CLAIM: Tractor Supply chicken feed allegedly laced with ingredients causing chickens to stop laying eggs; company board members tied to WEF, Jeffrey Epstein

CLAIM: The popular Tractor Supply chain of farm stores has reportedly reformulated its “Producer’s Pride” chicken feed, causing hens that eat it to no longer produce eggs.

Multiple online sources, many of them hen farmers, say that ever since Tractor Supply changed the Producer’s Pride formulation, their birds have gone desolate. This could be because of a reduction in the amount of protein contained in the feed, or it could be caused by other factors such as aflatoxin contamination.

Note: Mike Adams has committed to acquiring and testing Tractor Supply chicken feed products in his food science lab and sharing the results publicly, whatever they show. Tests to be conducted will include aflatoxins, heavy metals (lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, zinc, copper, strontium, etc.), glyphosate and a full slate of microbiology including e.coli, salmonella, yeast and mold.

It is wintertime, which means birds are exposed to less sunlight and thus naturally produce fewer eggs. However, farmers say the drop-off in egg production is so dramatic this year that many hens are producing no eggs at all, as opposed to just a reduction in eggs.

All of this is happening at a time when inflation is off the charts and eggs are in short supply supposedly due to “avian flu”. (Related: There probably isn’t a real avian flu crisis like the media and the Biden regime are claiming, though, since the U.S. government is using fraudulent PCR tests to diagnose hens before slaughtering them.)

Egg prices have increased from an average of $1.71 per dozen 18 months ago to more than $7 a dozen today. This, coupled with the avian flu psy-op and now the Tractor Supply “Feedgate” issue, has created an egg crisis with no end in sight.

Has Tractor Supply been infiltrated with genocidal globalists who want to take away our eggs along with our meat?

There is also talk — although unproven — that Tractor Supply may have tampered with its Producer’s Pride formulation to deliberately cause an egg-laying crisis. Its board of directors is composed of 10 people, some of whom are tied to globalist entities like the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Joy Brown, a former executive at Vanguard, a $5 trillion index fund, is one of them. Vanguard is one of the “big three” index funds – BlackRock and State Street are the other two – boasting major financial support from the WEF and possibly even the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in China.

Andre Hawaux, another Tractor Supply board member, is a former ConAgra executive. ConAgra, as you may recall, is a heavy proponent of genetic engineering (GMO) that one Wyoming farmer told the independent media is comprised of “a bunch of crooks.”

ConAgra is one of the GMO top dogs that produces “terminator” seeds that eventually go sterile – and that also cause the soil they are planted in to go sterile. The gene-splicing technologies employed by ConAgra are “bad for both plants and humans,” this same farmer confirmed.

Then we have Mark Weikel, another Tractor Supply board member who worked as president of Victoria’s Secret, owned by Leslie Wexner, from 2003-2007. During that particular time period, pedophile pervert Jeffrey Epstein had a power-of-attorney document in his possession that allowed him to hire, manage, and fire all of Wexner’s employees and take control over the company’s finances and entities.

The Gateway Pundit reportedly asked Weikel point blank if he reported directly to Epstein during his time at Victoria’s Secret. He did not reply, nor did he deny, that this was the case.

“You know darn well that this is intentional,” one commenter wrote about Tractor Supply’s Feedgate.

“Satan walks among us,” wrote another. “Our food is next. They have already been doing evil things but now it will intensify.”

“When looking at this board of directors, there’s no question they messed with the chicken feed,” added someone else to the conversation.

“Yep,” responded another. “Just like the ‘flu’ the chickens were given, as well as food plants being destroyed and no more fertilizer shipments. They’re trying to kill us by starving us.”

The engineered takedown of America’s food supply is well underway. To keep up with the latest, visit

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Justin Castro’s Govt-Funded Groups Demand Venue Shut Down Jordan Peterson Event

Several groups who have received direct funding from the Canadian government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau are demanding an Ottawa venue cancel an event featuring psychologist Dr Jordan Peterson.

A total of 36 organisations have demanded the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa cancel an upcoming event in which Dr Peterson is to speak as part of his North American tour to promote his latest book  Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life.

Jaime Sadgrove, manager of communications and advocacy for the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity (CCGSD), told the National Post newspaper, “As we approach the one-year anniversary of the so-called ‘Freedom Convoy,’ the last thing we need is a spokesperson of the far-right taking centre stage in our city.”

