Biology Denying activist gets woman fired from video game company for crime of following Ian Miles Cheong, Libs of TikTok on Twitter

On Friday, the video game company Limited Run Games fired their community manager, a woman named Kara Lynn, after a far-left trans activist using the name Purple Tinker demanded the company either fire Lynn because she followed conservative users on Twitter such as Ian Miles Cheong and Libs of Tik Tok, or lose their support. 

Ian Miles Cheong tweeted, “A video game company called @LimitedRunGames fired @KaraLynne0326 because some nut job got offended over the fact that she follows me and @libsoftiktok.”

According to an Observer article from 2012, Purple Tinker is a biological male who identifies as transgender, and an activist who founded BronyCon, a convention for adult men who like to dress up as characters from the children’s television show My Little Pony.

Cheong posted screenshots of Purple Tinker’s now-deleted Twitter account.

“The community manager for @LimitedRunGames, @/KaraLynne0326, is a transphobe who follows a veritable who’s who of right-wing transphobic creeps.Unless and until she is fired from the company permanently, I am not giving them another single dime. (CW: Transphobia),” Purple Tinker tweeted at the company on January 6 at 9:06 am.

At 5:40 pm the same day, on their Twitter account, Limited Run Games announced that Lynn had been fired and wrote “LRG respects all personal opinions, however we remain committed to supporting an inclusive culture. Upon investigating a situation, an employee was terminated. Our goal as a company is to continue to foster a positive and safe environment for everyone.”

Popular streamer and “Nerd Culture Content Creator” Melonie Mac, commented with “This is so messed up. @KaraLynne0326 is amazing and deserves better. Shame on you, @LimitedRunGames.” 

Mac added in a later tweet, “You do not respect all personal opinions else this decision would not have happened, and if you were committed to an inclusive culture you wouldn’t have fired a Christian woman for her beliefs.”

In the screengrab posted by Ian Miles Cheong, one of the Lynn’s posts that Purple Tinker brought to Limited Run Games’ attention was one where she expressed concern over biological males identifying as transgender using women’s restrooms.

Mac tweeted, “This is the face of the person who got a woman fired from @LimitedRunGames because of her concern for the safety of females against incognito predators in female restrooms. Let that sink in.”

Other posts that Purple Tinker used against Lynn involved her looking forward to a Harry Potter game.

Another trans activist named Josie Brechner demanded Lynn be fired as well and retweeted Purple Tinker.

Twitter user Steph Anie, wrote “There’s a whole Tumblr history thread on this persons vile behavior” in reference to a Tumblr post dedicated to exposing a history of Purple Tinker’s online history of “wishing violence on people,” doxxing, and bullying.

“Oh wow, the cancel crusading brony thinks young teens can consent to sex with an adult. It’s almost as if this is a repetitious theme among those who cling to the cancel culture bandwagon the hardest,” wrote user Sophia Narwitz, who added screen grabs of Purple Tinker advocating for sex between adults and minors.


Jair Bolsonaro supporters storm Brazilian government buildings

Supporters of Brazilian far-right former President Jair Bolsonaro who refuse to accept his electoral defeat have stormed the Congress, the Supreme Court and the presidential palace in the capital, Brasilia.

Videos on social media showed Bolsonaro supporters smashing windows and furniture of the National Congress and Supreme Court buildings. They climbed onto the roof of the Congress building, where Brazil’s Senate and Chamber of Deputies conduct their legislative business, unfurling a banner that read “intervention” and an apparent appeal to Brazil’s military.

Crisis in Peru: Protests continue in Peru over ousting and detention of Castillo

PROTESTERS took to the streets of Peru at the weekend to continue their protests over the ousting and detention of elected president Pedro Castillo in December.

Local media reported that demonstrators set fire to a police tank at an airport in Juliaca in the southern Puno region on Saturday. Police used tear gas to disperse protesters.

The demonstrations against the congress-appointed president Dina Boluarte resumed again last week after a brief pause over Christmas.

In December, 22 people lost their lives as police clamped down on protests after Mr Castillo was impeached, arrested and detained by authorities.

More than 40 people have been injured since protests resumed again on Wednesday, the Health Ministry said.

Rights groups have accused security forces of using deadly firearms and launching smoke bombs at protesters, who the army says have used homemade weapons and explosives.

Protester Lidia Pillaca told reporters: “We want President Dina Bolourte to resign. She does not represent us.”

Ethiopian World Federation Asks President Chakwera to Institute Investigations On Integrity of Madonna’s Malawi Charity, Raising Malawi

Racist Feminist freak of nature Madonna is in the news again:

Ethiopian World Federation, an organisation established in the United States in 1937 to promote love and good-will among Ethiopians at home and abroad, has made surprising stance on world celebrated performing artist, Madonna Louise Ciccone — who adopted four Malawians.

