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Kosovo opens all border crossings as Serbs remove roadblocks

All border crossings linking Kosovo to Serbia have reopened after ethnic Serbs removed roadblocks set up in protest over a policeman’s arrest, easing tensions in the volatile region.

The main crossing between the neighbours opened on Thursday after barricades were dismantled from the Serbian side of the Merdare border point. Kosovo police said two smaller border crossings “opened for traffic in the afternoon” on Friday.

One barricade remained standing near the flashpoint city of Mitrovica, where two burnt trucks – the target of suspected arson – still blocked the road.

Tensions flared up on December 10 after ethnic Serbs in the north put up barricades to protest the arrest of a former policeman suspected of being involved in attacks against ethnic Albanian police officers.

After the roadblocks were set up, Kosovar police and international peacekeepers were attacked in several shooting incidents.

Serbian armed forces were put on heightened alert this week, sparking fears of an armed conflict in the tense Balkan region.

Dismantling the roadblocks

Tensions eased on Wednesday when a Pristina court ordered the release of the former police officer, whose arrest Serbs cited as the main reason for erecting the barricades.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic also urged Serbs to dismantle the roadblocks, following calls from the United States and the European Union for de-escalation.

On Thursday, the EU and NATO, the latter leading a peacekeeping force in Kosovo, hailed the removal of barricades.

“Diplomacy prevailed in de-escalating tensions in north Kosovo,” said EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell.

“Violence can never be a solution,” he tweeted and stressed the need for “urgent progress” in the EU-facilitated dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina.

NATO also welcomed “efforts to de-escalate tensions in northern Kosovo”.

A volatile situation

North Kosovo has been on edge since November, when hundreds of ethnic Serbs police officers, mayors, judges and prosecutors collectively walked off their jobs.

They were protesting a controversial decision to ban Serbs living in Kosovo from using Belgrade-issued vehicle licence plates, a policy that was eventually scrapped by Pristina.

An attempt to fill the gap by deploying ethnic Albanian police officers to Serb-majority north only aggravated the tensions.

Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008, after a bitter war in the late 1990s.

Belgrade does not recognise Pristina’s authority and encourages Kosovo’s 120,000 ethnic Serbs to defy its rules, especially in the north, where they hold a majority.


Crisis in Peru: Peru president Boluarte backs investigation into protest deaths

Peruvian President Dina Boluarte has pledged all the necessary resources for the prosecutor’s office to investigate more than two dozen deaths during protests that rocked Peru following the ousting of her predecessor Pedro Castillo.

An estimated 22 people were killed in clashes during the protests and another six died in traffic accidents related to street blockades, according to government data.

Interior Minister Victor Rojas said in a conference alongside Boluarte on Thursday he had information that the protests could reignite on 4 January.

Boluarte, who was vice president under Castillo, assumed the presidency earlier this month after Castillo was ousted and arrested for attempting to illegally dissolve Congress.

Castillo remains in pretrial detention while under investigation for rebellion and conspiracy.

Boluarte said Thursday some neighbouring countries had “wrongly interpreted” what happened to Castillo.

In the days after Castillo’s ouster, the leftist governments of Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico and Colombia issued a joint statement calling for the protection of Castillo’s human rights and that those who removed Castillo should prioritize “the will of the citizens.”

Another leftist bloc of Latin American countries including Cuba and Venezuela said days later it rejected “the political framework created by right-wing forces against Constitutional President Pedro Castillo.”

Castillo’s family received asylum in Mexico, while Mexican authorities are in talks with Peru to offer Castillo political protection as well, Mexico has said.

Peru declared Mexico’s ambassador to Lima “persona non grata” and ordered him to leave the country earlier this month, for what it considered Mexico’s meddling in Peru’s internal affairs.



Scamdemic repeat? Biden demands travelers entering U.S. from China show “negative” covid test

In order to enter the United States from China beginning on January 5, travelers will have to show a “negative” covid test result, thanks to a new policy from the Biden regime.

Doing the exact same thing he previously criticized Donald Trump for doing, accusing the former president of “fanning the flames” of “hate, fear, and xenophobia,” fake president Joe Biden has decided that Chinese people are the only ones who need to keep playing the covid game into the new year.

In what appears to be another attempt at launching a worldwide scamdemic, communist China has ended its “covid zero” policy. We are told that hundreds of millions of Chinese people are testing “positive” for covid as a result.

The headlines now circulating are similar to those that started swirling around the internet toward the end of 2019 just prior to the official launch of the first covid plandemic. Is the next one now in the works?

Travelers to the U.S. from mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau will soon be required to get swabbed, presumably in the nose (though at one point communist China was doing anal swabs), in search of covid germs. (Related: Remember when Biden wanted to deploy an army of brownshirt-style medical fascists to go door-to-door jabbing people for covid?)

Is Biden a racist, xenophobic, Asian-hater for imposing these new covid restrictions on Chinese travelers?

