Justin Castro gov’t tracked location of almost 1 million Canadians through federal weather app

Over 715,000 Canadians who downloaded the Department of Environment’s weather monitoring app had their location tracked by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s federal government.  

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, the Department of Environment recently revealed in an Inquiry of Ministry that the department’s WeatherCAN application collected the email address, location, and personal information of nearly three-quarters of a million Canadians since the program’s launch in 2019.  

Justifying the decision to keep tabs on unsuspecting Canadians, the department ensured the public that “All personal information created, held or collected via this app by the department is protected under the Privacy Act.” 

Explaining how the app was able to track citizens, the department informed the House of Commons via an Inquiry of Ministry that “The ‘current location’ function on this app enables the app to provide weather information based on the current Global Positioning System location of your mobile device.”

CDC LIES about vaccines to MURDER children

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is a captured agency, controlled by nefarious criminal forces that seek to abuse and injure children all in the name of “public safety.” CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky (who admitted to getting her information on covid-19 vaccines from fake news CNN), is now pushing children to be injected with experimental technology that has already failed the adult population multiple times and proven extremely dangerous to the health of millions worldwide. In a desperate effort to sell expiring vaccines, Walensky falsely claimed that covid-19 was one of the five top causes of death for children since 2020. Even if this claim was true, there is NO safe and effective vaccine that prevents the disease in the first place!

CDC Director distorts data to push failed vaccines on children

On June 23, 2022, Walensky held a press briefing for the Biden regime, promoting covid-19 vaccines for babies. As more countries around the world HALT covid-19 vaccines for children, the Biden regime continues to push these clot shots into children. Both the Pfizer and Moderna trials showed poor efficacy. The Pfizer trial showed more severe illness in vaccinated children than unvaccinated.

None of this matters to the CDC. Preliminary figures from the CDC find that 215 children (ages six months to four years) have died from covid-19 since January 2020. At the press briefing, Walensky made a desperate bid to over-hype the disease and make the vaccine look like the cure-all. “During March 2020 through April 2022, COVID-19 was among the top five leading causes of death in every age group of children under the age of 19 and the number one infectious cause of death in children,” Walensky claimed, before promoting the vaccines to babies and young children.

The mortality rate for children with respiratory symptoms will inevitably go up because the NIH, CDC and FDA have decided to push remdesivir as the only pediatric drug to “treat” covid-19 symptoms. Instead of dealing with the medical error mandated by the government, the CDC continues to push for more heart and kidney- damaging remdesivir and more heart-inflaming, blood clotting vaccines that do not work but actually cause more harm.

Walensky joins two other CDC scientists who have previously used data in a deceptive way to sell ineffective vaccines. Two CDC scientists pointed to a preprint paper, comparing the cumulative number of deaths attributed to covid-19 to the annual totals for other causes of death.

When comparing the annual numbers for other causes of death, the study authors deceptively used data from 2019. The authors also misrepresented the data by including deaths among children who tested positive for covid-19 with fraudulent PCR tests, but did not have covid-19 as an underlying cause on their death certificate.

“I’m so frustrated that this lie has just become accepted as truth at the highest levels,” said Kelley Krohnert, who detected the issues and alerted Seth Flaxman, one of the study authors. Flaxman, an Oxford University professor, has not responded to the query and has made no changes to the preprint paper.

CDC’s entire argument for vaccines is based on fraud and deception

The covid-19 death statistics are skewed from the start, and there is no true definition or symptom-specific diagnostic criteria for the advertised disease. The covid-19 disease label now includes multiple variants derived from dozens of mutations over several seasons. Moreover, the CDC won’t explain why almost all influenza statistics disappeared in the past two years, and they refuse to explain the death certificates, which mostly label other underlying causes for the covid-19 death.

Most importantly, no matter how many deaths are attributed to covid-19, these death totals do not prove that the vaccine would prevent an infection, lessen a single symptom or prevent future medical error or severe illness. Their correlation lacks evidence. Covid-19 vaccines cannot prevent deaths that have been caused by inhumane protocols and lack of proper treatment. Covid-19 vaccines cannot prevent deaths that were caused by renal failure from remdesivir or oxidative stress and cytokine storm that is often caused by mechanical ventilation. These vaccines do not supply the body with vitamin C and D, which have both been proven to improve survival rates and bring about durable natural immunity.

