Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove

Dark Secrets: Inside the Bohemian Grove documented the first ever hidden camera incursion into the Grove and the bizarre pagan ritual, the Cremation of Care, practiced by its members: all men, including both Presidents Bush, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Colin Powell, and Henry Kissinger to name but a few.

For most of the Club’s long history, the public could only speculate as to what these men were doing. Now the truth can finally be revealed. Discover the horror of the secret rituals and strange perversions engaged in at Bohemian Grove. Is this where your future and the destiny of the entire planet is decided?

Original Release: 2000

Six MPs demand Trudeau gov’t meet to discuss alleged Communist Chinese influence in 2019 election

OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) — Six Canadian MPs are demanding Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government publicly meet to discuss reports alleging that the Chinese Communist regime had been funding candidates in the 2019 federal election.  

“A recent troubling media report revealed that Canadian intelligence officials informed the Prime Minister and several cabinet ministers in January of this year that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) actively worked to influence the 2019 Federal Election,” wrote the MPs in a letter to the House of Commons Procedure and House Affairs Committee (PROC) chair, Bardish Chagger, last Wednesday. 

“Further, former CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) agents have criticized the government’s failure to take serious action to address or prosecute this foreign state interference in our democratic process,” added the group of MPs.

The letter was signed by Conservative Party of Canada MPs Luc Berthold, John Nater, Michael Cooper, and Blaine Calkins, as well as Bloc Québécois MP and committee vice-chair Marie-Hélène Gaudreau and New Democratic Party (NDP) MP Rachel Blaney.  

All the MPs who signed the letter are members of the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs.  

The group’s letter is in direct response to a recent Global News article, which LifeSiteNews reported on, which stated that CSIS has identified at least 11 candidates in the 2019 federal election who were thought to be under the direct funding and influence of the CCP.

The MPs wrote that given the news reports about CCP interference, they are “writing to you pursuant to Standing Order 106(4), to request that the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs meet in public to determine how the Committee should respond to this troubling revelation.” 

The group said that the meeting should be “held as soon as possible.”  

House of Commons procedure states that committee members are allowed to in effect force a committee to meet publicly if at least four MPs from no less than two parties demand it.  

Conservative MP Copper on Twitter last week wrote alongside a copy of the letter demanding the meeting, “It’s long past due for a plan to counter Beijing’s foreign interference ops on Canadian soil.”