The CCGSD is just one of the 36 groups to sign an open letter demanding the shutdown of the event and is one of the groups that has also received large amounts of taxpayer cash from the Trudeau government in recent years.

Last year, the CCGSD was given a total of $1,090,624 by the Canadian federal government as part of a project to deliver resources for sexual health education for Canadian school teachers.

“On the first anniversary of the convoy, it’s a slap in the face to have him, of all people, come to our capital,” Fae Johnstone, executive director of the consulting firm Wisdom2Action said.

Wisdom2Action is also a beneficiary of Canadian public cash and was given $994,661 by the Trudeau government last year for a 36-month project for “2SLGBTQ+ youth” experiencing gender-based violence and raise awareness over youth violence in the community.

Another signatory to the open letter demanding the censorship of Dr Peterson is the Canadian Anti-Hate Network (CAHN), which received $268,400 from the Trudeau government last year as part of a programme “Containing and Countering Canadian Hate Groups.”

CAHN has not been without its own share of controversies in recent years, including an incident last year during the anti-coronavirus restriction Freedom Convoy when its chair Bernie Farber tried to pass off an anti-semitic flier as being present at the protests when the picture had been from an event in Florida weeks before and unrelated to the Freedom Convoy.

Later that year, CAHN released an educational handbook for hate symbols that included the Canadian Red Ensign, which was the national flag of Canadian during the Second World War.

“The flag of Canada until 1965. Its usage denotes a desire to return to Canada’s demographics before 1967, when it was predominately white,” the group claimed and added, “its usage in modern times is an indicator of hate-promoting beliefs.” The Red Ensign flies at many of the Cenotaphs across Canada that remember the war dead in the First and Second World Wars.

The anti-hate “toolkit” put out by the group was even deemed to be inappropriate by the province of Saskatchewan last year, with the provincial government discouraging teachers from using it, arguing that it was lacking in quality.

“The toolkit does not meet criteria such as being high quality, free from bias as reasonably possible, and having appropriate and significant Saskatchewan context,” the province’s Ministry of Education said.

CAHN was also accused of having ties to the far-left violent extremist group Antifa and took Canadian journalist Jon Kay to court over a statement linking the two groups. However, a Canadian judge threw out the case and stated, “CAHN did in fact assist Antifa and that the movement has been violent.”

Liberal euthanasia laws make Canada the world leader in organs harvested from assisted-suicide victims

(LifeSiteNews) – The leader of a top pro-life hospice group has sounded the alarm over a recent study showing Canada as the world leader in organ donations from people who obtained state-sanctioned euthanasia.

The study was published in the American Journal of Transplantation in September 2022.

It found Canada is first in organ transplants, or organ donation after euthanasia (ODE) as it is known, from people who obtained assisted suicide.

Data shows Canada as having 49 cases of ODE in 2021 alone, with 136 cases since euthanasia, or medical assistance in dying (MAiD), as it is called, became legal in Canada in 2016.

Between Canada, the Netherlands, Spain, and Belgium, there were 286 cases of ODE.

According to the Canadian Institute for Health Information, 6% of all organ donations for transplants in Canada come from a person who died from MAiD.

Canada’s increasingly permissive laws have allowed euthanasia to rise 32% since 2020, with more than 10,000 people dying in 2021 alone.

Concerningly, as noted by pro-life advocates, data shows that since MAiD became legal in 2021, over half of the world’s organ transplants from those who were euthanized were done by doctors in Canada.

Angelina Ireland, pro-life Delta Hospice Society (DHS) president, told LifeSiteNews that Canadian lawmakers have “unleashed Pandora’s Box upon our nation.”

“We have seen Canadians who are not even dying being eligible for state-sanctioned execution,” she said.

“One of the most horrific and macabre consequences of liberal euthanasia policies is the increase of human organ trafficking on the ‘red market.’”


While some MAiD advocates in Canada such as Arthur Schafer, director of the Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics at the University of Manitoba said in a CTV interview this is a “wonderful opportunity,” others have blasted the organ statistics as troubling.

Even one of the study’s authors, Dr. Johannes Mulder, who is involved in MAiD in the Netherlands, noted that a concern from the study is that some might be pressured to have MAiD as a means to increase available organs for transplant.

Ireland noted to LifeSiteNews that an “unsuspecting Canadian public” is likely unaware of this “lucrative trade in human organs.”

“From a purely business perspective, Canadian stock is probably thought to be of among the highest quality in the world and highly sought after for transplantation,” Ireland said.