Speaking of which, natural immunity is key to improving public health and safety, yet all data on natural immunity is ignored in the CDC’s diabolical push to destroy the health of children with covid-19 vaccines. Instead of providing the truth, the CDC censors all the solutions for the immune system and suppresses longstanding antiviral drug treatments, to punish people with vaccine mandates that have caused historic levels of hospitalization and death. They are coming for the children again. It’s long past time to hold accountable the liars and child murderers at the CDC.

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North Dakota AG wants to know how Bill Gates obtained 2,000 acres of land near Canadian border in violation of state law

Drew Wrigley, the attorney general of North Dakota, is calling on a trust allegedly tied to billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates to justify its recent purchase of some 2,000 acres of ranch land in Grafton, located near the Minnesota and Canadian border.

Red River Trust reportedly acquired six parcels in possible violation of state corporate farming laws. Wrigley, responding to this, wrote a letter to the trust requesting information about how the land will be used and whether the company meets any of the state’s exception requirements for corporate land purchases.

According to reports, if Red River Trust did violate state laws, it will be forced to divest the land, called Campbell Farms, immediately and pay up to $100,000 in fines for the violation.

Gates has fast become the largest private owner of farmland in the United States, having quietly amassed at least 270,000 acres of land in dozens of states. If he is tied to this latest purchase, then Gates is still trying to take over the country’s agriculture system, piece by piece.

Wrigley explained that under state law, corporations and limited liability companies are prohibited from owning or leasing farm or ranchland in North Dakota. These same entities are prohibited from engaging in any type of farming or ranching activities.

“In addition,” Wrigley added in the letter to the trust, “the law places certain limitations on the ability of trusts to own farmland or ranchland.”

“Our office needs to confirm how your company uses this land and whether its use meets any of the statutory exceptions, such as the business purpose exception.”

Upon receipt of the letter, Red River Trust has 30 days to provide a copy of its land ownership title, as well as disclose its true and full intentions for the property.

North Dakotans are NOT happy about the purchase

The “quiet transaction” reportedly took place last November. Public deeds obtained by Ag Week show that Red River Trust spent about $6,600 per acre for the land portion in Pembina County, and $6,000 per acre for that in Walsh County.

According to North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring, complaints have been pouring in with opposition to the land purchase.

“I’ve gotten a big earful on this from clear across the state – it’s not even from that neighborhood,” Goehring said. “Those people are upset, but there are others that are just livid about this.”

The people of North Dakota, he went on to state, feel like they are being exploited by the “ultra-rich who buy land in North Dakota but do not necessarily share the state’s values.”

Wrigley’s letter does not mention Gates, and is addressed to trustee Peter Headley. Red River Trust is located in Lenexa, Kan., a suburb of Kansas City. It shares an address with Cottonwood Ag, or Cottonwood farms, and Oak River Farms / Midwest.

Ag Week reported that Cottonwood Ag Management is an agricultural asset management team for Cascade Investment, LLC and Bill and Melinda Gates Investments.

In 2020, analysts revealed that Cottonwood is an “ag-investment platform” for Gates and his former wife, who are now divorced presumably for money-hoarding purposes.

“Gates already has an impressive land portfolio,” reported the Daily Mail (UK). “As of 2021, his largest holdings in the U.S. included 69,071 acres in Louisiana, 47,927 acres in Arkansas, 25,750 acres in Arizona, 20,588 acres in Nebraska and 16,097 in Washington state.”

“Gates also reportedly shopped for ‘hundreds of acres of farmland’ in Turkey while vacationing aboard a superyacht last November … He allegedly wanted to create a large sustainable farm in the country. It is unclear if he ended up purchasing the land.”

More related news can be found at Corruption.news.


Uncovered Documentation Connects Trudeau To Barry Sherman Murder Case

A targeted killing is defined as an “assassination by a government authority of an individual(s) for a perceived threat.” This is what Toronto Police indicated when they said pharmaceutical giant Barry Sherman had been “targeted.”

