151 – Archaeological Discoveries in Bible Lands – Part 2 / Digging Up The Past – Francois DuPlessis

Walk the footsteps of Abraham in Ur. Visit the place where Daniel is buried, and maybe even the spot where he spent the night with the lions. Join the search for ancient cities in the Bible and timeless lessons hidden under centuries of history and sand. Is it really true that the greatest archaeological discoveries have been made by those who read their Bibles and searched for the places described therein? Francois DuPlessis walks us through these amazing archeological discoveries that retrace the footsteps of some of the most famous characters in the Bible.

Luxury fashion brand Balenciaga slammed for ads showing kids holding teddy bears in sexual bondage gear

(LifeSiteNews) – Luxury fashion brand Balenciaga issued an apology, deleted all of its Instagram content, and took down its Twitter account after being called out for a series of online catalog photos showing young girls holding stuffed bears wearing adult sexual bondage harnesses and displaying a page from a Supreme Court child porn case.

Balenciaga, which has famously catered to pop stars such as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, was called out, then slammed, on social media for ads that viewers called “creepy” and “disturbing.”

Bernier, Peckford and others ask Federal Court of Appeal to reverse decision holding legal challenge to Covid-19 vaccine travel mandate “moot”

CALGARY: The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms is happy to announce that on Friday, November 18, 2022, lawyers for the Honourable Brian Peckford, the Honourable Maxime Bernier, and others filed their Appeal of the October 20, 2022 decision of the Federal Court.

The Federal Court notified the parties that the constitutional challenges against the Federal Government’s travel mandate were struck for being “moot,” just eleven days prior to the start of the constitutional hearing, which had been scheduled for October 31, 2022.

The Federal Court issued full reasons on October 27, 2022. In her reasons, Associate Chief Justice Jocelyne Gagne found that the use of judicial resources for a five day hearing, when the travel mandate had already been lifted, outweighed the public interest in having the case heard on the merits.

After reviewing the Court’s detailed reasons, lawyers for the former Premier Peckford, PPC leader Maxime Bernier, and the applicants appealed on the grounds that the Federal Court Judge unreasonably failed to exercise her discretion to hear and decide the constitutional challenge to the travel mandate, and erred in her determination that judicial economy considerations outweighed the important public interest and uncertainty in the law.

“The travel mandate represents one of the most egregious infringements of Canadians’ mobility rights in Canadian history,” states Allison Pejovic, one of the lawyers for the Appellants. “Canadians need to have confidence in our justice system. It is a profound injustice for millions of Canadians to be denied a court ruling on the lawfulness of the federal government’s prohibition on their travel overseas or across our large country in a practical way,” continued Pejovic.

More information about the constitutional challenges filed with the support of the Justice Centre on behalf of Maxime Bernier and Premier Peckford and others can be found at jccf.ca.

Italian Police Foil Deadly Plot by Neo-Nazis Linked to Ukraine’s Azov Battalion

The alleged plot to destroy various Italian targets — including a police station — appears to be the first attempted terror attack in Western Europe linked to Ukraine’s official Nazi military formations.

Police in Italy arrested four suspected neo-Nazis with links to Ukraine’s notorious Azov Battalion who were accused of plotting to carry out “violent acts” against both civilians and police, according to local media.

Photos released by police show the Nazi paraphernalia seized in around 30 raids on members of the “Order of Hagal” throughout the country included photos of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, and t-shirts bearing the logo of Ukraine’s official Nazi regiment, the Azov Battalion.

“According to the investigators, the objective identified by the members of the Order of Hagal was the Marigliano [police] barracks,” Italian outlet Today Chronicle wrote Tuesday.

According to the Italian publication, one of the suspects wanted by police “disappeared” before he could be apprehended – a 27-year-old Ukrainian national named Anton Radomosky, who the outlet reported “would have offered his ‘intermediation’ between the Order of Hagal and neo-Nazi groups such as the Azov Battalion,” which they note “is particularly active in the context of the War in Donbass.”

Information published by ANSA, Italy’s leading news agency, indicates that Radomosky “is currently in Ukraine, and the investigation showed that he was in contact with the Azov Battalion.”

According to another Italian source, the “Ukrainian accomplice… wanted to cause an explosion in a shopping center.” Corriere Del Mezzogiorno indicated “the cell had contacts” with not only “Ukrainian ultranationalist formations such as the Azov Battalion,” but also the notorious Ukrainian “Right Sector” nazi militia.

The EU and Interpol have been fretting for months about the likelihood that weapons being shipped to Ukraine amid NATO’s proxy war on Russia will end up in criminal hands. As Interpol chief Jurgen Stock explained in early June, “Once the guns fall silent [in Ukraine], the illegal weapons will come. We know this from many other theaters of conflict. The criminals are even now, as we speak, focusing on them.”