“Does anyone have any idea what the cadaver broker is willing to pay for exceptional Canadian human body parts?”

Pro-life advocates have sounded the alarm that the federal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has allowed Canada’s euthanasia or medical assistance in dying (MAiD) laws to spiral out of control.

However, as a result of a large pushback from conservative politicians and citizens last year, the Trudeau government is now looking to delay the expansion of the nation’s euthanasia law to be applicable to those suffering solely from mental disorders.

Canada’s MAiD laws were set to be expanded in March 2023 to those suffering solely from mental illness.

The now-delayed expansion was to come as part of the 2021 passage of Bill C-7, which further liberalized the practice of euthanasia after it was first legalized in 2016.

Organs worth ‘millions’

According to some estimates, a heart is “worth around $1 million in the U.S. Livers come in second, about $557,000, and kidneys cost about $262,000 each. Not to speak about human skin ($10/inch), stomach ($500), and eyeballs ($1,500 each).”

While selling one’s organ for money is illegal in most countries, Ireland warned that Canadians tend to be “naïve.”

“The price the market is willing to pay for human body parts is astounding,” Ireland said.

“What is the commission on sourcing such material? Are doctors, healthcare facilities, government departments tied into the ‘transplantation’ networks?” she asked.

Ireland stressed to LifeSiteNews that if Canadians are proud of supporting MAiD and other “platitudes sold to them by the woke,” they have it upon themselves a “duty to take off the ‘rose coloured glasses’ and see what has actually been purchased.”

“We now must be afraid that the most vulnerable among us will be sacrificed on the altar of ‘progressivism.’ The poor, homeless, disabled, mentally ill, veterans, minors, unvaxxed, are all at risk,” Ireland said.

Ireland said that the only thing that can keep Canadians safe beside the total repeal of Bill C7 and Bill C14 is legislation “protecting Palliative Care for the sick, treatment programs for the broken, economic stimulus for the poor.”

“It will certainly take vision and commitment and that is nothing less than what the greatest nation on earth deserves,” she told LifeSiteNews.

“I believe that the failure to act against this plague of euthanasia will bring upon us the Great Canadian Cull.  The history books will record a time when no Canadian was safe.”

Recently, a coalition of some 50 Canadian disability and anti-poverty non-profit groups co-signed a letter sent to Canadian Minister of Justice David Lametti, telling him that the expansion of government-sanctioned euthanasia needs to stop.

Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leader Pierre Poilievre recently blasted the Trudeau government over “embarrassing” reports that no less than six veterans had been offered assisted suicide instead of the help they need to get better.

In recent weeks, reports have surfaced that reveal that Canadian veterans were being offered MAiD by workers at Veterans Affairs.

Brazil: the installation of a brutal socialist dictatorship

Under Article 1 of the Brazilian Constitution, ‘all power belongs to the people, who exercise such power by means of their elected representatives or directly’. Apparently, however, nobody in Brazil has been allowed to question the transparency of the last presidential election. Whoever dares to do so ‘will be treated like criminals’, admonishes Justice Alexandre de Moraes of the Brazilian Supreme Court. At this moment hundreds of judicial arrests are taking place across Brazil.

This is how brutal dictatorships start. In a televised address on January 8, far-left President Luis Inácio Lula da Silva authorised the military intervention of Brazil’s Federal District. The newly installed President also tweeted a statement calling ‘fascists’ all those who recently occupied Congress to call for electoral transparency and freedom of speech.

To call those concerned citizens ‘fascists’ was an interesting choice of word. After all, when asked by Playboy magazine a few decades ago about which leaders he most admired, President Lula cited totalitarian murderers such as Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Mao Tse-Tung, and Adolf Hitler. The brutal German dictator, Lula said, had what he really admired in one man: ‘The courage of proposing to do something and try to do.’

But few would have imagined that, under his newly installed regime, Brazilians would experience the creation of the first-ever concentration camps in their nation’s history; for the scenes recently observed in that Latin American country are visibly reminiscent of 1930s Germany.

At least 1,200 Brazilians, including the elderly and children, have been arbitrarily detained as part of the dismantling of a protester camp in Brasília, Brazil, on January 9. They were arrested for no other ‘crime’ apart from being camped in front of the army headquarters in Brasilia, believing they were protected by it and manifesting themselves for freedom and democracy. This was so until hundreds of police in riot gear and some on horseback amassed at the encampment, while army soldiers in the area withdrew.