The hypocrisy of Biden to impose these new restrictions almost three years to the day after Trump did the same thing is striking. Here is what Biden had to say back then about Trump and his decision to issue country-specific travel restrictions:


“The pandemic has unleashed familiar forces of hate, fear and xenophobia that he always flames … that have always existed in this society. But this president brought it with him, has brought with it a new rash of racial messages, verbal and physical attacks and other acts of hate, some subtle, some overt, against the Asian American and Pacific Islanders.”

Now that Biden is doing the same thing, we wonder if he, too, is sending racial messages that will result in verbal and physical attacks, as well as hate, on people from mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau.

“We’ve had racists, and they’ve existed, they’ve tried to get elected president,” Biden added at the time in reference to Trump. “He’s the first one that has.”

We suppose that Biden is the second racist president to get “elected,” seeing as how he is following right in Trump’s footsteps by attempting to launch another scamdemic.

“Didn’t Biden say the pandemic was over three months ago?” wrote a commenter about another thing Biden said and did that has suddenly and without warning changed into something else entirely.

“How did we ever get to such a low point in this country as to accept this for a president?” asked another.

“I fully expect to see Nancy Pelosi running around Chinatown this weekend hugging as many Chinese people as she can get in front of a CNN camera with,” joked another, referencing that time after Trump imposed his travel bans that Pelosi played the race card. “This is an outrage!”

Many others pointed out that Biden’s attempts at launching another plandemic may not go over so well because most Americans are far past done with all this nonsense.

“Bill Gates is telegraphing the next virus all day every day again,” warned another about how this was all in the cards to happen a second time – the first covid scamdemic was just a test run.

Is the world about to see another covid scamdemic 2.0? Find out at Plague.info.

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Big Pharma showing signs of collapse as critical mass of population no longer trusts vaccine scam

As tragic as it all was and continues to be, the covid “vaccination” farce has led a lot of former vaccine proponents to second guess the medical intervention.

Suddenly it is no longer fringe to question the safety and effectiveness of any vaccine, seeing as how they are the only product in existence where manufacturers cannot be held liable for injury or death.

If drug injections are really as amazing as the vaccine industry claims, then why are manufacturers afforded this special liability protection? Clearly, Big Pharma is not as confident in its safe and effective claim as its members want all of us to be.

The growing mountain of evidence showing that covid shots are flat-out killing people has many now asking the question: are other vaccines doing the same thing?

“I have directly witnessed vaccination injuries occur around me since childhood and I have devoted more time than I can count to understanding this issue, along with trying to understand where I fit within this tragic mythology that has ensnared our species for over a century,” writes “A Midwestern Doctor” (AMD) in his The Forgotten Side of Medicine newsletter.

“From this introspection, I eventually came to the conclusion that the culture was not yet ready to accept the harms of vaccination and it was better for me to devote myself to focus on a different critical area, which I believed I was better equipped to address.”

That different critical area includes addressing the campaigns that have been used over the years to promote vaccine injections. Everything from smallpox to polio to measles – and now covid – involved the use of fear to scare people into getting shot.

With smallpox specifically, that one ultimately failed despite all the aggressive advertising – but the damage had already been done. Suddenly vaccine shots, loaded with toxins like mercury and aluminum, became a medicine standard.

“Since that time, other problematic (but not as dangerous) vaccines have come out,” AMD further writes. “Although significant public outcry has also emerged against their use, it has never been sufficient to replicate the success those who fought against the early smallpox vaccines were able to achieve.”

“From my own analysis of this issue, I believe one of the greatest weaknesses of Big Business is that our current economic model makes greed nearly unstoppable, and as a result, predatory industries will eventually push too far and cause a critical failure for the industry (e.g., a widespread public revolt against its product).”

“This is very much the case for the pharmaceutical industry, as vaccines represent one of the best growth areas in medicine (due to the corruption within our system, a vaccine can be made for almost anything, absolved from liability, and mandated upon the population).”

People are becoming more afraid of vaccine injuries than the diseases vaccines supposedly prevent

Big Vaccine jumped the shark with covid vaccines. It pushed too, too hard, even as it was becoming undeniably obvious that something is very wrong with these jabs. They cause more side effects than pretty much all other vaccines combined, and worst of all they do not even prevent covid as claimed.

The fact that they were also mandated raised serious red flags for even the most diehard pro-vaccine zealots who started asking themselves: why is the government having to resort to tyranny and oppression to strong-arm people into taking an experimental drug that could kill them?

“At the same time, many people who were recently red-pilled are beside themselves that much of the public cannot see what is going on, whereas I, and colleagues are profoundly grateful that this issue has at long last gone from a fringe political viewpoint to a mainstream political position, something that, to my knowledge, has not happened since the smallpox debacle a century ago,” AMD further writes.

Rasmussen recently conducted a poll showing that public acceptance of vaccines is waning. Increasingly more people are skeptical of not only the covid shot but other shots that they may recall having hurt themselves, a family member, or a friend. Suddenly, those strange illnesses that came out of nowhere are being linked back to vaccine injections in people’s minds – and the covid scamdemic has helped greatly to open people’s eyes.