According to a Presscore.ca article published in March 2020, Det.-Sgt. Susan Gomes publicly stated “I believe they were targeted.” 

At the time of the murders, RCMP were conducting a criminal investigation of an August, 2015 fundraiser held at the Sherman home for Justin Trudeau. A possibility existed that a Sherman conviction would impede the candidate’s chances of being elected.

As reported by Presscore, Justin Trudeau “responded by paying the Office of Commissioner of Lobbying $400,000 to obstruct/defeat Barry Sherman suit & a court hearing that was to be held Feb 2018 to address OCL refusing to comply with a court  order.”

“A chief court clerk order was made as a result of the Commissioner of Lobbying redacting Trudeau’s name from material evidence in an ongoing RCMP investigation. Complying with Chief court clerk order would prove OCL redacted the Trudeau name from the transcript in order to conceal an OCL finding that Justin Trudeau broke the law.”

Admittedly, we arrive at a slippery slope when postulating on motives for the murders. Presscore.ca is a Canadian website founded by editor Paul W. Kinkaid in 2008. Reviewing its contents, we find consistent dedication to incriminating evidence against the Liberal government, Covid, and other issues which concern Conservative citizens.

If their reporting on the Sherman murders is credible, it reveals what no media organization in Canada would dare expose– a connection between Justin Trudeau and the murders of Barry and Honey Sherman.

“Material evidence leads to the conclusion that they were targeted and killed because of the RCMP’s ongoing high profile criminal investigation of Barry and Honey Sherman’s August 26, 2015 fundraiser for 2015 election candidate Justin Trudeau.”

Phil McIntosh, director of investigations for the lobby commission, stated in a report that the directorate found evidence indicating Barry Sherman engaged in political activities that risk creating a sense of obligation on the part of public office holders via the August 2015 Trudeau fundraiser. If accurate, this constitutes a breach of the Canada Elections Act.

Next, an outcome bound to result in a massive sigh of relief on the part of Team Trudeau:

“In light of Dr. Sherman’s passing, the purpose of the investigation to ensure his compliance with the (lobbying) code can no longer be fulfilled,” stated the Lobbying Commission in a letter dated January 24, 2016.

“The newly-appointed federal lobbying watchdog won’t look any further into a complaint about a private fundraiser the late Barry Sherman hosted for Justin Trudeau.

Case closed. Does this indicate the vehemence by which Trudeau’s backers insisted he  endure as prime minister? This part of the picture makes sense. The push for Justin Trudeau to become national leader was no casual affair. Let us consider in retrospect what was riding on his installation as prime minister.

Has our country not undergone its greatest transformation in modern history under the “leadership” of Trudeau?  Have the wishes of 1% Elite not been fulfilled during his tenure? Everything that the World Economic Forum and World Health Organization desire? Climate Change, Carbon Tax, Open Borders– you name it, and the prime minister of Canada facilitates it.

Are the Sherman murders indicative of a situation whereby nothing on earth was to prevent globalist seed-sowers from planting straw man Justin Trudeau as prime minister of Canada?

Abortion is Big Business! The Truth about Fetal Tissue Research

Every month, Lishan Su receives a small test tube on ice from a company in California. In it is a piece of liver from a human fetus aborted at between 14 and 19 weeks of pregnancy.

Su and his staff at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill carefully grind the liver, centrifuge it and then extract and purify liver- and blood-forming stem cells. They inject the cells into the livers of newborn mice, and allow those mice to mature. The resulting animals are the only ‘humanized’ mice with both functioning human liver and immune cells and, for Su, they are invaluable in his work on hepatitis B and C, allowing him to probe how the viruses evade the human immune system and cause chronic liver diseases.

“Using fetal tissue is not an easy choice, but so far there is no better choice,” says Su, who has tried, and failed, to make a humanized mouse with other techniques. “Many, many biomedical researchers depend on fetal tissue research to really save human lives,” he says. “And I think many of them feel the same way.”