When these concerned citizens were sent to prison, they went through a triage process. Pillows and blankets weren’t provided for ‘security reasons’, so that such ‘objects’ are not used for ‘acts of violence’. They will be entitled to a ‘sunbath’ once a day. These political prisoners have been forcibly inoculated with mRNA vaccines, in a clear violation of the Nuremberg Code. Common prisoners in semi-open regime have been released in order to have accommodated in overcrowded prisons.

‘We have now received information that there is a lack of water and food for them. Among those detained are demonstrators who acted peacefully. In any case, everyone needs basic conditions,’ said congresswoman Carla Zambelli (PL-SP). Many of them are elderly and children. In response, the Minister of Human RightsSilvio Almeida, released an official note to declare that these peaceful protesters ‘deserve no human rights’ from the State.

On January 11, the National Council of Justice (CNJ) announced a crackdown on the entire Brazilian Judiciary. There will be a thorough analysis of judicial decisions so that any judge who decided in favour of anti-government protesters ‘will be punished’. As a result, from now on all judges in Brazil will have the obligation to adopt ‘a new stance’ which prevents them from ever trying to ‘soften the punishments’.

Perhaps it is also important to explain who the current presidential incumbent really is.

Back in October 2, 2002, the French newspaper Le Monde published a story which says that Lula ‘strongly believes that every election is a farce and a mere step to take power’. On October 5, 2002, his then foreign affairs advisor, Marco Aurélio Garcia, in an interview with Argentina’s newspaper La Nación, claimed that, once in power, Lula would have no interest in preserving democracy.

Lula told that newspaper:

‘We have to first give the impression that we are democrats, initially; we have to accept certain things. But that won’t last’.

Lula is a self-declared admirer of Fidel Castro – the later dictator of Cuba from 1959-2008. On his 2001 visit to Cuba, an admiring Lula gave this moving tribute to Castro:

‘In spite of the fact that your face already is marked with wrinkles, Fidel, your soul remains clear … Thank you, Fidel, thank you for existing’.

In April 2003, the first year of Lula’s first presidential term, Brazil abstained from condemning the assassination of Cuban political dissidents at the UN Human Rights Committee, even though Article 4 of the Brazilian Constitution explicitly says that the participation of the country in the international community must be guided by the ‘respect for the prevalence of human rights’. Speaking on behalf of the Lula administration, the then-Brazilian ambassador to Cuba called those political dissidents traitors who were ‘destabilising’ that communist regime.

As a way of re-constituting communism in Latin America, Lula and other members of his political party created, in 1990, an umbrella organisation called the Forum de São Paulo (FSP). The FSP was created to fight the ‘negative effects’ visited on communism by the dismantling of the Soviet empire. In 2004, its organisers declared that their major aspiration was ‘to compensate for our losses in Eastern Europe with our victories in Latin America’. As leader of the political party that founded the FSP, Lula was appointed as its first chairman. These meetings of the FSP have been attended by delegates of Colombia’s FARC guerrillas, Peru’s TUPAC-AMARU guerrillas, Chile’s MIR guerrillas, Basque separatist group ETA, and the Irish Republican Army (IRA). The US State Department considers all of these to be terrorist organisations.

After knowing all these facts, who would dare say that these presidential elections in Brazil were necessarily fair and transparent? Of course, it would be incredibly unwise for Brazilians to return a notoriously corrupt far-left politician to the presidency of their nation.

But there is a rather decisive international element in Lula’s victory as well.

In August 2021, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan visited Brazil to issue the following warning to the then Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro: do not even dare to question the reliability of the country’s electronic voting system. A month earlier, in July 2021, just months after entering office, President Joe Biden had sent his CIA director William Burns to travel to the country to meet with senior Brazilian officials. During that meeting, the US delegation warned the Brazilian government that Bolsonaro ‘should stop casting doubt in his country’s [entirely electronic] electoral process’.

Then, in a June 2022 meeting of the ‘Summit of the Americas’ meeting in Los Angeles, the Biden administration notoriously repeated the same warning that the US government would not tolerate Bolsonaro casting any doubt on the reliability and security of the nation’s voting machines. Since these statements came before the outcome of the election, this was a clear warning of dire consequences should the then Brazilian President contest the alleged transparency of the electoral process. But why would the Biden administration try to prevent anyone from questioning the validity of electronic voting in Brazil? In trying to answer this important question, US political commentator Gamaliel Isaac comments:

‘Maybe Biden is afraid that the Brazilians will uncover evidence of fraud in the Brazilian election that will somehow lead to uncovering of evidence of fraud in the American election … Does Biden know there was electoral fraud in Brazil and that there was electoral fraud in the United States and so want to silence anyone who says there was fraud?’

