LILLEY: Jordan Peterson will use Charter challenge over being disciplined for tweets about COVID and climate change

Jordan Peterson is being investigated by Ontario’s College of Psychologists for comments he has made regarding climate change, COVID-19 policies and for retweeting Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre. These are some of the complaints given to Peterson by the college as it considers revoking his licence over social media commentary.

The college has ordered Peterson to undergo social media training or face a disciplinary hearing that could see him lose his licence. Peterson has refused, calling this an attempt to force him into reeducation training and instead has launched a court challenge where he will raise constitutional issues regarding the college’s move.

“We decided that the best way to challenge this would be in the courts on constitutional grounds,” Peterson said Thursday. “I don’t trust the process at the college and no one should.”

Peterson’s legal filings with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice ask that sections of the college’s by-laws, code of ethics and standards of professional conduct be struck down. Peterson’s legal team argues that the sections are overly broad, unclear and a violation of their client’s Charter right to freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression.

Make no mistake about it, the documents the college turned over to Peterson appear to show that this is a highly politicized attempt to shut him down. According to Peterson, the complainants aren’t clients of the psychologist, though some claim to be. It appears they simply don’t like his politics and know that they can harass him using this flawed process.