to withdraw sanctions against Russia without EU permission

Acting in the best interests of its own people, Holland has officially withdrawn sanctions against Russia despite no approval or permission from the European Union (EU).

The first country in Europe to do so, Holland started out by issuing 91 waivers from sanctions against Russia following the initial invasion. These waivers covered specific items that the country needs such as aluminum and food.

Now, the country has decided that many more sanctions must go because there is simply no good reason to continue with them since they are only harming Europe while doing next to nothing to “punish” Russia.

At the time when the Dutch government first started issuing sanction exemptions, ministers would not reveal the names of the companies involved, citing “company-sensitive” information. (Related: As many as 11,200 farms across The Netherlands at risk of being shuttered by government “green” mandates.)

A spokesperson from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Economic Affairs, Finance, Infrastructure, and Education confirmed that the exemptions were granted to “allow a degree of flexibility in specific cases.”

If the entire world dropped its sanctions against Russia, would economic conditions improve?

The EU back in April issued a sweeping, continent-wide ban on all ships sailing under the Russian flag from entering European ports. In Holland, however, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management issued waivers to 34 such ships to ensure the Dutch people were able to obtain needed goods.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs cited “diplomatic relations” as the reason for at least one exemption that involved Russian banks that are, or were, majority held by the State.


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