Fetal Cells in the Cosmetics, Food, and Medical Industries

by Stephanie Hauer

Editor’s note: The author has written a sequel to this article in 2021, in response to questions about the COVID-19 vaccines and their connection to fetal cell lines. Click here to read her piece “On the Moral Implications of Vaccination.”

Think about the items in your house for a moment. Do you have coffee creamer in the fridge? Mouthwash or anti-aging cream on the bathroom counter? Spices in your kitchen cabinet? How about a bandage on your arm from a recent vaccine, or prescription drugs? If you answered yes to any of these questions, there’s a chance that you have a product that was made using human fetal cells. While it’s not a universal practice, certain brands in the cosmetics, food, and medical industries use fetal cells for a variety of purposes, from testing and production to inclusion in the final product.

Fetal cells have been used for research since the 1930s. In order to obtain these cells, an aborted fetus is collected after their death, usually by a biotechnology company, university, or medical center. A tissue donation is removed, and the sample is brought to a lab, where the cells are replicated extensively. These cell lines are given an alphanumeric name. For example, the line known as WI-38 was created from the lung tissue of a three-month-old female fetus aborted in 1962. MRC-5 comes from the lung tissue of a fourteen-week-old male fetus aborted in Great Britain in 1970. The replication process is extremely prolific — meaning that a single sample can be used for many experiments and procedures. However, there are limitations; the samples degrade or exhaust over time. The stocks of cell lines must be replenished periodically. For example, in 2015 a new lung sample was taken from a three-month-old aborted fetus to create a cell line known as WALVAX-2.

These cells have a number of applications. Researchers discovered that the cell line derived from the skin of a fourteen-week-old male fetus aborted in Switzerland had restorative properties for skin. Originally, it was used to treat ulcers, burns, and scars. Eventually the skincare brand Neocutis realized that the same properties that healed injured skin could be used to rejuvenate wrinkled skin. They incorporate cells from that fetal line as a proprietary ingredient in some of their anti-aging products.

In the food and beverage industry, biotech company Senomyx uses the cell line HEK-293 for research and development of new flavor additives. To be clear, they are not adding fetal cells into food or beverages. Rather, they use the flavor receptors in the kidney cells of a female fetus aborted in the 1970s as tireless taste testers. This allows Senomyx to efficiently test new formulations of flavor or scent additives, to produce the most flavor with the least amount of sugar and salt. Companies that have developed products with Senomyx include Ajinomoto, Nestle, and Firmenich. Other companies — such as Kraft, Solae, Campbell Soup, and Pepsi — have changed or cancelled their contracts with Senomyx to ensure that no fetal cells were used to develop their products.

Fetal cell lines are used most extensively in the medical industry, in testing, production, and treatment. Fetal cells have been used to test treatments for some degenerative conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease. Human fetal cells are also used to grow the viruses that are used in certain vaccines, since viruses cannot easily be replicated without a cell to host them. The vaccines for chicken pox, rubella, and shingles are examples of vaccines that use fetal cells in their production process. Not all vaccines are produced in this way, and there are some ethical alternatives that don’t use these cell lines in their creation. Some prescription medications, such as Enbrel and Pulmozyme, actually contain fetal cells as an ingredient. The implantation of fetal cells into the body, similar to the process of transplanting an organ, is being explored as a potential cure for ailments such as retinitis pigmentosa.

Despite this type of work going on for decades, not many people know about it. The use of fetal tissue came into the spotlight in recent years when the controversial videos by the Center for Medical Progress — which revealed Planned Parenthood executives discussing the procurement and sale of fetal tissue — were released. But the attention brought to this practice by the videos was still not enough to make it a well-known issue; this is partly due to the fact that the range of its use is not clearly advertised. For example, the FDA does not always require cosmetics companies to include a list of their ingredients, though Neocutis freely admits to their use of fetal cells. Similarly, when the flavor enhancers developed by Senomyx are added to foods, they are in a low enough concentration that they can be labelled as “artificial flavors.” This means that consumers cannot easily trace which foods include those additives. Vaccines manufacturers provide a list of their ingredients, but not all patients read through the ingredient list before getting a shot — and when these ingredients are listed, the cell lines are referred to by their alphanumeric name. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you might never realize exactly what it means.