Italian Police Foil Deadly Plot by Neo-Nazis Linked to Ukraine’s Azov Battalion

The alleged plot to destroy various Italian targets — including a police station — appears to be the first attempted terror attack in Western Europe linked to Ukraine’s official Nazi military formations.

Police in Italy arrested four suspected neo-Nazis with links to Ukraine’s notorious Azov Battalion who were accused of plotting to carry out “violent acts” against both civilians and police, according to local media.

Photos released by police show the Nazi paraphernalia seized in around 30 raids on members of the “Order of Hagal” throughout the country included photos of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler, Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, and t-shirts bearing the logo of Ukraine’s official Nazi regiment, the Azov Battalion.

“According to the investigators, the objective identified by the members of the Order of Hagal was the Marigliano [police] barracks,” Italian outlet Today Chronicle wrote Tuesday.

According to the Italian publication, one of the suspects wanted by police “disappeared” before he could be apprehended – a 27-year-old Ukrainian national named Anton Radomosky, who the outlet reported “would have offered his ‘intermediation’ between the Order of Hagal and neo-Nazi groups such as the Azov Battalion,” which they note “is particularly active in the context of the War in Donbass.”

Information published by ANSA, Italy’s leading news agency, indicates that Radomosky “is currently in Ukraine, and the investigation showed that he was in contact with the Azov Battalion.”

According to another Italian source, the “Ukrainian accomplice… wanted to cause an explosion in a shopping center.” Corriere Del Mezzogiorno indicated “the cell had contacts” with not only “Ukrainian ultranationalist formations such as the Azov Battalion,” but also the notorious Ukrainian “Right Sector” nazi militia.

The EU and Interpol have been fretting for months about the likelihood that weapons being shipped to Ukraine amid NATO’s proxy war on Russia will end up in criminal hands. As Interpol chief Jurgen Stock explained in early June, “Once the guns fall silent [in Ukraine], the illegal weapons will come. We know this from many other theaters of conflict. The criminals are even now, as we speak, focusing on them.”

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‘Never Sat Right with Me’: Arkansas Famly Outraged After 8-Year-Old Is Burned Across 80 Percent of His Body at White Playmate’s Home and No One Seeks Help

An Arkansas family is demanding answers and accountability after an 8-year-old boy was severely burned.

Jayceon Charles was at a friend’s house in Warren, Arkansas, in August, preparing to go to Magic Springs the next day. However, he left the home with 80 percent of his body burned, according to his family. Jayceon and his friend were roasting hot dogs when the fire erupted. No one at the friend’s home called or reported the incident. His family believes Jayceon’s race played a role in the lack of urgency in his treatment and attention to his case.

Jayceon’s mother, Lakiesha Belin said her son called and hung up. His father called back, and he was screaming. His parents rushed to the friend’s home to find Jayceon covered in Vaseline and plastic wrap. The third grader is now in the Arkansas Children’s Hospital intensive care unit recovering from burns across the back of his body.

The boy had to be resuscitated twice, his family said. He is breathing through a tube connected to a ventilator. Jayceon has suffered brain damage and kidney failure and has undergone several surgeries. Doctors have had to remove 5 inches of his small intestine, and he’s had a life-threatening infection called sepsis.

Earl Charles said none of the explanations he has gotten for what happened to his grandson make sense.

“The stories that’s been told never sat right with me from the beginning,” Charles said in a Facebook video. “I never understood why so many people dropped the ball and just didn’t show any concern.”

Jayceon’s family immediately contacted the police. The Arkansas State Police told that it was taking over the investigation on Oct. 6 and will send findings to local prosecutors. However, Charles fears that “important evidence” may have been lost two months after the fiery incident.

Belin said Jayceon’s friend’s parents told her, “something in the fire exploded.” The other family had two fires going, she said. Belin said the adults in the home did not call her and Jayceon’s father, 911, fire rescue, or make arrangements to take him to the hospital. Instead, he was transported to the hospital after his parents arrived.

Belin said she doesn’t understand if “they had enough time” to slather Jayceon in Vaseline and cover him in plastic wrap, why didn’t they call for help or contact his family.