The Federation, which has since transformed into a global diaspora organisation, is asking the Malawi leader, President Lazarus Chakwera to prevent “homosexual and transgender” allegations over the adoption of the Malawian children for possible “human trafficking and social experiments”.

In opening the investigations, the Federation is also asking Chakwera to look into the integrity of Madonna’s Malawi charity, Raising Malawi — and “restrict her and her associates accessibility to Africa and to African children as a precautionary measure until a thorough investigation is done into child trafficking, sex exploitation, sexual slavery, adoption reversal, threat of coercion, fraud, deception and abuse of power or vulnerability”.

The Federation quotes Malawi Penal Code that provides in Section 137A: ‘Indecent practices between females. Any female person who, whether in public or private, commits any act of gross indecency with another female person, or procures another female person to commit any act of gross indecency with her, or attempts to procure the commission of any such act by any female person with herself or with another female person, whether in public or private, shall be guilty of an offense and shall be liable to imprisonment for five years’.

The petition makes references to a book that Madonna wrote in 1992 called ‘SEX’, which “features adult content including softcore pornography and simulations of sexual acts including sadomasochism (the derivation of sexual gratification from the infliction of physical pain or humiliation either on another person or on oneself)”.

“Gay porn stars were photographed in pornographic pictures with Madonna performing vulgar sex acts with the same sex which should have been disclosed during her adoption case in 2006 in Lilongwe, Malawi.

“Madonna had to sign a contract that forbade the book from including images of child pornography, bestiality, or religious imagery. Shortly after signing that agreement, Madonna founded a company called Maverick, a partnership with Time Warner.

“She now holds total artistic control over any work released by Maverick, who is now the book’s publisher. The agreement she signed with Time Warner with the sexually explicit content in the book Sex was null and void.”

The petition further says the “psychology behind her ability to release child pornography, religious imagery, bestiality and vulgar pornography has prompted her to open an orphanage in Malawi named ‘Raising Malawi’ in 2006 to host social experiments on vulnerable African children in Malawi”.

It adds that in the same 2006 when Madonna founded the charity “she falsely accused [David Banda’s] father of being absent” when she was applying to adopt him.

Madonna is being accused of using David Banda “for sexual exploitation and social experiments today”. Pictures are awash on social media of David Banda wearing female clothes, makeup and wearing earrings — whilst the two holding hands like two lovers.

The organisation further says Justice Fiona Mwale, who presided over the adoption application, is alleged to have made “a series of harsh questioning of [Madonna’s] motives” — and quotes the Judge as saying in her judgement: “In determining her motives, I questioned the petitioner at length about the impact of her decision which could be construed as robbing Malawi of its most precious resource, its children.”

“We firmly believe that Malawi has been robbed of its most precious resource — its children,” contends Ethiopian World Federation. “In 2013, the country accused Madonna of ‘bullying’ state officials and making diva demands — and of citing her Raising Malawi charity as the reason for doing so.

“After another appeal, the Supreme Court granted Madonna the right to adopt her second child from Malawi, Mercy James. In 2017, Malawi granted the singer permission to adopt again, and she became mother to twin baby girls Esther and Stella Mwale.

“After careful review and facts presented regarding the psychological, physical and mental abuse of African children on January 11, 2018, the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa confirmed that Ethiopian Parliament passed new legislation banning adoptions by foreigners on January 9, 2018.

“In 2019, nearly 70% of human trafficking victims in the U.S. were identified as either being sex trafficked, or victims of both forced labor and sexual exploitation.

“The High Court recently stated that 25 million people worldwide are not afforded their fundamental right to freedom; however, the International Labor Organization estimates the number of human trafficking victims to be approximately 40 million,” said the petitioners — citing the link

The petition also accused the government of Malawi of failing “to do a complete social background check on the adoptive parent” and they have reason to believe that Madonna “is using these children as a social experiment in response to the heavy LGBTQ community push for sodomy in America”.

“We, the global diaspora, the Black People of the World at the Ethiopian World Federation, Incorporated are concerned that the integrity of Africa and the cultural traditions should be preserved, not exploited or discredited.

“In 2013, Malawi accused Madonna of exaggerating her contributions to the impoverished country and unreasonably demanding special treatment during a tour there and Madonna has used social media to discredit the culture and policies that Malawi has in place to protect our children globally.”

The organisation says, concerned about the welfare of all black people of the world, the Ethiopian World Federation has existed since 1937 “in order to effect unity, solidarity, liberty, freedom and self-determination — to secure justice and maintain the integrity of the entire African continent, which is our divine heritage and a policy we uphold, defend and protect”.

The Federation operates from 105 West 125th Street #1095, New York, NY 10027-4444 — whose email is protected]

Read the original article on Nyasa Times.