The political left still leans in favor of vaccines to a much greater extent than the political right. And those who got jabbed for covid early – meaning the early adopters who fell for the scamdemic hook, line, and sinker – still overwhelmingly claim to support the shots, which is to be expected if for not other reason than simple pride.

But there is a vast middle ground of people, many of whom were told they had to get jabbed in order to keep going to school or working a job, that are now completely turned off to the idea of getting jabbed for anything. And it is this growing demographic that could tip the scales against the vaccine industry as the years go on.

The continued release of data showing that vaccine injuries are off the charts ever since covid shots were introduced is not doing Big Pharma any favors either. People are becoming more scared of getting vaccine injured than they are of “catching covid,” which is something the vaccine industry desperately tried to prevent from happening.

“Based on the Rasmussen’s polling data, which I believe I have demonstrated has been confirmed by multiple sources, it should be clear that a large portion of Americans have lost faith in numerous institutions which they previously had trusted for their entire lives,” AMD concludes.

More of the latest news about vaccines can be found at Vaccines.news.

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Belgrade calls on Kosovo Serbs to remove barricades

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic met with representatives of the Kosovo Serbs on Wednesday and asked them to dismantle roadblocks they had erected, Belgrade’s commissioner for Kosovo, Petar Petkovic, has told a press conference.

Ethnic Serbs in the north of the breakaway province had put up roadblocks three weeks ago, in protest over the arrest of several Serbs and the deployment of heavily armed ethnic Albanian police in their communities. 

The request to dismantle the roadblocks came after the EU and US gave written guarantees that “participants in the peaceful protests against [ethnic Albanian PM Albin] Kurti’s terror will not be arrested,” according to Goran Rakic, a local Serb political leader, who spoke to Serbian channel TV Pink. Moreover, NATO’s peacekeeping force KFOR also issued new guarantees that “Kosovo Security Forces” won’t be deployed to the Serb-majority counties in the north of the province, he added.

Pristina’s police were not supposed to be in the north, under the provisions of the 2013  Brussels Agreement with Belgrade, which Kurti’s government has said it had no intention of honoring.

The trucks and tractors blocking roads in the north of Kosovo have not yet been removed, however, as the local Serbs are waiting for a visit from Vucic himself, anticipated later in the evening.

“We don’t trust Kurti’s government. I can say we don’t trust international guarantees, either,” said Rakic.

NATO bombed Serbia in 1999 and handed control of Kosovo to ethnic Albanian separatists, who declared independence in 2008 and have demanded recognition from Belgrade ever since. With support from Russia and China, Serbia has resisted US and EU pressure to do so.

The current standoff began in late July, when Kurti tried to abolish the use of Serbian documents and license plates in the north. After the EU and the US persuaded Kurti to drop the plan, at the end of November, he deployed police to the north and had Dejan Pantic – one of the ethnic Serb officers who resigned in protest over Kurti’s policies – arrested on charges of terrorism.

On Wednesday morning, a Kosovo court ordered Pantic released to house arrest, citing medical concerns. Kurti’s party described the decision as “an act of treason,” according to the Pristina daily Koha. Local Serbs claim that Pantic remains in custody, however.


Crisis in Peru: Peru’s ousted president asks court for his freedom

Peru’s ousted president Pedro Castillo, jailed while awaiting trial on charges of “rebellion” and conspiracy, asked a court Wednesday to free him.

“I ask for an end to hatred and for my freedom,” Castillo told the Supreme Court in an online hearing.

“I never committed the crime of rebellion,” he added.

Castillo, 53, was impeached and arrested on December 7 after he tried to dissolve Congress to rule by decree.

Since coming to power in July 2021, he faced vehement political opposition on all fronts and investigations started almost immediately into numerous graft claims.

After his failed self-coup, Castillo was ordered held in pre-trial detention for 18 months.

The ouster of the former rural school teacher and union leader caused protests countrywide, with Peru’s rights ombudsman reporting 22 people killed in clashes and more than 600 injured.

Castillo’s defense team is asking for his pre-trial detention at a prison on a police base in Lima to be terminated.

The court, headed by judge Cesar San Martin, must rule later Wednesday.

“Judge, I have not committed any crime of conspiracy,” insisted Castillo, who was accompanied by his lawyer.

“Who conspired is the Congress and other institutions plotting the collapse of my government through successive impeachment requests and other tricks,” the former president added.

Castillo claimed he was being held incommunicado and asked the judge to grant him access to a telephone to contact his wife and two children, who were granted asylum in Mexico.

According to Peru’s rights ombudsman, whose representatives visited Castillo in prison last week with a team from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, the former president was in good health and being held in legal conditions.

Castillo was arrested hours after his impeachment as he was making for the Mexican embassy to request asylum.

His vice-president Dina Boluarte was sworn in in his place.