Or maybe, Isaac continues, this has nothing to do with that election in the United States. He wonders if the Chinese Communist Party may have something to do with this. According to him:

‘China wanted Lula to win and China has a lot of influence over Biden partly because of donations to the Biden Center and probably because of donations to Joe Biden’s son, Hunter.’

Be that as it may, just after a few outlets called the election in Brazil, the US President orchestrated a rapid international embrace of Lula. In short order, Canada’s Justin Trudeau, French President Emmanuel Macron, and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak all released statements congratulating Lula. In a Twitter post, Macron, reacting to the protests in Brazil, said that Lula could count on France’s ‘unwavering support’.

As can be seen, Lula’s election and modus operandi have been encouraged by the oligarchic power leadership and globalist forces of the world. They have all claimed that the election of this far-left politician, who may now be able to finish the job he had started of turning Brazil into another Cuba or Venezuela, was entirely fair and transparent. As reported, the US government has now started even to deport opposition leaders back to Brazil and the Lula Gulags.

This is all taking place at the same time that compelling evidence has been presented that the January 8 riots in Brasilia were staged. According to Raul Jungmann, who served as Brazil’s defence and public security minister from 2016-18, it is simply ‘impossible’ to storm the heavily secured government buildings in Brasília without a ‘purposeful security breach’ which resulted in depredation of Congress, the Federal Supreme Court, and the Presidential Palace. Jungmann, who was for a time the leader of Brazil’s Popular Socialist Party, went so as far as to say that ‘without the collaboration of internal security, nobody would have crossed the main door’.

In an important interview given this Monday, the governor of Minas Gerais State, Romeu Zema, accused the Lula administration of turning a ‘blind eye’ to the real culprits of those ‘acts of vandalism’ registered on January 8, in Brasília. According to him, there was a ‘gigantic slowness’ of the federal security forces in reacting to those demonstrations. In the same interview, the governor reminds us that all those who were there ‘demonstrating peacefully’ should not be confused with criminals and terrorists. ‘To confuse a good citizen with a predator is a very serious mistake’, he said.

Governor Zema also commented that, although ‘those who committed the vandalism must be punished … to extend such punishment to those who were demonstrating in an orderly manner is a very different situation altogether.’ What is more, he did not rule out the infiltration of left-wing infiltrators in those anti-government protests, and quite to the contrary. ‘There is a real a possibility that leftists are responsible for these acts’, he said.

As the governor correctly reminds us:

‘This type of occurrence is much more typical and characteristic of the Brazilian Left, which has a track record of carrying out depredations, including here in Minas Gerais, at a cellulose factory, whose nursery was entirely destroyed by left-wing activists. It’s a much more distinctive modus operandi of the Left, although any final conclusion now would be premature. But this is a real possibility and it should be investigated’.

Regardless of who might have caused those incidents in Brasilia about two weeks ago, I have no reason to believe that there was a fair and transparent election in Brazil – nor do millions of other Brazilians turning out to protest. Meanwhile, the brutal persecution of political dissidents by the newly established regime has already began, with authoritarian judicial officers such Alexandre de Moraes, a Lula supporter, continuing to crackdown on dissenters, rounding up journalists and arresting thousands of protesters, including the elderly and children in makeshift gulags.

Augusto Zimmermann is professor and Head of Law at Sheridan Institute of Higher Education, in Perth, Western Australia. He was born in Brazil and completed his LLB and LLM with cum laude at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. In January 2002, he emigrated to Australia, completing a PhD in Legal Philosophy at Monash University in 2006. In 2007, Dr Zimmermann was invited to join Murdoch University Law School where, among other things, he served as Director of Postgraduate Research (2011-2012 and 2015-2017) and Associate Dean, Research (2010-2012). During his time at Murdoch, Dr Zimmermann was awarded the University’s Vice Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research in 2012. He is a former Commissioner with the Law Reform Commission of Western Australia (2012-2017), and President of the Western Australian Legal Theory Association (WALTA). Dr Zimmermann is the author of numerous academic articles in books, including ‘Curso de Direito Constitucional’ (4th ed., Lumen Juris, 2006, 783 pp) and ‘Direito Constitucional Brasileiro – Volumes 1 & 2’ Lumen Juris, 2015, 1,000 pp).